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Super Speciosa: An Excellent Kratom Supplement

More people have started consuming Kratom products universally, including Americans. Many consumers buy Kratom herbal supplements online. Recent medical research concluded that Kartom’s psychoactive compound, posse similar to opioids, has less potency and harm than opioid-based products. When used in moderate dosage, Kratom stimulates better sleep quality, relieves pain and anxiety, improves mood, and enhances sexual prowess. But you must purchase Kratom products from companies affiliated with the American Kratom Association GMP program as they adhere to strict quality control and third-party tests. Kratom is a plant classified under coffee trees cultivated in Southeast Asian countries. People in these regions use it in small quantities as an energy and mood enhancer.

High-quality and potent

Super Speciosa Kratom is a brand that ensures high-quality and potent Kratom. The strains are imported from Southeast Asian countries, as the herb is not cultivated in the US. The efficacy of Kratom products depends on their potency, freshness, and class. Supplements manufactured by renowned creators guarantee the effectiveness of the item. Super Speciosa Kratom is a digital vendor that offers varied Kratom products, including pills, powder, and tea leaves. The brand was founded in Florida, USA, in 2016. Since then, they have distributed Kratom products to wholesalers and retailers. They do not resell the product. The best Kratom strains are imported, processed, and packed as capsules, powder, or tea leaves.

Quality testing

In Super Speciosa Kratom facilities, meticulous quality testing ensures each product is safe, potent, and effective for consumers. Each ingredient undergoes strenuous lab testing to certify that the compounds are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and other impurities. The results of these tests are displayed on the creator’s official website, and the QR code on every product takes you to the link where the results of that batch are put on view. The guidelines followed by Super Speciosa Kratom firmly disallow any use of fillers, additives, or other preservative compounds. As FDA does not regulate Kratom products, the company takes extra care to preserve their therapeutic properties and potency.

Powder, tablets, capsules, and tea bags

The Super Speciosa Kratom product has various shapes, including Super Speciosa Kratom powder, tablets, capsules, and tea bags. The powder is a most sought-after product as it is easy and versatile. You can mix it with any beverage and drink it. There are three variants of Super Speciosa Kratom powder; white, green, and red. According to the American Kratom Association (AKA), around ten to sixteen million people consume Kratom products brewed with tea or mixed with food. The bioactive compound of Kratom mitragynine, an alkaloid, binds with opiate receptors of the brain to alter the mood.

Super Speciosa Kratom powder

Super Speciosa Kratom powder is easy to amass, available in large quantities, and effortlessly blends with any beverage. But it isn’t easy to measure the exact dosage. It can become messy while mixing and less potent than other Kratom products. If you first attempt Kratom powder, it could turn cluttered as the liquid could glue to your mouth. Even if you mix the powder with juice or smoothies, the tart taste and earthy smell could be nauseating. The toss and wash procedure is more suitable for experienced Kratom users. It is recommended not to take Super Speciosa Kratom with alcohol or other drugs as it may result in delusion, seizure, and liver damage. Some users brew it with tea. The caffeine interaction enriches its efficacy and mellows down the strong Kratom savor.

Super Speciosa Kratom capsule

Super Speciosa Kratom capsule is created for consumers with a gag or pharyngeal reflex, where the muscle at the back of the throat contracts. Additionally, the tablet lacks an earthly solid tang and flavor, which could evoke nausea in many. Every capsule contains 600mg of premium Kratom strains extracted from white Thai, red Bali, white, red, and green Maeng Da Kratom. The prescribed dosages are printed on the package varying on the reason for use and Kratom tolerance. Like capsules, Super Speciosa Kratom is easy to gulp and dosage.

Super Speciosa Kratom tea bag

The Super Speciosa Kratom tea bag is perfect if you are passionate about tea flavor and comes in three strains: Red, White, and Green Maeng Da Kratom. Every pack contains 3.5gm of premium quality super fine Kratom. In 2016 FDA proposed to class Kartom as Schedule 1 drug, implying no potent medical properties and a high risk of abuse but restrained for unstated reasons. However, behavioral and psychiatry scientists suggest Kratom cannot be classified as a Schedule 1 drug due to its low psychoactive potency and could have medical properties to treat pain and opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Online study

An online study was conducted among 2,798 individuals, primarily middle-aged and white. 91% of the participants asserted Kratom tea alleviates back, shoulder, and knee pain after consuming Kratom tea or in other forms. Around 41% of the respondents stated they administered Kratom products to treat opioid withdrawal, and 35% admitted for more than a year, they did not consume heroin or opioid. Super Speciosa Kratom products effectively treat opioid withdrawal symptoms as prescribed, or illegitimate opioid overdose caused death to 47,000 people in the US in 2017.

Forty bioactive molecules

The Super Speciosa Kratom tea contains more than forty bioactive molecules; predominant are mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine. The low dosage of one to five grams is a stimulant as the alkaloids interact with various rain receptors. The stimuli enhance certain hormone levels that improve one’s mood, but the effect is more evident in novice Kratom users than experienced ones. A moderate dose of two grams of Kratom increases metabolic rate and energy level, keeping you physically active and mentally alert for an extended period. A higher dosage of five to fifteen grams of Kratom acts as a sedative, causing stupor, serenity, and ecstasy. A high dose of fifteen or more grams of Kratom can result in unconsciousness; the psychoactive property becomes more potent at this dosage.

Customer education

The Super Speciosa Kratom products are available at local pharmacy stores at affordable prices with a thirty days satisfaction guarantee. Super Speciosa is one of the few brands that inform users about dosage guidelines. The printed instructions clarify the starting dosage and provide the precise quantity of water required to mix Kratom blends.

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