The Best Men’s Glasses to Take on Vacation

Vacations are a way to escape everyday life and enjoy yourself with friends and family. We plan so much before going on a trip somewhere, such as what to pack. Glasses have become the most integral part of the dressing or style and are needed to take good photos on vacation! Men are apprehensive about their looks on vacation. Today we will discuss the best men’s glasses to take on vacation.

Which glasses to take on vacation?

There are different options of glasses that you can take on your vacation. Choosing the perfect pair for a break can be a time-consuming process. Here are some ideas of the best men’s glasses for a holiday that you can consider. 

  1. Lightweight Glasses
  2. Foldable Glasses
  3. Transition Glasses

Lightweight glasses

Glasses are something that you wear daily, and the weight of the frame matters. If you are a hiker, you may already know how a little weight can be unnecessary while carrying it for no reason. While traveling or on vacation, always take as little weight as you can because you have to carry it all the way. If your glasses are lightweight, they reduce the pressure points on your nose, making you feel light and more comfortable. A wise man will always choose comfort over everything. Many stylish, lightweight frames are available online, and you can select an eyewear frame according to your face shape. 

Foldable Glasses

Foldable glasses are relatively new to the market. You can take these glasses with you on vacation without worrying about a place to fit them. The concept behind these glasses is that you can easily fold them and put them in your pocket or elsewhere. The main advantage is that these glasses take up significantly less space, as they are about the size of a credit card. Foldable glasses can easily withstand a lot of pressure and are resistant to damage or a fall – perfect if you’re always on adventures on vacation!

Transition Glasses

Transition glasses, also known as photochromic glasses, involve the lens becoming darker when there is sunlight. This means when you’re indoors, the lens is the same as regular glasses; outdoors, they transform into sunglasses. These glasses are specially designed for car drivers on a bright, sunny day. They are great at blocking UV rays and harmful blue light from damaging your eyes when in the sun. As a result, even if you work at a computer all day, your eyes will be happy and healthy.

Here are some significant advantages of transition glasses:

  • You no longer have to worry about carrying around two pairs of glasses. Perfect when heading to the beach from your hotel room.
  • Preventing UV rays during sunbath.
  • Convenient and are also very cost-effective.


While looking at the best men’s eyeglasses to take on vacation, you also have to keep an eye on their cost and effectiveness. SmartBuyGlasses has a diverse range of eyeglasses to suit any man. There is a pair for every taste and budget among over 80,000 pairs from 180+ designers.











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