Sick of Airports? Now Is the Time to Try RV Traveling

Today, going to the airport is a significant hassle, often exhausting, and time-consuming. You must ensure you arrive at the airport early, especially if you plan to bring oversized luggage. You will also need to hand it off to airport staff when you get there, and the airport will not return the bags to you until you retrieve them upon your arrival at the destination. Further, there are plenty of other stressful, mundane tasks at the airport that you need to complete to ensure you make your flight on time and reach your intended destination. 

Often, there is no efficient way to get through the airport. And, to make matters even more complicated, there is a heightened fear of getting sick at the airport and the real potential of that happening. Specifically, this is due to the increased proximity you will be in with others during your time at the airport. And it does not end here, as you will also be close to others the entire duration of your flight as you are seated next to others on the plane. 

Also, the restrictive environment of planes can increase your risk of getting sick, as it severely limits your ability to move. This fear of getting sick at the airport is heightened even more, especially with a pandemic that the entire world is still dealing with, and people do not want to risk getting sick. So, you might ask yourself, ‘what is the solution?.’ Luxury RVs could be a better option for you, so read on if you want to learn more about them for your next trip. 

Why Luxury RVs?

Luxury RVs are a significantly more sustainable and practical approach to modern traveling than airplanes can provide today. They are more popular than ever due to various reasons. Mainly, the rise of luxury RVs we see today is because of the more environmentally friendly approach to travel and the more significant opportunity of space, freedom, comfort, and flexibility they can provide compared to airplanes.

What Are the Benefits of Traveling by RV?

Not only do you receive supreme comfort and maximum performance when you travel in luxury RVs, but you also get the ability to have more freedom. Unlike airports, where you need to arrive early, go through security, wait in lines, and only have limited mobility later on during the flight, with luxury RVs, there is no hassle for you to go through a security checkpoint or stand waiting in any lines. Instead, luxury RVs allow you to move around as you please. If you want to stop to use the restroom or get food at an area along the way to your destination, you can do so with an RV, although this is not the case traveling by plane. 

Also, when you travel with luxury RVs, there is no need to fret if you want to change your plans. However, when you fly to your destination, there is often no way to alter your itinerary and plans once you go through with the booking process and pay for the flight. With flights, typically, you cannot stay extra time and change your flight the same week if you wish to do so once on the trip or leave earlier than expected if you decide. At the very least, doing so is often challenging and requires additional assistance from an airline representative. But, with luxury RVs, your itinerary is entirely up to you, including when you decide to leave and stay. 

Another fantastic feature of traveling by luxury RV over going to the airport to travel by plane is that with an RV, you can see the sights along the way throughout the trip to your destination. A luxury RV is the best way to travel if you want to experience the scenic views and want your traveling route to be more of an outdoors adventure where you can create great memories along your way to the final destination. 

What Luxury RV Should You Choose?

There are many incredible options if you are wondering what luxury RV is the right one for you and your next trip. One choice that you can never go wrong with is Bowlus, the innovative, original aluminum travel trailer. It is an excellent choice for modern adventurers, land travelers, and camping fans and is ideal for any season. Beyond its sustainable approach to travel, Bowlus also provides superior value through expert craftsmanship, technology, and the highest quality materials. Purchasing a Bowlus could be the right decision if you want a genuinely sustainable and adventurous way to travel.


Going to the airport to travel by plane is becoming a thing of the past for many who want more adventure and to travel more sustainably. If this is the case, you should consider getting an RV. With luxury RVs, you have the opportunity to seek a lifetime of adventures on the open road, where you can enjoy endless freedom, travel on your terms, and create your own rules.

Photo by Matthew Osborn on Unsplash