SidesMedia Review: Is This Social Growth Service Legit?

We’d all be lying to ourselves if we hadn’t thought how nice it would be to have an extensive Instagram or TikTok following. A high Instagram following with a solid engagement rate is the difference between monetizing your account and not being able to, but where to start?  Well, this is where SidesMedia come in and we’ve reviewed them to make sure that you are getting the service that you want to help grow your account. 

Who Are SidesMedia?

SidesMedia are the new kids on the block when it comes to social media platform growth, but don’t mistake new for inexperience. 

SidesMedia have one of the best services as they work across an array of platforms, not just Instagram and TikTok. This means that you grow your all of your socials from one convenient location rather than having to work through a list of products to ensure your growth is matched across platforms. 

This means that you can work with SidesMedia to get an excellent growth strategy which is vitally important when it comes to building your brand and getting yourself out there. 

How Does SidesMedia Work?

SidesMedia is beautifully simplistic in its operation, it is your basic business transaction whereby they sell a service, you pay for it and then you get the service quickly and effectively. There are no abstract strategies or promises of growth, rather just an increase in your numbers where it counts.

Simply select your product, pay the cost and away you go. Your order of likes, followers or views will be on your account within 72 hours. 

Is SidesMedia Legitimate?

In short, yes – they are. There are an array of providers of likes, followers and views available to you online, this is where things can become confusing. A lot of these providers are saying that they sell their customers legitimate followers, when in actual fact this isn’t the case at all. You’ll find that if you opt for a cheaper, subpar service, what you’ll actual get is something very different from the products that SidesMedia offer. 

When you purchase through a site that only offers low quality followers, you’ll find that your numbers will increase quickly (great!) Then as quickly as they have arrived on your account, they will disappear. 

Not only does this leave you out of pocket, it will also flag you to TikTok or Instagram’s algorithms and get your account potentially black listed, shadow banned or worse, deleted. 

This is because imitation sites use fake follower accounts to increase your follower number and then these accounts are quickly deleted. SidesMedia doesn’t sell accounts such as these, so you know that you pay for what you get. If you order a thousand followers, you’ll get a thousand followers, and this number won’t drop like subpar providers. 

Is SidesMedia Safe?

SidesMedia is safe, but you always need to exercise your own self-control. You can’t expect to put a hundred thousand followers on your account in 24 hours and expect it not to be noticed by algorithms, so make sure that you make the purchases small and incrementally. 

Can SidesMedia Grow Your Account?

Yes! The best way to leverage SidesMedia is by purchasing all of their available services. It’s no good in investing in a thousand followers if your content is only getting 20 likes per post. A good rule of thumb to use is for every follower number you buy; you buy at least 10% of that in likes and views. This makes sure that your follower to engagement ratio stays at a good level. 

You don’t want to ignore this ratio as it is the one that will get your content out in front of other users, so the better you keep it, the more organically your content will grow. So, it is always worth making sure that you don’t just purchase followers, invest in the entire strategy.

Wrap Up

When it comes to buying Instagram views, followers, & likes there are a plethora of businesses offering a subpar service that will wreck your engagement ratio. 

Thankfully, SidesMedia not only offer you an exceptionally stable service, but they are also well priced and provide you with real followers rather than the empty vessel alternatives. 

It is always worth buying more than likes with SidesMedia, not only because they offer an array of well-priced services, but because this will keep your follower to engagement ratio in good stead. It is this ratio that will get your content out in front of other users, so look after it. 

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