The requirements you most likely haven’t heard of regarding betting apps for Android

Nowadays, the majority of the services available online are also accessible to people who use mobile devices. Although some brands didn’t pay much attention to their mobile siers before, things are different because billions of people use smartphones.

One of the industries that is heavily influenced by mobile usage is online gambling. This explains why those who decide to obtain the apk file for Android can get the BetOnline application on their smartphone and get the same experience as if they’re gambling on a computer.

Android has become the go-to system for mobile devices all over the world. Consequently, many gambling platforms only develop their applications for it and make sure that they will be available on many devices. People who know how to work with gambling apps and get them on their devices can obtain any app in a matter of minutes. Sadly, the process may seem pretty complicated for those who haven’t completed it before, so it’s time to learn more about it and other important things related to the application for Google’s operating system.

The problems

The first and usually the only problem you may face when wanting to download a betting app is related to the OS and its restrictions on Google Play’s gambling apps. In other words, you have to think of other ways of downloading it.

Since Google declined apps for gambling, it caused a lot of problems in the beginning because casinos and bookies didn’t know what to do. However, they’ve come up with a solution – a .apk file. 

Instead of trying to fulfill all of the regulations, some brands develop specific .apk files that will allow punters to get the app on their devices. Some sites develop special platforms that gamblers need to visit to get the app, but most companies will offer them directly through the site.

The second big problem following the apk file is how to install it because your phone that runs on Android will block it. Luckily, you don’t need to re-install your device or get something new to use it. All it takes is to go to “Settings” and enable your smartphone/tablet to work with those types of files.

It’s worth knowing that certain Android versions will ask you whether you allow it to do that as soon as you download it. However, there will be instances where you will have to change it manually. 

Usually, the apps for Android may require slightly better specifications than an iOS phone/tablet

One of the things that have kept iOS ahead of Android is the optimization procedure. Due to

Apple’s strict app rules, almost all of their products are slightly better optimized, allowing mobile clients with older devices to access the latest products.

Even though Android stepped up its game in the last couple of years, when it comes down to third-party apps like those from online casinos and bookmakers, there might be a lot of limitations. That’s why it is better to use a slightly more powerful device when gambling online.

An important thing to remember is that this device will make a difference only in instances where you play a lot of graphics-intensive titles. For example, some of casino games with real dealers will require a better device, but you can play almost all slots on almost every smart device.

If you are wondering which system specifications impact online gambling most, it’s your CPU and RAM. A modern processor can help you have a smooth experience, whereas the RAM will allow you to multitask and play the casino games you want. 

The update process is easy, even if the app itself is from an apk file

One of the common questions people ask when deciding which app to use is how to get the latest updates. This is a reasonable question because some of the casinos are not as optimized as they should be and require gamblers to get another apk file every time they want a new update. Unsurprisingly, this process can get annoying and will take longer than usual.

The good thing is that many top-tier brands have found a way to allow people to update their applications without needing to get anything new. In most cases, gamblers will need to press the update button found inside the app or go to the company’s mobile website and get the update from there.

Speaking of the site, it is a copy of the app that does not have any specific download process people have to follow. Therefore, clients can use it right away.