The Most Popular Streamers Who Play Poker

The modern Internet space primarily revolves around YouTube and Twitch, where users can find videos on hype topics and popular game streams, including poker. Although initially created as a video game streaming platform, Twitch has recently spread out into a growing community of Twitch poker streamers, where now poker enthusiasts can join and view exciting poker streams with both educational and fun content. If you haven’t used Twitch before, it’s a live streaming site where you can watch streamers play various games live and interact with streamers via chat. So, if you are looking for top poker content, here is a list of the biggest and best poker streams.

Jason “JCarver” Somerville

Jason “JCarver” Somerville is a well-known name in the streaming community. Besides, a few years ago, the poker player’s colleagues noted him as a successful pro player and named him a “rising star”. He plays under the Run it Up brand and is a PokerStars Team Pro. Somerville has won over $3.5 million in live tournaments and a WSOP bracelet and SCOOP trophy. 

Running his own Twitch channel, he became one of the first and most popular poker streamers. Somerville is on the list of top all-around streamers, so if you are looking for entertaining and educational content, his channel is a must to follow. Somerville streams quite actively and shoots live broadcasts of his game. What is more, he comments on famous poker tournaments and live events. 

Douglas “WCGRider” Polk

Douglas Polk is one of the most popular poker streamers, a successful coach, and a former esports player. Polk focuses on educational and fun content but puts in a lot of effort to make it high-quality and enjoyable. His streams collect thousands of views as he regularly plays live, interviews his colleagues on podcasts, and broadcasts every game session of a small stakes marathon on Twitch. In addition to streams, Douglas regularly makes videos for YouTube in which he analyzes famous tournaments, tells poker news, and shares his thoughts.

Jamie “PokerStaples” Staples

Going under the Twitch name “PokerStaples”, Jamie was first sponsored as a “friend of PokerStars” and then a full Team Pro Online. Besides, the player began his career as a streamer inspired by the live broadcasts of Jason Somerville, who is also a famous poker player and Twitch streamer. 

Jamie streams five days a week, broadcasting both entertaining and educational content. Staples actively interacts with the audience, shares his thoughts on various places of interest, and is also very proactive in answering questions from his viewers. Staples combines the best moments of his streams into short videos “PokerStaples Stream Highlights”. The poker player also shoots video blogs about his life, which he posts on his YouTube channel.

Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot

The following poker streamer worth mentioning among the top streamers is Canadian Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot. Parker is one of the best online tournament grinders and a professional MTT player who plays primarily in expensive tournaments, and his tournament cashes exceeded more than $3 million throughout his career. This is what the guy’s live broadcasts are famous for, which he shoots pretty often. 

Many streamers gain their popularity in the streaming of educational content, while Talbot has achieved fame by producing engaging, fun, and attractive streams, so you’re guaranteed to learn a lot from watching him.

Kevin “KevinM987” Martin

Like Somerville and Staples, Kevin Martin became one of the PokerStars Team Pro Online through streaming. Kevin plays mainly MTTs with low-stakes and regularly broadcasts live streaming small stakes online poker tournaments, during which he actively communicates with the audience, comments, and tries to give helpful advice. Besides, in 2017, the American Poker Awards nominated Martin for “Twitch Streamer of the Year”. 

Matt Staples

It’s worth noting that Staples brothers have a real talent for streaming. While Jaime is running one of the biggest poker channels on Twitch, Matt’s number of subscribers is also likely to grow, given his regular streaming schedule. Matt is a reasonably experienced player in his own right with notable online results and a regular poker player who also streams online tournaments with mid-high stakes about four days a week. Matt, as well as his brother Jaime, is a member of the partypoker team and broadcasts poker on his own PokerStaples channel. He is ranked as the 15th most-watched poker channel, so those who follow the streams can undoubtedly learn a lot from watching him play as he often explains his thought process in difficult situations.

Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little broadcasts free educational streams. So, focusing on beginners who want to expand their knowledge of poker strategy, Jonathan has a teaching website and has published several poker books that overview his track record. Jonathan runs the stream several times a week, and those who join can also take advantage of free video tutorials and a free league run on PokerStars. Little has also earned over $6.5 million in live tournaments, so those looking for some information will find it on his Twitch channel.

Lex Veldhuis

If you’ve ever scrolled Twitch poker channels, Lex Veldhuis is among the top streamers on the platform. Veldhuis is a professional poker player, a part of the PokerStars Team Online, with a style of play more suitable for a bit more experienced poker players. Although he has been a professional poker player for over 16 years, he has been sharing his experience playing professional poker in a very entertaining way, using his comedic skills to attract new subscribers. Besides, in 2018, he even received the title of “Streamer of the Year” at the Global Poker Awards.

During the poker boom, videos of people playing online poker on this platform and explaining their game became very popular and helped to give birth to a whole new generation of poker players. However, with the growing popularity of online poker, millions of people began to use the Twitch live streaming platform to follow their favorite poker streamers from all over the world, even players from Norway that choose these casinos.