The Top 10 Benefits Of Online Wine Buying

There is more to wine than just being an alcoholic beverage, as the oldest known drink apart from water, it is often referred to as the Nectar of the Gods. It’s rich in antioxidants, good for your heart, lowers bad cholesterol and can regulate your blood sugar, no wonder wine has so many fans!

Whether you’re planning a party, looking for a drink to pair for a date night or choosing a gift for someone, a good bottle of wine is always a perfect solution. Big supermarkets and liquor stores often have a wide selection of wines in their stores but buying wines online here can offer you not only a bigger variety of choices but many other benefits. 

1. More Varieties

FreshDirect Wine & Spirits delivers wine from the world’s greatest wine-producing regions online, offering hundreds of varieties of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines. Each bottle is unique in its own way and choosing the bottle you want is so much simpler online then in between the shelves of the local supermarket. 

2. Better quality

Supermarkets often offer just the wines they’re sure that will sell well but it doesn’t mean that those wines are good. FreshDirect online store aims to sell high – quality products in order to keep their customers happy and build a good relationship with them so they would come back and buy again, and let’s be real no online shop wants a bad review. 

3. Budget friendly

FreshDirect online wine shopping allows you to buy wines at better prices as well as using different promotions and exclusive offers. It’s also very easy to check which wines are on sale if you want to save some extra money. 

4. Saves you time

When you want to make the most of your time, ordering wine from the comfort of your home or from any other destination is much more practical than getting ready and going to the nearby store or looking for a supermarket that has a wine of your choice.

5. Convenient

Not only that you can order your favorite bottle of wine from anywhere but also online wine stores are always open and always at your service. You can place the order in the middle of the night and get it delivered at your door at scheduled time. 

6. Delivery at your door

Wine can be ordered online and delivered right to your home. If you’re planning a party or organizing an event and want to order in bulk, this can be especially handy. It’s also easy to re-order by using our reorder page where you can also find all of your past purchases ranked by number of times you’ve bought them.

7. Educational for a customer

If you’re not an expert and if you don’t have any knowledge about wines, when buying wine in store you can’t get much more information about the wines than what’s stated on wine bottles. FreshDirect provides its customers enough info to give customers confidence when buying.

8. Buy in advance 

If planning isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry, you can shop in the morning and receive your delivery tonight or when scheduled. Our same-day and express delivery services are available in many areas, so you can shop when it is convenient for you.

9. DeliveryPass trial

If you sign up for a free FreshDirect DeliveryPass trial, you’ll receive unlimited deliveries for 60 days, a time slot reserved for you, and $5 off orders Tuesday-Friday. If you’re not satisfied for any reason you can cancel anytime. If you subscribe after the trial, monthly orders pay for themselves if you order more than once.

10. Buying over the App

If you have an Apple or Android device, you can use FreshDirect’s app to order from anywhere, whenever you want. You can add wines to your cart all week long, as it is all saved across the app and desktop.


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