Silk Pillowcases: Why Are They Highly Recommended?

Silk has always been synonymous with luxury. This notion has persisted for thousands of years and in recent times the use of silk has penetrated “a wider area”. One of them is the use of silk as a pillowcase material. African-American women, who are known for knowing many hair care techniques, have been using silk or satin pillowcases for many years to care for their hair, a trend that has become popular in recent years and is currently known for its benefits for all hair types.

Why should we use silk pillowcases?

Before asking why use silk pillowcases, it is worth asking what is wrong with cotton covers and the answer is that it is a material that absorbs a lot of moisture, something that athletes already know, because the garments get wet with perspiration and take a long time to dry.

The same goes for the face and hair. In the case of the face, the cotton could absorb creams and other products that the skin has not completely consumed, as well as steal moisture from the hair. This, for people with dyed hair, could be a problem, because it is more brittle and weakened. In addition, cotton causes friction against the hair, which encourages breakage of the hair fibers.

Silk Pillowcases

A silk pillow, on the other hand, avoids that friction. Along the same lines, cotton pillows help to entangle the hair, which ends up causing frizz. So, as a result, by using satin or silk covers, the hair will be less damaged in the short and long term, especially those weakened by bleaching, those that tend to dry out and those that tend to tangle often.

But not only the hair would be favored by this type of cover. The icon of international dermatology, Debra Jaliman (author of Skin rules: Trade secrets from a top New York Dermatologist) is one of the best-known fans of these products and has confirmed their effectiveness in reducing the marks on the face with which many sometimes we wake up. It is not a method to avoid expression lines or wrinkles, but to minimize the risk of waking up with lines caused by the position when sleeping.

How to properly protect the silk?

Those who have a silk cover must take care of its care so that they resist as much as they should and last in the best conditions. For this, they must be washed by hand with a little detergent dissolved in cold water, never dry in the sun -because it can cause the threads to fade-, do not iron them at more than 35 degrees and use a cloth in between when doing so, so that the iron does not touch the silk directly.

The best quality silk for this type of product is Mulberry silk, which owes its quality to the rigorous conditions in which silkworms created it. It feels soft and delicate, but it is one of the strongest fibers in the world, which makes it very strong and durable.

Where to buy silk pillowcases?

There are many manufacturers of silk pillowcases but only a few are reliable. One of them is LingSilk. The company uses only high quality silk (6A) materials. And for “safety assurance” for skin health, all LingSilk products are OEKO certified. That means they all will not have a bad effect on skin health. 

Silk Pillowcases

There are several popular LingSilk products. One of them is black silk pillowcase. You can see the complete product list on the official LingSilk website. Visit for more information. Finally, thank you for reading and I hope that all the information in this article is really useful.

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