Stories of Hilarious Baby Boomer Social Media Fails from the UrbanMatter Staff

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You know ’em. You love ’em. You sometimes wish they weren’t on social media.

These are the best Baby Boomers social media fails we’ve ever heard, real-life stories told by our staff.

“Yesterday, my friend calls me, crying laughing, saying, ‘Call your grandma right now! She is on Facebook Live in the bathroom and I don’t think she knows she is.'”


“My grandma who, for my entire childhood, was NEVER religious AT ALL keeps sending me Bible verses via Facebook Messenger and I really want to call and ask if she has been hacked but I don’t want to offend her if she has found Jesus lmao”


“One time my grandma told me she tried to email me, but I didn’t get it, so I checked her email and she had 1. put the entire message in the subject line and 2. just saved it as a draft with my first name on the recipient line.”

“My mom, for YEARS, has wanted to be me and my brother’s friend on Facebook. I kept saying no lol. Then finally she group texted me and him and like wrote a long paragraph about why she wants to. I just said I’d think about it lol and my brother said, ‘Maybe.’ The next day, she texted just me saying like, ‘Your brother accepted me on Facebook. Can you too? I promise I won’t embarrass you.’ I blocked her after that… lol jk I accepted. It exploded my heart.”


“My mom used to comment on my pics in college & be like ‘Don’t let your dad see this outfit.’ or like ‘Where are you going tonight?’ and I would always comment back that I would block her hahaha — I see it on my Facebook Memories from time to time.”


“My neighbors who are over 80 send me messages to forward all the time on Facebook and the husband has like 6 Facebook accounts… My mom also shares an account with my stepdad and it’s under his name, and she posts and comments all the time and confuses the hell out of people.”


“My dad once created a new Facebook on accident and sent a friend request en masse to my entire friends list. We have the same name so a bunch of people thought it was me and accepted. I was younger at the time so I got pretty embarrassed by the whole thing and I called my dad like “Dude, stop friend requesting all my friends!” and he got mad back at me because he didn’t think he did and he yelled at me about it because he didn’t understand how it worked and it frustrated him lol He had like 200 of my high school friends as his friends. I kept getting texts from people like, ‘Hey, I think your dad requested to be my friend on Facebook?'”


“My dad didn’t know you can sign onto Facebook with the same account on different devices so he has four different accounts. One for his personal phone, work phone, computer, and iPad.”


“When I was a freshman in high school, my friend hacked my Facebook and wrote, ‘Party at my house tonight, I’m DTF’ and my mom commented ‘UM, Camille? What is this “DTF”? I hope it means Down to Have Fun.'”


“My buddy’s Dad is in his like late ’70s and he created a Facebook account. I was friends with him for a while and then came across a post of his that was just, ‘Sex.’ Someone else commented, ‘What?’ He then commented back saying, ‘Well, Facebook was asking me what’s on my mind, so I shared.'”

Yes, this is the actual post.


“My mom started using WhatsApp and my aunts are more tech-savvy, so they send out inspirational quotes and stuff, but my mom doesn’t know how to reply, so she just calls them.”



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