The Five C’s: How to Choose the Right Home Warranty

When your car or any kind of device you own has been damaged or is now broken down, we get warranties to cover it. Homeowners should know that warranties can also be applied to their houses. It is needed when your house is in need of repair or replacement when there’s a certain tear or heavy signs of usage.

Various systems and devices fall into the category of things that are covered by the home warranty. Plumbing systems, Kitchen appliances, Electrical systems, Heating, Cooling systems, and the like are some of the areas that warranties can cover. 

Because of the mechanism that warranties bring, selling houses would be much easier. It also gives buyers an assurance that they don’t have to worry about abrupt repairs and replacements. If you’re planning to choose the right home warranty, here are the things you need to consider:


When obtaining a home warranty plan, Coverage is one of the few things that should be considered first.  There should be a list of items and areas you want your warranty to cover.  Home warranties typically cover replacements and repairs for different home systems like your plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and the appliances in your home like stoves and refrigerators.

Overall, you need coverage for things that are run-down and nearing the brink of their lifespan. Repairs and replacements that you feel would be costly would be in need of coverage of a home warranty. Such items that are an essential requirement to achieve comfort in your home fit in the list too. 

Since there is a higher chance of homeowners needing a warranty, home warranties can be a safety net in the maintenance of the many home systems. All in all, home warranties can be a great backup plan when emergencies occur like sudden repairs and replacements for defective appliances. 

Control, Limits, or Prohibitions

The best home warranty should include exclusions and limits. There are distinct parts and fragments that a warranty will not cover. A warranty also has a particular monetary cost that a company will pay to provide a repair and replacement. 

Home warranty companies have set limits as to the items in your home while some set limits on to what extent the repair and replacements will be. If the repair and replacement cost goes way beyond the said amount, the homeowner must step up and pay for it. Getting to know all the limits and prohibitions will be helpful in determining which company would work great for you. 


Certain home warranty companies would require payment in an annual manner, monthly or service call fee. There are such companies that allow payments that are to be paid through a monthly installment. 

Service fees are paid when performing a diagnosis for broken appliances and systems. Some home warranty companies offer discounts for certain parts and exertion.  Payments should be made clear in order to prevent complications. Before deciding to purchase,  it should be known that the lower annual premium would mean lesser coverage, decreased monetary limitations, and much higher service call fees. 


Licensed contractors should provide good service to their consumers. It is important to choose good companies that have employed good contractors with a great service record. Contractors’ quality depends on the actual home warranty company. They are in charge of doing diagnoses on appliances and systems that are in need of repair and replacement.

They are at the helm of giving the necessary items, material, and labor to comply with the repair or replacement service. They are paid through service call fees.  They should be able to supply an efficient service to handle all the processes needed to be done. 

Customers’ Review and Rating

When looking for the right home warranty for you, it is essential to make sure the customers left some good reviews and ratings. It’s also good to take note of the negative reviews it has. Reviews give homeowners a chance to see important information and details come to life from different perspectives. 

 It’s significant to do research pre-purchasing because the disadvantages might come and bite you in the future. It is valuable for consumers to find home warranty companies that provide transparency on their strengths and weaknesses. 


The right home warranty should relate to people’s needs. Keeping in mind the things mentioned above are significant in choosing the right home warranty for you. Reading the fine print that comes with purchasing a home warranty is relevant to your decision. Basically, it helps you be ready for the unexpected, and the things listed above can help set the verdict.

Getting one will affix more value to the house you just purchased, which odds are will make your house more appealing in the market. To assure the protection of your home, taking out a warranty will be vital. Invest your time in researching and looking up the advantages and disadvantages of a particular home warranty service