Skycity Entertainment Group: What Leisure Does it Provide?

Whenever we consider the love for the thrills that come with entertainment and having fun, we cannot leave out the Kiwis at all. New Zealanders have always been enthusiastic lovers of everything leisure and entertainment. 

This love is further rounded out by a vast spectrum of casino brands and leisure hubs made available to them in different parts of the country. Of the numerous entertainment big wigs across various parts of the country, SkyCity Entertainment Group continues to occupy the pole position.

The firm runs a web of entertainment services that comprises casinos, entertainment complexes, hotels, and additional leisure; thereby proving New Zealanders with sufficient means to get as much fun as they are willing to have.

And, since there is a constant surge in the instrumentality of the internet, there is no other reason why casinos should still not exist on the internet. SkyCity Entertainment Group realizes this opening and has chosen to seize this golden opportunity. Hence announced the raise of the best online casino for real money in New Zealand. Sky City Online Casino which is the brainchild of this move can now be regarded as a brand new casino in New Zealand and an addition to the entertainment provided to Kiwis.

SkyCity Entertainment Group And the Leisure It Provide

The SkyCity Entertainment Group is unique gaming and entertainment firm with a distinct aim to render services, primarily, to New Zealanders, even though a number of its services extend to those in Australia as well. 

It is a big figure when we consider the prominent businesses that assist citizens of the country and allow them to relish the chance to bask in a huge chunk of gaming entertainment and leisure. Regardless, the major service the brand is known for is its casino services.

Even as a gaming and entertainment brand, SkyCity Entertainment Group likewise delivers additional utilities intended to bring about positive improvements in the experience its users enjoy whenever they use their services. However, know that all of these utilities are not free of charge. You can enjoy their collection of high-class hotels, a-list bars, and restaurants.

SkyCity, having taken into consideration, its famous reputation, acceptance, and to enhance user satisfaction, has further extended its services to places beyond the shores of New Zealand. Even though this expansion has not gotten into quite a number of areas and jurisdictions, the brand still conducts its operations outside New Zealand. One other country where its services are enjoyed in Australia.

The array of services offered by this brand are absolutely outstanding. SkyCity shows off a collection of services that comprises:

  • 5 casinos
  • 4 locations
  • 1 online casino
  • 21 bars
  • 22 restaurants
  • 4 hotels.

You have both four-star hotels and five-star ones available for your entertainment. We would not forget to mention that SkyCity casinos deliver a rich assortment of games; a ton of them! So, as a player, you have the chance to have as much fun, and for as long as you want it to last.

What Leisure Does SkyCity Provide?

  1.   Entertainment Complex

SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited is also known as SkyCity or SkyCity Group. This brand is New Zealand’s biggest entertainment, tourism, and leisure company with fascinating designs, with a dual listing on the stock exchange market of both New Zealand and Australia.

SkyCity is recognized as a part of the three main publicly listed casino brands in Australasia. And, one of the leisure provided by this group is a web of integrated entertainment complexes in New Zealand, specifically, in Queenstown, Auckland, Adelaide, and Hamilton in both New Zealand and Australia. More so, each of these integrated entertainment complexes underlines elements of casino gaming structures and topnotch bars and restaurants, with an allure that attracts guests from home and abroad.

  1.  Land-based Casino

The land-based casino has been in existence for a while now. Although, the land-based casino services were a much-affected part of the expansion that saw the company move into parts of Australia with its services.

Some of the locations where you can find this land-based casino in New Zealand and Australia include:

  • The largest Sky City casino in Auckland
  • Sky City Queenstown Casino
  • Sky City Adelaide Casino
  • Sky City Casino Hamilton
  • Sky City Wharf Casino
  1. Online Casino

In a bid to deliver a broader variety of leisure opportunities to its clients, SkyCity went into a partnership with Gaming Innovation Group (GIG), a gaming company based in Malta. Their partnership eventually produced what will go down in history as SkyCity’s premier online casino, which has been the only one the company has so far. The online gambling license held by GIG that was gotten from the Malta Gaming Authority was instrumental in the creation of this online casino.

Hence, in August 2019, SkyCity Group founded SkyCity Online Casino, to be the much-needed addition to its land-based casino services. Even as the online casino is still just a developing offshoot, there have been positive signs from the online casino’s operations since its takeoff. Amazingly, just a year into the business and the online casino already amassed over 35,000 enlisted SkyCity Online Casino clients.

The online casino delivers a vast variety of games for its customers to play. They include:

  • Pokies or Slot games
  • Bingo
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Live casino,
  • Video poker, etc.