Taylor Swift’s 100th Eras Tour Show Is This Week — Here’s What to Expect

Taylor Swift Approaches a Major Milestone

Taylor Swift fans 'terrified' for 100th Eras Tour show at Anfield on 13th -  Liverpool Echo

Appearing at Anfield Stadium

This week, the pop icon will be performing for three nights in a row at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium in England. The third of these performances will be Taylor Swift 100th show on the Eras Tour on June 13. Fans and citizens of Liverpool are eagerly waiting for this occasion.

According to the BBC, in preparation for Swift’s visit, “the Liverpool City Council has put together a trail of art installations across the city” inspired by each album that she has made. Included amongst these installations are items such as a butterfly, moss piano, floral swing bench and “Red” room. According to Claire McColgan, director of Liverpool City Council’s Culture Liverpool team, these installations represent Swift’s “extraordinary and life-changing” influence on both the music business as well as her own city.

An Open Invitation

“Even if you haven’t got a ticket for Taylor come to Liverpool and enjoy a bit of Taylor magic,” she informed reporters who were invited to participate in the festivities by visiting artistic displays. So far, fans are excited about whether or not there will be something special planned by ‘So High School’ performer during her 100th show especially because it coincides with her lucky number thirteen (13). For example, some fans think that through color combinations worn during her 1989 set at Edinburgh on June 9 (her third concert), Swift could have insinuated a new music video for “But Daddy I Love Him”. At several points throughout the Eras tour which began in March of 2023, Swift has had moments where she makes special announcements or reveals surprises. Many of them are often hinted through Easter eggs for which she is famous.

The last night marked one important announcement during the Eras Tour show held on August 9th in Los Angeles; this was also the final show of the first American leg for the tour. On 27th October, 2023 Swift revealed that her re-recording of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would be available. She spiced up her performance with several blue outfits on this night to tease fans about this announcement in a very cool way. Expectations and excitement are mounting as we approach the 100th Eras Tour show. Both Liverpool-based and other local fans are looking forward to her surprises and commending her on reaching such an extraordinary milestone.

Teasing the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Release

During last day in US at the Eras Tour show, Taylor Swift had a blast speaking with her fans. “Here we are, on the last night of the U.S. leg of the Eras tour, in the eighth month of the year, on the ninth day,” she teased before sharing new cover art for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) which people have been waiting for, along with its releasing date. This was basically like a summary point of what she has been doing all through these performances.

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In addition, Swift also used the Eras Tour to give out the release date of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). This particular news was delivered on May 5, 2023 during a performance in Nashville. Swift happily informed the crowd that she had “been planning something for a while.” She expressed her joy in preparing and surprising her fans by saying, “You know how I love to schedule things and surprise you with what my plans are. That’s how I love you.” Additionally, Swift mentioned that “I plot, I scheme, I plan and I get to tell you about it,” which connected with her audience.

The Premier of “I Can See You” Music Video

Taylor Swift returned to her fans on July 7, 2023 at Kansas City as part of the Eras Tour show. It was also on this day that she released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and premiered the music video for “I Can See You”; one of the vault tracks from this album. To make this premiere even more special, swift invited Taylor Lautner and Joey King who both acted in this video clip thus joining them on stage as one way of celebrating premiere day together with their funs. The presence of Taylor Lautner, who dated Swift back in 2009 and Joey King created a buzz around among those present making it an unforgettable night.

On an earlier note, concertgoers at MetLife Stadium were treated to yet another surprise on May 26th as they had not expected any big surprises. Swift then premiered “Karma” music video which was part of Midnights her 2022 album. In addition she featured Ice Spice who is also seen in both song behind and its video clip. Bringing more shock value into it were these unexpected releases hence there were many other surprises lined up by Taylor throughout the tour.

Upcoming Performances at Anfield Stadium

From June 13 through June 15, Swift will perform for three consecutive nights at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. Fans are eager to know how she will commemorate the 100th show among these gigs. With the expectation so high as a result of the way she always surprises and makes important announcements, only time will tell what Taylor has planned on this great day.

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