The most useful insider tips for securing the best yacht charters in Croatia

Planning the ideal summer vacation is no joke – several factors go into it. You have to choose the perfect period when the weather is nice, but the crowds aren’t too large. Then, if you’re going for a traditional vacation, you’ll have to find a place to stay and invest much time and effort in it. However, there are much more practical options that’ll secure you a luxurious and peaceful vacation far away from the noise.

Rather than spending most of your time on land, opt for a yachting charter. Here you’ll get all the comfort of a nice apartment and much more. Spend your time on deck, anchoring in great marinas when you want to explore the coast, and the rest of the time surrounded by the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea. For finding the best yachting charter, head to Yacht IN and discover tips and tricks below.

Best tips for securing the best yacht charters concerning itinerary

When searching for the best yacht charter, it comes in handy to be flexible. Don’t plan every detail of your trip in advance, before you find the ideal vehicle and package. Of course, you can write down some of the destinations you’d like to visit, but you’ll have more luck in finding dream luxury yachts in Croatia if you’re flexible about some itinerary changes. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get your ideal vacation, but simply that you’ll find a great package more easily.

Also, there is a large number of various yacht charter options, so it pays off to know what you expect from this trip. Make a list of locations you’d like to visit, the number of people accompanying you and similar useful information. Also, choose the level of luxury you’d like to have on board.

It’s smart to check the list of best options in the region you’d like to visit beforehand. For example, when sailing the Croatian coast, a list like Dalmatia’s top yacht charters comes in handy.

Top tips for finding the best yacht charter options in Croatia

When finding the ideal yacht charter for your summer vacation, don’t limit yourself to only one region of the Adriatic coast. Croatia has a large number of islands, islets and peninsulas all along its coast so it pays off to plan a longer vacation starting from the enchanting region of Istria, all the way to Dubrovnik.

We suggest you not only visit the most popular cities like Pula, Split and Dubrovnik but also some hidden gems and bays which you will discover along the way. Croatian islands are full of mesmerizing caves and natural wonders, so an island hopping tour is a great way to elevate your yacht chartering experience. When anchored, use all the luxury options of Croatia’s amazing marinas – some of them truly resemble luxury resorts. This way, you can get all the best of both the sea and the coast.