The Best Free CRM Solutions 2023

Nowadays, most modern companies are actively using CRM tools. The thing is that the built-in CRM system allows businessmen to find out what the invested funds were spent on and how the advertising “worked out” the money. Such platforms allow analyzing the work of employees as well.

What Does a CRM System Imply?

CRM Software stands for a program that allows you to effectively manage your business. Any routine tasks are easily automated in such platforms. Here, you can organize the accounting of transactions as well as upload the customer database. Besides, the CRM for companies assists in analyzing the sales funnel and monitoring the completion of employee tasks.

Key CRM Systems in 2023

Today, there are a large number of free CRM systems, both with cloud and local storage. The main CRM systems imply the following programs in 2023.

Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 is the most popular solution for the company. The free CRM software is characterized by complexity and convenient management of sales and marketing campaigns. This program allows you to customize the HR support service. It is perfect for medium and large enterprises.

Bitrix CRM solutions developer offers a free testing set for up to 12 users. Setting tasks on this service is possible both from scratch and according to pre-prepared templates. The calendar and task scheduler allow users to timely distribute tasks among performers, hold meetings, and plan meetings.

Each system client has its profile, which contains its entire history of calls. At the same time, statistics allows you to conduct analytics and control the load.

The majority of common users select this particular software for it allows them to combine any communication channels with clients in just one window by connecting to the system. Meanwhile, the saving data occurs automatically.


This software fully solves the problems of sales and marketing. HubSpot free CRM platforms assist in corresponding with clients and maintaining a database of contacts, organizations, and transactions. The effective software allows to store any information on contacts, firms and deals by adding specific fields or using lots of pre-configured fields.

What matters here is that this program is free for any number of users, contacts/leads and deals. No user limits mean you can add anyone you want, including:

  • Sellers working with CRM;
  • Top managers;
  • Customer support;
  • Marketers;
  • Presale and the like.

The program is suitable for full support of companies of any size. Among HubSpot’s clients, there are both small start-ups of several people and international corporations. On this resource, you can add chat to the site and correspond with site visitors.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is also in demand in plenty of organizations. This program allows you to interact with potential and existing customers and grow the company faster. It aims to create scalable sales processes and gain valuable insights about your business. You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns with the help of email analytics and manage multiple business processes in a CRM system using layouts.

With easy-to-configure automation features, you can successfully align workflow across different departments. The system is easy to adapt to various industry needs and personalize CRM without writing code.

The Bottom Line

The best free CRM software will be a marvelous solution for those who are engaged in sales and marketing and would like to automate their workflow by means of the software to perform various tasks. The services discussed above are worthy of your attention. Nevertheless, you should choose a platform based on the specifics of your business, and rely primarily on functionality.