Sol Heater Reviews UK (Updated): Best Portable Heater in UK “Sol Heater Portable Heater”

Winters are the most challenging months of the year for parents with small kids and homesteads with seniors. The cold winter air tends to become unbearable as the days progress, making it necessary to find a new source of warmth.

To make things even more challenging, the ever-increasing energy costs have made it almost impossible for homeowners to afford to leave their HVAC units running all through winter! Considering this, what options are open to you?

Well, the Sol Portable Heater is here to help you heat your home during the cold winter days without worrying about your energy bills. Below is a review of what this heater is, what it does, and where to buy it.


What is Sol Heater Portable Heater? (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

The Sol Portable Heater is a convection ceramic heater with an incredible high efficiency compared to other heaters. Sol heater was founded by a group of experienced engineers who recognized that the heating industry has made little progress in recent years. 

Their goal was to develop an inexpensive and easy-to-use portable heater that would suit every home, office and bathroom alike. Thanks to the fact that the Sol Portable Heater does not require any installation or maintenance costs and is extremely energy-efficient, it represents a technical masterpiece.

The robust portable heater known as the “Sol heater” ends the bone-chilling coldness in your home. The portable heater is quite effective and quickly raises the temperature in any room you’re in from chilly below-average to comfortable levels. 

The majority of customers are amazed by how effective this portable heater is, so you will be too. It is amazing how this tiny, portable unit, once plugged in and turned on, can heat up a whole space. In the face of this nationwide decline in temperature and increase in the price of central heating, the Sol Heater gives you a competitive edge.

The mobility of Sol Heater is one of its distinctive qualities. Because of its small size and light weight, you can carry it everywhere. It can be used anyplace there is a wall socket because it can be plugged into any electrical socket.

Sol Heater can be placed next to your bed so that you can take advantage of the warm air while you sleep. Put it next to you as you read a book or engage in online multiplayer video games with friends. Since it will be really cold outside and most homes’ central heating doesn’t often cover the garage, you can choose to use Sol Heater to work on your car or to simply relax there, which is something you would normally be unable to do.

Anywhere you go, the Sol Heater will continuously pump out a stream of scorching hot air to keep you comfortable. The Sol heater will keep you comfortable whether you’re at home, work, or your own gym.

It is not recommended to plug it into an extension cord or any other type of floor socket because it is intended to be plugged into a wall outlet. This will make the product safer and help prevent unintentional burns, electrocutions, and flare-ups. There is a chance that if the heater is hooked into a ground extension, someone could trip over it or inadvertently spill water or another combustible liquid inside of it, which could have unfavorable effects. The producers therefore strongly advise finding a wall outlet to plug the heater into.

The Sol Heater’s operating costs are far lower than those of central heating, which is another great feature. The cost of buying a heater unit is fairly reasonable, and operating it for a month will only cost a few dollars, which is a very little portion of the money you would typically spend on central heating.

Depending on the temperature, you can turn up Sol Heater as much as you like without raising your expenditures. It has three gears which can be toggled at will. These three gears serve to improve its functionality and ease of use. You can adjust the heater to fit your heating preference without spiking your energy bills at the end of the month. With central heating, you are unable to accomplish this since, as the temperature rises, the monthly payment rises significantly as well.

With 750/1500 watts of heating power, the Sol Heater functions to warm up your room. That is an incredible amount of heating power for a heater that size. In just a few minutes, the Sol Heater may begin saturating your space with hot, steamy air. 

In contrast, central heating might take up to 30 minutes to warm up your house. When you return home from work, you may immediately enjoy a warm atmosphere thanks to Sol Heater. It only takes a few minutes to turn on, select your preferred temperature setting, and begin enjoying hot air.

You may have heard of certain heaters that have a propensity to overheat, start flames, or result in severe electrocution and burn injuries. This heater is definitely not one of those kind of heaters.

We put this heater’s feature to the test and discovered that it also features an auto-shutoff capability. If the device accidentally falls over, it switches off automatically. Also, if it heats to a very high temperature, it automatically shuts off to protect the heater from overheating and causing unprecedented problems like we’ve seen with other heaters. In case you or your family forget about the heater and leave, the auto-shut off feature is a safety measure that turns it off after some time.

The heater’s design demonstrates that one of the makers’ top priorities is the safety of your family. They have every right to be pleased with themselves for creating a portable heater that is 100% safe for you and your family to use.

Regarding the Sol Heater’s safety feature, it is wire free by design. There are no untidy, tangled cables that could pose a major threat to an unwary bystander because it plugs directly into any wall socket and stays there. 

There are currently some cables connecting some of the traditional portable heaters to the outlet. It is simple to understand how cables could be a severe source of risk. The Sol Heater successfully gets rid of that worry for its consumers and guarantees a completely risk-free portable heating experience.


Key Features of Sol Heater Portable Heater (Sol Heater Review UK)

Reviews of Sol Portable heater rated this portable space heater among the top trending this winter because of the following high-end features:

Sol Heater is Portable and ergonomic in looks: Looking for a portable heater that you can use for your personal space, the Sol portable heater offers a unique experience for its mini-size build and fancy to add beauty to the room.

Three-gear speed adjustment: The device offers a three-gear dynamic speed adjustment ability. It has the “natural wind,” “warm wind,” and “strong warm current,” representing the first, second, and third gears, respectively. These gear regulations allow you the choice to set the heater to your desired warm limit. Not everyone wants it too hot; some people just need a little warmth, while others may wish for the room temperature to be higher.

Low energy consumption: The Sol heater is constructed with ceramics that does not significantly take from your home electricity; hence becomes the best portable heater that consumes little energy to power the room to users’ desired heating temperature. Buy Sol portable heater to enjoy a massive reduction in your electricity bills.

Emits no noise during operation: This heater is built to serve users in every working condition. Whether you are reading, meditating, at the office, or virtually performing any indoor tasks, the Sol heater can warm up your place without distributing any distracting noise. We have seen customer reviews on some competing heaters applauding this functionality.

Sleek Handle/Carriage: As you can see from the images attached to this Sol portable heater review, it has a handle or carriage that allows you to carry or lift the portable heater by the hand (With a single hand precisely) to any desired location in the room.

Light Weight: Apart from the sleek design, handle, and other fascinating features of the Sol heater, it also weighs significantly less, making it easier to lift around without any feeling of work done.

Simple to use (No installation required): Sol portable heater doesn’t need consumers to have any technical experience to use the device. It is very simple to operate and comes with a user manual that helps explain the body parts, unlike many bulky heaters that require a technician to come and install. Simply expect the best as there are no hidden incurable charges inclusive.

Built-In Timer: This function allows you to automatically set the Sol ceramic portable Heater to go off after 1 hour or to operate for up to 12 hours. This feature works even if you forget to turn it off! Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, which is why Sol portable Heater is 100% certified safe for use in every household.

Strong and durable: The heater is built with parts that will help it sustain durability and longevity.

Overheating Protection: With the built-in timer, you can easily prevent the Sol heater from overheating. This standard user guide is highly relevant to every active electronic device. Thanks to Sol manufacturers for adopting the functionality also.

How does Sol Heater Portable Heater work? (Sol Heater reviews UK)

Sol heater work in a very simple and significant manner. It is easy to set up, and the operation is as simple as you would love. Here is some breakdown process of how the Sol heater works:

  • Buy the Sol heater from the official website and wait a few days for it to be delivered.
  • After your Sol heater is delivered, take it to the room you intend to heat up.
  • Unbox the heater and plug it into an external outlet for power-up.
  • With the functional button, set the Sol heater to your desired heating mode. There are 3 adjustable speed options available for your comfort.
  • The Sol starts heating the room within 60 seconds or less, and you should start experiencing an increase in room temperature at this point.
  • Finally, you are free to take the device with you to any other room of your choice and, at your convenience, to heat the room. It is this simple as that.

Sol Portable Heater Price (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

Below is the current cost price of Sol portable heater. You can confirm recent price changes from their official website.

Buy 1 unit of Sol Portable Heater price at £59.99

Buy 2 units of Sol Portable Heater price at £99.98

Buy 3 units of Sol Portable Heater price at £139.99

Buy 4 units of Sol Portable Heater price at £159.96


Where to Buy Sol Heater – Sol heater Portable Heater Reviews

Whether you want to confirm the current price of Sol heaters, gain access to the ongoing 50% promo, or buy Sol ceramic portable heater, you must visit the official website.

The Sol company is currently running out of stock due to high demand. To ensure you don’t miss out, confirm Sol heater availability on their website and seize any chance you’ve got to buy one today.

Sol Heater on Amazon, eBay, Walmart (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

While a few customers preferred to buy Sol heater from Amazon, eBay, or other third-party marketplaces best fit them, we regret to let you know that the manufacturers aren’t selling Sol portable heater on any of those platforms. They prefer to sell directly to consumers through their official website to create a closer relationship and safe buying.

We have scammers in the online space who aim to extort money from unsuspecting online buyers by cloning products and publishing them on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and the rest of them. The Sol heater company knows of this, and that’s why they are putting you, the buyers, first and hosting their sales directly on their webstore. They offer you a money-back guarantee and grant you first-hand customer care service. You can visit the Sol website with any of the links provided in this review.

Refund Policy (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

All orders for Sol Portable Heaters come with a 100% money-back promise from the brand. Before deciding to request a refund, you have 14 days to try this product out. Customer retention is more important to the business than financial gain.

Refund requests are only accepted for heaters bought from the official Sol Portable Heater website. 

Each refund request is looked into by the corporation using its database, and after gaining confirmation, it is finalized.


PROS of Sol Heater Portable Heater (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

Sol Heater is currently the most sold portable heater in the United Kingdom (UK), rated well on Trustpilot and many consumers therein.

  • It is safe for use and offers you the best feeling ever.
  • It emits ZERO noise during operation.
  • Sol allows three-speed adjustment to ensure you stay warm within your desired room temperature.
  • It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate.
  • No extra cost on installation as Sol is a plug-and-play portable space heater.
  • The heater consumes less electricity and saves you enough money from your usual utility bill.
  • Automatic self-stop timer option.
  • Made with Durable parts and looks good to add beauty to your room.
  • It can be used in rooms for children and pets too.
  • Very affordable – cost few pennies to buy. And the company also offers you buyer’s protection 100%.

CONS of Sol Heater Portable Heater (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

  • The only place to get it is on the official website online.
  • It is ineffective in spacious rooms and hallways. It is ideal for both larger and smaller rooms.
  • It is ineffective on open spaces.
  • Depending on your heating requirements, you might need to purchase multiple heaters to keep every room in your home warm.
  • The makers are now out of stock as it is selling out. To avoid having to wait for a stock up when it runs out, it will be a good idea to order the goods as soon as you can.

UK Customer Reviews of Sol Portable Heater (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

Thierry L. says, “What a relief it is to have the Sol Heater! The nearest heater in my home is on the hallway floor, and the heat would take forever to reach my bedroom. With the Sol Ceramic Portable Heater, I can feel the soothing heat within 10 minutes.”

Rupert K. says, “Man, I love this little heater! Central heating is fine, but it can be super expensive and nowhere near as versatile as the Sol Heater. I bring the Sol Heater into the garage so I can do my woodworking without freezing. Sol Heater is great for other rooms that don’t have heating, like in our attic.”

Jess L. says, “Running the central heating in my home was costing me a fortune! But with Sol Portable Heater, I only heat the rooms I use – this helps me heat my room much faster, and I’m saving a ton on heating costs, too!”

Stacy K. says, “I love how warm and toasty the Sol Heater keeps me. Piping hot air comes streaming out in seconds, and it only takes you 10 minutes to heat your entire room. Oh, and my utility bills have plummeted since I bought my Sol Heater. Using it instead of my central heating has already saved me hundreds of dollars!”

Martin K. says, “Thank goodness for Sol Heater! The heater in my apartment barely worked, and I was freezing my behind-off! Now I have the Sol portable Heater, and whenever it gets cold, I just plug Sol Heater into my wall. It’s amazing how fast it can heat up a room!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

How much power does the Sol Portable Heater support?

The Sol Portable Heater’s power is 800 watts.

What are the main benefits of choosing the Sol Portable Heater?

The Sol Portable Heater’s technology is its key advantage over competing products. It is unquestionably a modern solution that takes output efficiency and maximum security into account. Other equally important advantages include quick heating, low maintenance requirements, quiet operation, and almost any result from the aforementioned features.

What maintenance steps are crucial for the Sol Portable Heater’s lifespan?

A soft, barely moist towel is all that’s needed to keep the Sol Portable Heater in good condition. People should unplug the heater and gently clean the surface. The device shouldn’t be plugged back in until it has totally dried out.

Is the Sol Portable Heater safe to use?

The Sol Portable Heater is generally safe to use because it operates at low temperatures and has been protected from tipping incidents. Individuals should, however, keep it away from children and pets for their own peace of mind.

How long will it take to receive Sol Portable Heater shipments?

The Sol package could take between 10 and 20 business days to arrive on average. Individuals should also be aware that the creators will require 1 to 4 business days to prepare all packages for maximum security.

Does the Sol Portable Heater include a refund policy?

Yes, the Sol Portable Heater is covered by a return policy. Individuals, in particular, have up to 30 days to inquire about a refund. The Sol Portable Heater must be returned unopened and in the same condition it was received to be eligible for a full refund. Please email for any additional assistance required.

Sol Portable Heater Reviews

Final Review of Sol Heater Portable Heater (Sol Heater Reviews UK)

In summary, Sol Heater is rated 4.8/5.0 in overall reviews of customers in the UK. It is proof that the device is not a scam; therefore, we highly recommend the Sol portable heater to everyone looking to stay warm this winter.

Unlike conventional heating systems which are installed in one place, Sol Heater is compact and portable, giving you more freedom as a consumer to move it and use it how you please.  Just set Sol Heater up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s as warm as a hot summer day! When the weather starts to chill, you need to have a heater you can rely on to pump out heat, day-in, and day-out. You can count on Sol Heater to deliver the heat you need when everywhere starts getting cold.