SizeGenetics Review: I Tried It For 180 Days! Here’s What Happened

So this is my personal SizeGenetics review that I have used over a 6 month period. Frankly, I tried to be as honest as I could while penning down my overall expectations and my ultimate results! Click Here to Buy SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Review

Let me gather up my guts and say it for once- I have never been confident in bed! Like many belonging to my age group or even less, I had been dealing with performance issues for a long. Now these issues mainly revolved around my ability to hold longer erections and perhaps, my average penile size. Moreover, I was experiencing a day-by-day decline in my sex drive that was understandably creating a rift between us!

Well, I am not someone who hosts my pity party, so I started taking things more seriously. As I have followed those pro tips and pills earlier, I wanted something more result-oriented this time. That’s when I got to learn about SizeGenetics. 

SizeGenetics appeared as some unconventional male enhancement tool, a lot of men have been raving about on user portals. Upon exploration, I found that it is a non-surgical contraption that supports the increase in length of the male member. Moreover, it was effective in addressing Erectile Dysfunction, reproductive functioning, sex drive, and more. 

So I began my journey with SizeGenetics and started noticing improvements in my erections and performance after weeks of use. Overall, my results have been up to the mark that somehow urged me to pen down a detailed review for men undergoing similar problems under the sheets. 

Honestly, I tried covering almost every concern or information that could influence your purchasing decision. From its science to its features and more, I have given my best to be as comprehensive as I can. 

So without any further delay, let me start what is SizeGenetics and to what level can it take your experience. Click Here to Visit Sizegenetics Official Website

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics categorizes as a penis enlargement device that helps you increase the penile size and improve erections. Meaning, the tool focuses on elongating the dimension of your member and making your erections harder and longer.

 Now the contraption uses the simple stretching technique conducting through a very calculated and safe approach. Through that, it aims to increase 30% of the manhood length with an average gain of 1inch a month. 

As per experts, the non-invasive procedure does not offer results that fade days after you discontinue the use.  But its penis enlargement effects have been found to be irreversible and permanent. Besides, the smartly designed structure of SizeGenetics turns into a smart and comfortable fit for penis having any size. 

Yes, SizeGenetics basically sidelines all its rivals through a 58 Way Comfort System that promises definite comfort and ease. Its comfort padding further makes that idea of wearing a device on the most sensitive area for hours feel doable. 

Moreover, the quality of the top-selling penis extender is controlled to international standards. The certified groups of professionals behind its manufacturing have precisely worked on a design that goes unnoticed by everyone. 

SizeGenetics promise speedy and effective extra inches through its 2,800 grams of tension. Considering all the penis extenders claiming to match or surpass its efficiency, this is 50% more from the competitors. 

Now frankly, I have never used any penis extender in the past except a couple of pills on and off. But from my experience, I do vouch for its comfort and results. I believe, my results also go to my dedication for wearing it like some 7 hours (sporadically) a day. But that’s also because I started noticing the changes almost 2 to 3 weeks- especially in my erections. 

Besides, SizeGenetics offer 100% Money Back Guarantee so I knew my money wasn’t going anywhere!

The manufacturers of SizeGenetics

Right now, SizeGenetics leads the male enhancement market as the top most effective device for men with performance issues. Essentially, the product has gained a reputation as a penis extender- however; this has never been the purpose of SizeGenetics!

Dr. Jorn Siana, a specialist in male sexual surgery, designed this tool with an intention. The intention revolved around the aftercare of patients that had undergone penile surgery. The extender has been found to encourage the development and recovery of the male organ, which generally takes a ton of time after getting under the knife!

However, what took everyone by surprise was that the certified medical device added a couple of inches to the length! Not only that, it was effective in straightening up a curved genital that characterizes as Peyronie’s Disease in medical terms. 

Of course, all this was more like a revelation, a hope for men that had been suffering in silence for long. 

Extensive research and investigations later came into picture validating these findings. The tool has been evaluated under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe. Since then, many doctors and urologists all across the globe have endorsed SizeGenetics as a healthy approach to address curvature, poor erections, and unsatisfactory size concerns. 

The science behind SizeGenetics Device

So I read this comparison somewhere and I found it interesting to mention the relatability between these two processes!

Basically, its science shares similarities with that of the centuries-old custom that are popular in many cultures like ancient celts. Herein, men and women adorn neck rings to lengthen their neck as an attempt to meet some set beauty standard. 

Just as fitted, neck rings around the neck for months and years elongate the neck through stretching, SizeGenetics too, apply a mild, balanced, and constant degree of tension around the penile. 

This tension generates stretching effects that tear the penile tissues and cells. To heal this ‘injury’, the body uses its innate mechanism that involves repairing and growing new cells. The process ends up lengthening the member in size and widening in width over time. 

So basically, it focuses on repairing the damaged penile tissues that encounter constant traction and stretching through the device. 

This repair involves mending the affected tissues and encouraging the growth of fresh ones in the shaft and circumference. 

Constant damage followed by timely repair not only boosts size, but the ability to withhold more blood during the arousals. It’s for this reason; SizeGenetics also improves erections and overcomes premature ejaculation while giving you that jaw dropping, 8-inch boner!

Many people also relate this to that of bodybuilding where mass gainers lift heavy weight, causing micro-tears in their tissues. As the body begins the healing process, the muscles strengthen and begin to puff up!

The Pros:

  • A guaranteed penis traction technique
  • Produces irreversible size gains
  • Promises 1-2 inch in a 4 week span
  • Markets realistic results with time
  • Compressive 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System
  • Ensures incredible comfort and pain-free experience
  • Ideal for size gain, erectile dysfunction, and curvature
  • Presents industry-leading 2800g of tension
  • Goes invisible in all sorts of clothing 
  • Entails Multi-Directional Angling technology for optimum security
  • Is a certified, Type 1 medical device meeting international quality standards
  • Highly tested and endorsed by medical fraternity 
  • Delivered in discreet packaging anywhere around the globe
  • Purchase covers 100% Money Back Guarantee 

The cons:

  • For some, using a penis contraption tool for 4 to 6 hours may not be a welcoming idea
  • It is not a quick fix that works within days but takes weeks to kick in 
  • The purchase is exclusive to its official website and is not available at Amazon or Ebay
  • Cheap copies of SizeGenetics increase the risks of injury and loss of money
  • It is fairly steep and may not be a pocket-friendly product for some
  • Experts discourage its use at the time of sleeping to avoid the potential for injury

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How Does SizeGenetics Extender work?

Now my research says that SizeGenetics is not some tool that has been launched a year or two ago. The product has engraved its claws in the male-enhancement market by improving the quality of sex for 25-something years!

That’s correct. It is not some new launch cashing in on customer expectations and hopes. But a legit, tried-and-tested tool that has been harnessing the traction technique that actually dates back to centuries. 

Now intimacy, or say, quality intimacy is the spice of a romantic relationship. Being someone who has personally dealt with poor performance and sexual confidence, I can never stress over the self-guilt I have always faced after those stressful encounters enough!

Thankfully, things shifted from average to satisfaction soon after I embarked on my journey with SizeGenetics

However, as I have mentioned earlier, I intend to highlight every specific detail about SizeGenetics. And its mechanism is no exception!

So as you set the tool around the organ carefully, it begins to distribute a regular but balanced level of traction all along the corpora cavernosa. 

This process intensifies cytokinesis while expanding the room in cells to hold blood at the time of arousals. 

In simple words, the response to stretching causes invisible tears that provoke the body to initiate the healing process. During healing, the body encourages the division of cells to fill in the space caused by tears. 

The divided cells then function as the fresh cells giving you that extra measurement in a safer and natural fashion.  

In addition to size, creating space in the cells to accommodate more blood strengthens erection. This allows you to perform harder and longer with all-night staying power like never before. 

However, reaping the goodness of SizeGenetics is no easy job. The device demands you a minimum of 4 hours or a maximum of 8 hours a day. Moreover, the package includes a set of exercises aiming to enhance the effects of SizeGenetics. 

Frankly speaking, SizeGenetics has been comfortable and I would often forget its presence while on. Yet, I never practiced wearing the device at bedtime. 

Yes, I would find it simple completing my everyday hours in the daytime but somehow resisted the use at rest.  

SizeGenetics Benefits

Besides, I followed kegels and two more exercises on and off!

The general benefits:

Even so, I will discuss my personal results in this write-up later. I would like to highlight the ones that are either reported by its users or claimed by its manufacturers. For example:

  • Elongation of penile length:

The penis extender aims to lengthen the shaft of the penile. And according to reports and reviews, it can help to add an average of 1 inch a month

  • Broadens the circumference:

It’s not only length but width that also counts while stimulating her G-spot. In addition to stretching the male member, SizeGenetics also works on the thickness of penile 

  1. Prevent premature ejaculation:

SG allows you to perform longer by ensuring stronger control on ejaculations. Many men, in fact, swear to its ability in averting rapid ejaculation

  1. Strengthens erections:

We the men love to make our partner yell- enough! And that happens when we last longer and feel harder. SizeGenetics improves erectile health and performance, allowing you to keep longer and rock-hard boners. Essentially, it is highly effective for men with Erectile Dysfunction

  • Higher sex drive:

As we age, the most to suffer is our sex drive. SizeGenetics helps to restore your lost interest in sex by reclaiming the sexual desire men have in their younger years

  • Extreme sexual stamina:

Sexual energy and strength help polish that prowess- women secretly desire in their men. SG greatly works to boost sexual strength as well as the energy for a bed-breaking performance

  • Boosts sexual pleasure:

As the contraption welcomes more blood supply to the reproduction region, this multiplies the overall sexual pleasure

  • Extreme orgasms:

Higher sexual pleasure increases the tendency to experience leg-shaking orgasms. Overall, jacked energy, pleasure, and performance then take your confidence and self-esteem to the extremes

  • Fixes Peyronie’s:

Peyronie’s not only affect the appearance of the penile, but cause painful ejaculation. SizeGenetics has been medically proven to uncurl a bending penile and improve the quality of sex

Why SizeGenetics Ranks #1?

Now, apart from results, there are features justifying its rank as number one and the popularity surrounding SizeGenetics. Moreover, there have been tons of reasons or say features, which I as a potential buyer took into consideration before making up my mind for this tool. 

Some promising ones worth mentioning are:

  • Lasting results:

Personally, I prefer results that do not level up with time. Results, I can count on for months or even years to come. Thankfully, SizeGenetics scores high in this regard.  Nearly every single guy claiming to benefit from its effects claim to enjoy the plus for lifelong. 

This is because of the tension technique that successfully elongates the male member at an irreversible level. This slow but guaranteed process is for everyone who is more into an ultimate fix, rather than a quick one

  • Comfort of home:

This was another very crucial aspect that influenced my buying decision at a significant level. I wanted to address this problem, keeping my comfort at a high priority in the list. And SizeGenetics was that go-to I could simply count on. 

At first, I was unsure if I would make it to that 4-6 hours requisite time a day. But the overall comfort would often make me exceed that limit unintentionally. It would take me a couple of seconds for that comfort fit and I would just go about the day

  • Affordable treatment plan:

So I would rather say that it is more like a comprehensive traction treatment than some product or tool. It is a proper, well-thought-out technique that fixes almost everything that bothers you under the sheet. And that too, without costing you an arm and a leg.

Personally, I have thought of going under the knife once, or say, resorting to penis enlargement surgery. But the cost, pain, frequent visits to the doctors and many more factors encompassing the idea was intimidating to me. SizeGenetics I believe, is a very budget-friendly, non-invasive alternative to cosmetic penis enlargement surgery

  • 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System:

So comfort plays a crucial role in determining how safe your experience with a penis extender would be. Of course, since you will be spending a good amount of time wearing the contraption, you won’t go with pain and discomfort for long. 

To ease the process, SizeGenetics steps with its unparalleled 58-way ultimate comfort system. This is not some feature but a comprehensive design keeping a stronger grip on the overall comfort. The design entails a padded rubber that serves as an adjustable strap to ensure healthy supply of blood without pain.  There are 2 quality headpieces and some valuable features making your experience absolutely friendly and manageable

  • 2,800 grams of tension:

This feature of SizeGenetics goes unbeatable by far. 2800 grams of tension is a huge amount that not only makes the tool durable but extremely effective too.

 Now since my penis has only experienced this level of tension, I doubt anything less than this as successful

  • Adjustable and lightweight:

Of course, these two factors count on an equal level too. Interestingly, SizeGenetics may be ‘high in power’ when it comes to offering tension; the contraption is light in weight. The overall device as well as its features like the tension bars is not too large or interfering. 

The user-friendly design and its straps are easy to adjust and take little to no time to wrap around. Unlike other penis devices or tools of its sort, it comprises proper fixing that doesn’t unfasten every now and then

  • Maximum buyer privacy: 

So you can literally hide your ‘secret little treatment plan’ from literally everyone including the manufacturers! This is because SizeGenetics promises discreet billing as well as shipping.

Of course, privacy is essential, especially when you get to deal with a problem so personal to you. And so by ensuring a packaging giving no clue pertaining to the good, SizeGenetics seems to respect its buyers

SizeGenetics Results Research Evidence

Now I have previously mentioned that SizeGenetics is not some every other tool that may or may not work. Nor it is some magic that elongate your size in a flash. 

It is a proper technique that systemically takes steps to generate evident effects in the penile length and erection. Of course, this is not some claim made by some user, the testimony of which may be questionable. 

Legit research and investigations back the method and results that follow the use of SizeGenetics. 

Such as, a research by the British Journal of Urology took a sample of men to monitor its effects. By the end, the investigators claimed that the sample on SizeGenetics noticed 1.5cm growth in their penile dimension when erect. However, one must keep in mind that these individuals followed a 5 hour routine for a period of 6 months.  

Moreover, a multicenter, double blind trial followed a similar pattern to observe the changes fueled by the penis extender. This time, the sample included more than 1000 men belonging to various medical universities. The trial too, presented a convincing answer claiming that the average growth observed was around 3-4”.

Unboxing SizeGenetics

So honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything cheap from the price I paid or the hype I witnessed. I already knew that SizeGenetics would be extraordinary in every possible way and manner. Of course, since it is an FDA-approved tool, the quality was meant to be up-to-the-mark!

Now basically, there are 4 featured sets including Value Addition, Comfort Package, Ultimate System, and Peyronie’s Disease Home Treatment to pick the one that goes more with your needs and budget. Ranging from the lowest, these sets rise in price with the most expensive one offering more accessories and items. 

However, despite the price, there are some specific objects common in every set like:

  • A leather case
  • The SizeGenetics device
  • Comfort pads
  • Bars 
  • Complete guide
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Since it was my first ever experience with a penis enlargement tool, I decided to go with Comfort Package. Apart from the aforementioned, common items, my set included:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Multipurpose front piece
  • Silicone tube
  • Comfort strap
  • 3 Elongation bars ranging from 0.5-2 inches
  • Keys
  • No-slip protech

How to use SizeGenetics

Well, I would say that it took me a couple of minutes to understand the overall design and usage. Of course, I was new to such tools and had no clue about where to start or how to start. However, the user-guide that came with my kit was easy to grasp. Not just the guide, using the contraption itself was easy to work around my lifestyle.

Thankfully, the contraption does not get noticeable in any sort of clothing, especially in my loose-fitting pants. So I would literally wear it anywhere I head towards, including my workplace!

But before I set my ‘sand clock’ to complete my wearing hours and perform my day-to-day tasks, I would:

  • Prepare my genitalia:

So the first step I would always used to follow was to prepare my wiener! Preparing involves washing it thoroughly and letting it dry completely

  • Adjustment:

I would then step ahead to fix the device following every step mentioned in the manual. For that, I position the shaft, gently moving down the tool to the point I feel the right fit

  • Fastening:

To generate that proper gripping, the design involves fastening at the base of the member. For that, it offers an inbuilt ring made of plastic material. Once setting the base, you then have to fix the top with a tube ring made of flexible silicon

  • Setting:

Now set the tool 1cm longer than the extent of the completely outstretched penile in its flaccid condition. So if the measurement of the completely outstretched genital is 8cm, you will be setting it to 9cm. Tighten the straps to the point the device feels fixed 

  • Regulate tension:

This is the time you regulate the tension through its knobs. Make sure the adjustments are done on the basis of the comfort 

So that’s how you wear SizeGenetics and that’s how I’ve been wearing it for 7 something hours a day. However, experts suggest that one must complete the required duration in gaps, allowing the member to rest for a while. 

What I used to do was to divide my every day session into halves ensuring a break of at least two hours. This would complete my cycle in the day time while I would perform the needed workouts at night. 

Interestingly, I tried to be as regular as I could but I always rewarded myself with every Sunday off!

My Before and After SizeGenetics Results

So I will not say that I had a micropenis but I would not say that I had an average size too. Though, once I started my journey with SizeGenetics, it seemed like there was no going back. 

Now to be more precise with the results I experienced, let me break my 6 months cycle for you:

4-weeks (1 month) Sizegenetics results

Honestly, as I have said before, I started noticing the change in my erections at first. Sadly, I have been facing problems like soft erections after I hit 40. But after 2-3 weeks of using SG, I started feeling harder than usual. Besides, I was getting more sexual urges and stimulation more often. By the end of 4th week of my regular use of SizeGenetics, I would say that while I did not see any visible changes in my penile length with naked eye, the scale was suggesting otherwise. That is, I was successfully able to gain 0.8 inches in my erect length. Yes, this was my start

8- weeks (2 months) Sizegenetics before and after results

By the time I completed my 8 weeks cycle, I was more than encouraged that SizeGenetics work! I was thrilled, I was excited, what not! This was because the changes were more prominent. By changes, I mean the improvements in my sex drive and more importantly, erectile performance. I was lasting longer, I was feeling tougher down there, and I was experiencing more pleasure than before. Even while I still not witness any difference in the width of dimension of my penile, my overall length gains now scale at 1.5”

12-weeks (3 months) Sizegenetics review results

By this time, our relationship dynamics started improving again. I was no longer pulling away or avoiding intimacy like in the last few years. I was feeling more confident by my performance and how I was able to cause her ‘real orgasms’. Frankly, I was witnessing an increase in the intensity of my orgasmic power too. But the notable changes were in my erections. Yes, I was enjoying my erections like my teenage years and finally indulging in intimacy more than once a day. This time, I was noticing a visible growth in my length that now stood at 2.3 inches in total

16 weeks-24 weeks (4- 6 months) Sizegenetics final results

By reaching this point, I was literally suggesting SizeGenetics to a close friend of mine. Indeed, the results have been extremely convincing and the tool has been a game changer. Even though, I was a bit not so sure at the start, it delivered me far beyond my expectation. Essentially, what I noticed was that the contraption worked and improved every aspect of my sex life. From sex drive to the ultimate sexual pleasure, everything seems to have come in a healthy synchronization. Thankfully, I was no longer losing my erections during intercourse and was having a stronger grip on ejaculation.  My sex drive was mostly high and my length gains reached over 4 inches. As for width, I would say that the difference may be around 20-25% throughout the 6 month span. So I continued my circle a bit more 

The side effects:

Personally, I did not experience any side effects except for some uneasiness at start. And from my observation, none can if the users use the contraption in accordance with the given guidelines. Besides:

  • It is an FDA approved Type 1 device
  • Medically certified as safe
  • Multi-directional angling making it a risk-free experience
  • Checks CE qualifications

Where can I buy SizeGenetics?

The cheap and inferior copes of SizeGenetics are widespread owing to its constant high demand. Thereby, I recommend the actual manufacturers of the tool that only choose to sell it over their official website of SizeGenetics

This is to ensure originality as well as create a direct connection with their ultimate customer. The company also offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee that no retailer or third party offers. 

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