The Biggest Bingo Prizes Ever Won

Millions of people love to play online bingo games on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but there are many chances to win some real cash whether they are at home or on their daily commute. How much is it really possible to win when you play games for money? Here are some of the biggest bingo prizes ever won to inspire you about just what’s possible! 

John Orchard

John Orchard of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, was a grandfather and factory worker who helped out at the local job center in his community. One evening in 2012, John decided to take a chance and wager 30p on bingo. The result was that he won £5.9 million UK pounds (more than $7.715 million USD) to become the world’s biggest winner of all time!


Just before John Orchard’s monumental winnings, a Greek businessman named Georgios was the world record holder for biggest bingo prizes ever with $6.7 million in cash winnings all from playing bingo in 2009. Georgios has since chosen to remain as anonymous as possible.

Lisa Potter

In 2012, then 33-year-old Lisa Potter of Oxfordshire in England decided to play a bit of online on her favorite online bingo site with just a five pound wager. As a result of merely trying to overcome her boredom, and won the jackpot of £1.3 million UK pounds. That’s equal to nearly $1.7 million in U.S. dollars!

Soraya Lowell

Soraya Lowell is the next largest winner of online bingo winnings. In 2008 she went from cleaning houses for a living to winning the UK’s National Bingo Game when she won 1.1 million UKP ($1.447 million USD). She split her winnings with long-time bingo partner, Agnes O’Neil.

Christine Bradfield

Also in 2008, 53-year-old Christine Bradfield of Bargoed, Caerphilly made it a habit to go to the local bingo session where she lived, just as she did on a regular basis for more than 10 years. Who could have foreseen that on Sunday, January 2th, 2008 she would walk away from a routine bingo night at the Castle Club in Tydfil a millionaire? Christine managed to win the night’s Platinum Jackpot of £1,018,233 ($1.33 million USD) as well as the UK’s National Game Price of £80,000 ($104,438 USD), the Zone Prize of £3,121 (Approximately $4,121. USD) and an additional Club Prize of £355 ($464 USD) all on the same night! 

Even with all of that money, Christine still kept her day job working part-time at a local garage for just £5.50 per hour. She also thought it was important to be generous to others with her newfound wealth. Christine decided to split some of her winnings with her sister-in-law Lorraine, who had been her bingo partner for more than a decade.

While Christine’s winnings possibly changed her life and that of her family for the better, she also said in an interview that she had been playing bingo since she was 18 years old. As far as she was concerned, bingo will always be a part of her life.

Every day there are people around the world winning real money and big cash prizes just by playing bingo online. Why not try your hand and play for the fun of it? The next big winner might just be you!

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash