Should You Tip for Junk Removal?

Whenever you have junk to be disposed of, first finding a reliable option is hard. When a reliable option is found, our concern is whether we should tip the workers or not? If we tip the junk removal how much should we tip?

That’s a pretty normal situation, almost everyone goes through it. It’s quite unusual to tip a junk removal worker, if people do they hardly talk about it openly. Therefore, most of us begin questioning what we should do. Whether we should tip the junk removal or not?

In this brief post, I’m going to answer all such queries. So, if you are having a hard time deciding what needs to be done, you have come to the right place;

Should you tip the junk removal or not?

Frankly, it’s “totally” up to you. If you want to tip the junk removal workers for what they have done, that’s a good idea. However, even if you do not tip the junk removal, that’s also would be fine. 

Who should you tip?

It’s better to tip the junk haulers, tipping the junk removal company would not be a fine idea. Since the toughest job is performed by the junk haulers, they deserve to get admired and tipped. Therefore, whenever you decide to tip make sure it’s going to the junk haulers.

How much should you tip?

There is no hard and fast rule you have to follow at the time of tipping the junk removal. Tip as much as you can. You would not be asked if that’s a little amount or if it’s too much for a tip. 

When should you tip?

There are some circumstances where it gets mandatory to tip the junk hauler for what they have done. Junk removal, in general, is a tough job. However, certain elements make it tougher. If the junk haulers have a harder time removing the junk than they normally do, you should not have second thoughts about tipping for the junk removal.

For example, If the junk haulers have gone up and down stairs, a lot of time, have difficulty finding a parking spot near the house, the weather conditions were unfavorable, the junk was the hardest access, soiled, dirty, or infested, big and heavy, and required special tool or safety measures, the junk haulers deserve to be tipped. However, if the job is not too hard, you can choose to not tip.

If you tip the junk haulers would surely appreciate it

Since it’s pretty unusual for the junk haulers to receive a tip. They work “really” hard to do what most of us would not want to do at all. So, if you tip the junk haulers it would make their day. They would surely appreciate the kind gesture.

In brief, it’s not mandatory by law to tip the junk haulers. It’s up to you if you want to tip the worker for what they have done for it would be so kind of you. There are no hard and fast rules on how much you should tip, help as much as you can. If the junk removal job was hard, it’s better to reward the workers.


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