The Best Computer Games About Aliens

Aliens are the heroes of many books, films, animated series, and computer games. The inhabitants of other planets and galaxies appear to the authors in different ways. For some, they are the highest intelligence, benevolent allies who will help the inhabitants of the Earth achieve new heights. For others, the aliens are terrible enemies who seek to completely destroy humanity.

At Game Karma, you will find exciting games in which you have to come face to face with alien races. We are sure you will enjoy rich storylines and numerous adventures!

Invace Spaders

Classic shooters have not lost their relevance for several decades. Here, you will find the usual rules and an understandable plot, thanks to which, you will be able to fully enjoy the game. Graphics made in the style of eight-bit projects will add vivid impressions.

At the disposal of the user is a fairly old space fighter. You need to confidently maneuver between approaching enemies and destroy them. Otherwise, you will lose. Remember that not all enemies die after one shot. Some ships need to be shot multiple times.

Each defeat takes one life from you. When the life pool is completely depleted, the game ends. As you progress through the mission, you can collect bonuses that will help restore lives and make it easier to destroy enemies.

Adam and Eve: Aliens

The legendary series is popular all over the world and is constantly updated with new games. Among the most original and dynamic projects from this universe, the version with primitive people and aliens deserves attention.

Adam has to face aliens. Once waking up in an unfamiliar world, the main character needs to make every effort and get back home to his beloved. However, no one promises an easy road. On his way, the protagonist will meet a lot of puzzles and opponents to overcome. Only having coped with the obstacles, Adam would enter the path to the next level.

Aliens Attack

Do you like classic intergalactic shooters? In this case, this game will definitely become a real find for you!

The user is invited to control the character who confidently deals with all the aliens encountered on the way. There will be no additional space fighters. Only the rampant protagonist and his desire to get rid of the aliens.

Special attention should be paid to high-quality graphics, dynamism, and a unique atmosphere that is really addictive. In a constantly changing location is a huge number of opponents. It seems that the task is very simple: you only need to get rid of the enemies. But for this, they need to be tracked down and, at the same time, you must not fall under sudden shelling yourself.

Enemy fighters constantly shoot toward the protagonist and try to destroy him first. To achieve the goal and complete the mission successfully, you should carefully control the movement of opponents, take into account the speed and trajectory of the bullets, and also develop your own shooting tactics.