The Best Holiday Destinations for Rest and Relaxation

One thing’s for sure: we could all do with a good rest. According to a recent UK-wide survey, around 74% of us have felt overwhelmed with stress in the last year – a damning statistic but an understandable one, given the many challenges life has thrown at us in recent years.

One of the best ways to shake off the stress is by indulging in a holiday – and the calmer, sunnier and beachier the better. Of course, many popular holiday destinations suffer as a result of their popularity, seeing a glut of visitors each season. But even some of these busier destinations have their charms, and the ability to bring your stress levels right back down again. Here are three of the best holiday destinations for doing just that:


Greece is a quintessential destination for a relaxing Mediterranean holiday – but many have the same idea, with the likes of Athens and Corfu extremely popular summer destinations for all manner of tourists. However, Greece extends well beyond its mainland bounds into the Aegean Sea, in the form of the approximately-30 Aegean Islands that each represent a beautiful location all of their own.

One such location is Santorini, a volcanic crescent island north of Crete. Santorini is the ultimate Greek resort island for rest and relaxation, boasting beautiful white villas and endlessly explorable mountain terrain. Santorini is popular in its own right, but nonetheless represents an excellent choice for holidaymakers seeking a taste of island life.


Malaga is one of the most popular resort destinations in Europe – a Spanish city paradise, tucked into the Andalusian coastline in the south of Spain. It is a retreat city for all kinds of travellers, from families looking for a calming week in the sun to couples on a cultural break. Many of Malaga’s best hotels are a stone’s throw from the beach, meaning if you book an airport transfer from Malaga airport to your accommodation, you’ll be able to start your R&R regime right away.

Of course, there’s more to Malaga than just sun and sea. The city is also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso; its various museums to commemorate the father of modern art represent more than one leisurely afternoon drinking in the finest cultural exports on the Costa del Sol.


Positano is an unassuming Italian village on the Amalfi coast, a stone’s throw from Pompeii. It is also one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, being one of the most beautiful settlements on any European coastline. Its villas and cafes are built up the coastal cliffside, forming warrens of narrow streets crammed full of cosy cafes and local delicacies. The glistening Tyrrhenian Sea is perfect paddling temperature in the summer, making for an incredible family destination that also has plenty for the adults to enjoy.