The Rise Of Athleisure – Blending Fashion & Sport

Allied Market Research suggests the global Athleisure industry is worth more than $500 billion and will likely grow fast over the next few years. In short, the trend of blending sports and fashion is going nowhere.

That makes it unusual for a fashion trend. After all, trends usually come and go quickly. However, once you start looking at the quality of some Athleisure products, it’s possible to understand why this trend will likely fade soon.

The trend has existed in the US for several years. The initial principle came from being able to go for coffee after hitting the gym. In the last five years, athleisure has spread across the pond and emerged in Europe. The trend is still growing in other parts of the globe.

Understanding Athleisure

Athleisure doesn’t mean hitting the gym and heading straight onto the street without changing. Most people will continue to have separate clothing for the gym versus apparel.

Athleisure is best summed up as wearing sporty-style outfits that can appear casual and smart. The right sport-based outfit can be worn to almost any occasion.

Part of this is due to a global acceptance that people are more than just the clothes they wear. However, a primary driver of this fashion trend is the desire to embrace healthier lifestyles.

Fitness, health, and mental well-being are all increasingly popular topics, and people want to look like they embrace these lifestyle changes.

That’s what elevates Athleisure above a usual fashion trend and into something that is potentially going to be around forever.

You’ll see men and women shopping, grabbing coffee, and even hitting the bar dressed as though they have just left the gym. Sweatpants and leggings are everywhere!

The Target Audience

Anyone can adopt the athleisure trend. However, those in the 16-30 age range generally wear this the most. Interestingly, there is a gradual increase in older people beyond this age range, with a notable increase in adoption among those seeking to prioritize fitness and wellness.

People are living longer, staying healthier, and feeling younger. It’s natural to embrace the latest trends. The industry has plenty of room for growth as more people wear athleisure, increasing the target audience size.

Why Athleisure Has Become So Popular

Surprisingly, the merging of fashion and sport has become extremely popular. However, there are several key reasons why this is the case.


Athleisure products are generally made with softer and stretchier materials. They are effective at wicking moisture away. And many sports clothing items are seamless.

In short, they are incredibly comfortable to wear. People appreciate this, especially when they live hectic lives. Being comfortable means, you can focus on the task and not worry about how you look or feel.

Of course, the elasticity of this style of garment means you’ll find it easier to find the perfect fit for your body. That’s regardless of your shape or size.


Athleisure manufacturers use the latest technology to produce efficient and effective outfits and even sustainable products. They can be made of recycled materials, causing the least possible impact on the planet.

The fact that environmental issues and sustainability are increasingly important means more consumers are looking for natural or recycled items.


Athleisure is more than just wearing sports gear out on the street. To adopt the trend, you need high-quality products with unique touches that make them stylish. That’s important when choosing the right athleisure items.

Therefore if you combine the Made in Italy style with your sports gear, you’ll obtain the perfect athleisure style.

Fortunately, some stunning designs are available that give you both a taste of Italian style and still leave you feeling like you could hit the gym at a moment’s notice.

It Boosts Your Fitness!

When considering the adoption of the athleisure trend, it’s important to note that it can promote a sense of improved fitness and may encourage you to engage in more physical activity. These fashion items are designed to be visually appealing and incorporate technical elements that enhance their functionality. By combining fashion and practicality, these items can provide both style and utility. And this can help you feel more confident and comfortable, boosting your overall well-being.

It’s Durable

Because most athleisure products are made with high-quality materials, they will last. Unsurprisingly, they are built to withstand the rigors of exercise. Wearing them as everyday wear places much less strain on the fabric, ensuring they can last for years.

All you have to do is choose a manufacturer that puts quality first.

The fact that this type of clothing allows you to exercise at any moment merely makes it more appealing.

Adopting The Athleisure Trend

If you still need to try the athleisure trend, there is no better time to try it now. You can take inspiration from the big fashion houses. They always have an outfit or two that will inspire you.

Creating the athleisure look involves taking an item of fitness clothing, such as leggings, and pairing it with an everyday item. For example, put on leggings with a casual sweatshirt, and you’ve perfected the look!

Of course, there are many variants of the look. A sports bra and a vintage jacket are fantastic for special occasions. Equally, you can pair sweatpants with a smart t-shirt. Tank tops can also be combined with sweatpants or leggings.

That’s the most remarkable thing about this trend and why it isn’t going anywhere. Anyone can adopt it, and you can experiment with different items to create your look.

If you’re curious about the athleisure trend and whether it is right for you, try it. Choose what you feel comfortable in, and you’ll be surprised at how good you look and feel.


Feature Image Credit: Photo by LyfeFuel on Unsplash