The Best Places to Visit in Scotland

Scotland is a country that forms part of the United Kingdom and this constituent country covers the northern third of the Great Britain Islands. Scotland has a rich and complex history and has been populated for around 12000 years. Today, around 5.5 million people are living in Scotland and the local cuisine is unique, with Haggis being the most popular local dish. You can expect partly cloudy weather throughout the year in Scotland and the most well-known Scottish custom are the kilts and Bagpipes. If you are keen to visit this destination, some tours are organized by Heartland Travel that can include anything from group to individual tours on their buses. Heartland Travel is a full-service agency for all your travel needs and if you decide to head over to Scotland, these are the best places to visit. 

Isle of Skye

Scotland is a country famed for its scenery and beautiful landscapes, and if you want to experience the best that these landscapes have to offer, you should head over to the Isle of Skye. Here you will find gorgeous sea cliffs and a charming city. The Isle of Skye happens to be one of Scotland’s most popular tourist destinations and it is the epitome of peace and quiet for many visitors. The weather is changeable, sometimes unpredictable and you should not expect too much Sun. 


If you’re looking for the best entertainment all year-round, then Edinburgh is the place to be in Scotland. Edinburgh is the Capital city of Scotland and is famous for its vibrant festivals. You can expect many different vibes from this city and if you visit out of season, you will get to see the historic Town Silhouetted beautifully against the blue skies. In December time, you can expect foggy weather with rain which looks picturesque on the cobblestones. There are many local pubs in the city and for more outdoor adventure, you can enjoy a climb up Arthur’s Seat, which is an extinct volcano that has a wonderful panoramic view of the city. There are also modern art galleries, historic sites, and many 12the century castles which will keep you entertained your entire trip. 

Tay Country

Next, we have Tay Country which includes the regions of Angus, Dundee, Fife, and Perthshire. This is considered a part of Scotland that is easy to reach and it is full of history. Here, you can enjoy the history of castles with Angus having one of the oldest castles called Glamis Castle, which just celebrated its 650th anniversary. You can enjoy walks on the grounds and explore the gardens in this beautiful city. You can travel the Cateran Trail route which will give you an immaculate view of the countryside and there’s also the Cateran Eco museum which is an outdoor museum that allows you to appreciate and celebrate the rich history of this part of Scotland.

St. Andrews 

All golfing lovers should head over to St. Andrews which is considered the best place for golfing. Golfing has roots in Scotland so you are guaranteed to find the most ideal golfing experience over here. The weather is unique and windy which can often sabotage your golfing rounds however, the city of St. Andrews is still considered the headquarters of golf and is an absolute hit for all golf lovers who visit the destination. For those who are not that into golfing, many historic medieval ruins can be visited as well as excellent restaurants. 

Glen Coe

If you appreciate and love deep history, then Glen Coe has something for you. Here you can enjoy dramatic scenery and rich history as well as the peace and beauty of the valley that was once a place of the 17th-century massacre which was ruthless bloodshed. There are many walking trails that you can enjoy, with Lost Valley dubbed one of the finest. Here you can walk the same route that the clan’s people used when they tried to flee attackers, and many died in the snow on the way. Once in Glencoe, you can stop by Glencoe Visitor Centre for additional information about this beautiful city and its unfortunate and tragic history. 

Photo by Bjorn Snelders on Unsplash

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