Technology in Chess

No doubt, Chess is one of the oldest games that started many centuries ago. History has it that this game was wartime and royal family galore. People would draw the chess square and use different items as pieces. But with time, everything is changing.

Although the chess set remains the same, technology is transforming the game. Many technological-powered aspects are finding their way into the chess industry. The invention of computers and software also brings a new experience to this antiquity game. But what is the technology in chess? Keep on reading to know different applications of technology in chess. 

Chess computers

Traditionally, chess was a game of two people. You had to sit next to your opponent and compete. How well you understand the game and outwit your friend determined your success. However, the case is different today. 

The innovation of chess computers is changing how people play the game. Instead of facing an opponent, you can now play against a computer. One memorable chess game involving a computer and human is between Deep Blue (IBM chess computer) and Garry Kasparov (chess grandmaster).  

Though Garry won in the first encounter, Deep Blue carried the day in the rematch. Today, many companies are developing chess computers with different capabilities. The transformation is making chess enjoyable and amazing to play. 

Chess software

Apart from chess computers, innovation of software made its way to this industry. Unlike old days, one does not need a physical coach to teach them how to play chess. A range of software exists that can do the task. This software features educational programs. Through the programs, you can learn any aspect of playing chess. 

The program has the theory and practical parts of playing chess. They act like virtual coaches by training you on the skills and tactics of winning a chess tournament. Also, they have a wide range of simulations showing you how to handle different chess challenges. You can install this software on your home computer. 

Again, you will get learner programs ranging from beginner to advanced level. The software also has analytical capabilities. They enable you to store, retrieve, and analyze your moves to understand some of your making errors. This way, you can get up your game through self-training and without relying on a human coach. 

Electronic chess boards

Despite the transformation, the chessboard remains a critical component in this game. The chess set always consists of a board and pieces. However, technology shifted from the old and introduced a digitized version of chessboard dubbed electronic chessboard or E-boards. These boards changed how people play chess. 

They come with sensors and digital lighting to guide your moves. Also, you do not need to have a one-on-one encounter with your opponent. The electronic chess board allows you to play online against a far friend or stranger. You can also play against chess software or participate in the chess puzzles featured on some boards, such as the DGT smart boards.  

Virtual tournaments

In past decades, you had to go to a physical place and face your opponent in a tournament. For instance, if the world chess tournament is in Italy, you had to travel to the country to participate. Technology changed this aspect through the introduction of virtualization. 

To participate in a chess tournament, you do not need to travel. You can challenge your opponent one on one virtually. All you will need is a chess computer, a chess e-board, and the right software. With these elements, you will have an opportunity to challenge your opponents online.

So as you can see, technology is changing chess. More advancement in technology will mean an extra transformation on this antiquity game.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash