Semenax Review – Does Semenax Pills Work? See Before and After Semenax Results

Semenax Pills Review

Semenax is the Semen, Libido, and Orgasm enhancer which is created for men having the respective problems. The production of seminal fluid is a tricky thing and this requires a large bundle of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Inside the Semenax formula, some components are added carefully to achieve first-class bedroom performance and a large amount of semen ejaculation during the orgasm. Click Here to Buy Semenax Now

Ejaculation problems are the most common ones these days. Men from diverse locations of the world search every day to overcome low sperm volume, low sperm motility, and premature ejaculation which make them perform with so less energy and vitality.

To know how to make sperm thicker and stronger, there are sperm booster vitamins that can be trusted to some extent, not if you have a severe form of testosterone deficiency and low sperm count, and then the remedy demands multiple ingredients. 

Active ingredients in Semenax are also seen in the mainstream media which are none other than Arginine, Zinc, and Selenium to restore testosterone hormone production and provide effects like spermatogenesis. Semenax is aimed to target a wide number of sexual disorders i.e sexual dyslexia, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desires is the common one. 

Whether you cannot stay longer in bed or cannot have the desire for having multiple orgasms, Semenax customer reviews clearly show an effective picture of what the best male enhancement supplement actually looks like. 

Semenax Pros & Cons


  • Semenax is a clinically certified Semen Booster
  • It contains active constituents that are approved medically to improve sperm function
  • Satisfactory before and after results
  • Clinically approved to arouse men and improve sexual function
  • Helps with long-lasting in bed and better orgasm
  • Available without a prescription
  • Contains no stimulants, toxins, and fillers


  • Semenax premium formula is available for $59.95 per bottle which is a little bit higher for some users
  • The original Semenax formula is only available via the official website

Click Here to Visit Official Semenax Website

What Causes Poor Motility of Sperm?

Many factors can affect sperm motility and semen volume. The most common one is smoking and exposure to the heat for longer. In general, living under too much heat disrupts the sperm cells and that’s why men should avoid taking hot showers or sauna baths too often. 

Wearing tight jeans and underwear also takes a big part in shrinking the sperm tissues, just like consuming alcohol and excessive soy intake. Eating too many foods made in Trans fat is also dangerous for the semen volume; lastly, avoid stress if you want to perform well in bed. 

Does Increase Semen Volume Pills Work?

There is a category of male supplements called “Male Enhancement Pill” that has a massive number of natural ingredients that actually work! Not male enhancement or sperm boosters are indeed capable of delivering the ideal results, but when you see a large portion of Arginine, Zinc, Selenium, and natural aphrodisiac, you could say there may be a chance they might work. 

Male enhancement supplements are not always designed for semen volume but they are game-changers when it comes to eliminating the stress that causes poor bedroom performance. In a large male population, Increase semen volume pills like Semenax works for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low semen volume which are easy to find in 2022. 

What is Semenax Used for?

Man having trouble coming, or ejaculation problems causes are simply negated by the Semenax formula. Here are some of which Semenax formula is completely active!

  • Testosterone Deficiency

T-Hormone deficiency is the major cause of low ejaculation volume which mostly occurs in men over 40. The level of this hormone is a prerequisite to achieving a fuller orgasm and satisfactory semen volume. 

  • Psychological Distress

Conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and mood swings affect semen volume in males. Lowering these psychological distresses is helpful to improve sperm count and semen volume- both in humans and animals. 

  • Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles

Semenax formula with the help of a large number of active minerals and herbs improves bowel and bladder movements which affect sexual performance and provides control over ejaculation which is sometimes referred to as uncontrolled. 

  • Retrograde Ejaculation

This type of ejaculation occurs when the semen instead of ejaculating through the penis enters the bladder. This prevents the outside ejaculation and its rectification is very much important. 

How does Semenax Boost Semen Volume?

Semenax benefits are initiated in the body after its first intake. The capsules contain over 18 ingredients that are responsible for producing semen naturally. 

The pharmacology of Semenax is as follows:

  • Starts with the Prostate Gland which produces Prostate Fluid that functions to nurture the egg. During the time of sexual intercourse, when the sperm is vigorously pushed out, the fluid produced by the prostate goes into the urethra. 
  • Another one is the Seminal Vesicle located in the male pelvis and is responsible for controlling 70% of semen volume. Male semen is composed of fructose, inorganic potassium, and citric acid which also contain traces of protein and prostaglandins.
  • Bulbourethral gill is an important reproductive gland which secretes seminal plasma that determines sperm motility and fertility. 

What Semenax does is plain simple, it boosts the seminal fluid production in the Bulbourethral gill and also increases sexual desires and physical performance. The powerful ingredients demonstrate multiple actions such as testosterone hormone enhancement, nitric oxide boost, and immense blood supply that improve fertility, sperm motility, and semen volume. 

What is Semenax Made Of?

It’s a beauty of natural science Semenax formula is an upright male enhancement supplement in 2022 to overcome a variety of sexual disorders. 

In the Semenax formula, around two dozen ingredients are available per serving of which 95% are extracted from natural sources. 

Swedish Pollen Flower

Supplements of Swedish Pollen Flower are available to overcome testosterone deficiency in men and increase the potency of male wood. While swedish pollen flower extract is used for male enhancement purposes, some users take this for improving vitality, hormonal balance, mental performance, and vigorous physical strength.

Zinc Aspartate

Zinc Aspartate is a germ repelling vitamin which also takes an important part in the formation of collagen. As a wound healer and antioxidant, Zinc also helps out with protein synthesis which is an additional benefit for men. Sexually, Zinc Aspartate turns the semen volume larger and whiter which becomes enhanced after being coupled with other ingredients in Semenax.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide provides core nutrition to the male reproductive system, in recent years Zinc is used to treat skin pigmentation and dark circles that are formed due to malnutrition. Zinc boosts male performance by up to 200% because it contributes to the natural production of testosterone hormone.

Maca Root

Speaking of male sexual health, Maca Root is the great libido enhancer that affects sperm quality and quantity and this has been proven by sundry studies. Maca is known for its immense aphrodisiac effects and it also acts as an adaptogenic compound that boosts sexual desire and physical performance.

In ED patients, Maca Root improves sperm generation and encourages testosterone availability which helps men to gain a quicker and thicker erection.

Muira Puama

Since ancient times in Brazil, Muira Puama extract is used as a medicinal herb to treat a variety of health ailments. One of the manifested properties of the Muira plant is the effect on libido and better erectile function. Semenax adds the complex herb to improve mental alertness in users with sexual depression.

L-Arginine HCL

L-Arginine shows tremendous efficacy when it comes to stimulating the reproductive system. According to studies, L-Arginine makes up 40% of the sperm count, and with the antioxidant effects of many amino acids; it aids sperm cell health and motility.


L-Carnitine is a special type of amino acid because it contains a high number of B Vitamins and Vitamin C which is not that common. Carnitine improves muscular performance and shows remarkable anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Dieters who want to lose weight use the L-Carnitine supplement to bolster their energy levels and mental acuity which they needed the most during weight loss.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry is an important part of the Semenax formula, because of its blood circulation-enhancing effects. The blood supply in the penis is so necessary as it turns on the erection and libido promptly.

Cranberry Extract

Cranberry extract is used by ancient and modern time people, one of the clear advantages of Cranberry is it provides a large source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other forms of nutrients.


Smilax Ornata is a useful tool for men who lack the sexual desire and proper motivation to stay longer in bed.

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium Sagittatum is an extreme libido booster and testosterone hormone enhancer which boosts sperm production- mostly used by men who can’t impregnate their wives and wants their offspring to have superior genes.

Catuaba Bark

In Tupi Indian culture, Catuaba Bark is meant to increase sexual desire and body endurance. Catuaba bark exhibits antidepressant properties which make it a great mood elevator- especially when things have gone wrong and you haven’t felt sexual for a long time.

Pumpkin Seed

Another higher source of Zinc that looks after the prostate health and sperm count in males.

Avena Sativa Extract

Scientifically, Avena Sativa boosts the level of Luteinizing Hormone in males which directly raises testosterone levels. LH is significant for erection purposes and its deficiency could lead to delay in pleasure and limited sexual functions.

Semenax provides a generous dose of Luteinizing hormone enhancer dose which makes you come like a porn star in the end.

Butea Superba

As a potential aphrodisiac and potency enhancer, here is what one research states about Butea Superba “Superba extract (1mg/kg BW) for six months significantly increased the number of sperm up to about 200% and prolonged the sperm motility of the sperm to about 115% at the sixth hour.”

Pine Bark Extract

In France, Pine Bark Extract has been used for around 5 decades. It’s because antioxidants and vitamins in it is a great source of boosting Nitric Oxide in men which is something regarded best for harder erection. Pine bark extract results usually appear within 60-90 days so it’s better to keep its use continuous without gaps.

Vitamin E

Alpha-Tocopherol is good for sexual health said by the Harvard Medical School Research. Consuming Vitamin E rapidly supports the blood supply which is medically effective for guys with bend penis or ED symptoms.

Semenax Minerals and Vitamins

Semenax sperm booster is designed for men who want to experience the best sexual journey ahead. With vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant extract you can overcome a variety of sexual disorders and invite firmer erections so you can stay longer in bed.

Semenax Before and After Results

Semenax is made by Leading Edge Health Inc and it’s not the only over-the-counter sperm pill in 2022. But for a reputable brand, it must have come from a reputable company that invests a large budget in third-party testing and marketing. 

Being in the business for 10 years, Semenax users dropped no negative remarks about the supplement only because it doesn’t have any side effects. In the US and many other first-world countries, both Semenax and Volume pills replaced prescription sperm pills. 

Semenax before and after results have been shared by the users but the authenticity is gazed by the scientific point of view. 

Two months long double-blind study was done by the Leading Edge Health Inc on Semenax. They took 63 male subjects who were 30-60 years of age, they also measured the intensity and time duration of their orgasms. A group of subjects who took Semenax was compared to those who didn’t take Semenax pills. A group who took Semenax pills experienced around 20% more ejaculation volume as compared to the other group. From baselines to end of treatment (EoT), the majority number of Semenax users displayed an increased orgasm intensity and sexual pleasure. 

If you are already seeing articles about Sperm pills, you may notice Semenax has got the latest and most of the positive customer feedback. Most of them are guys who are older than 35 years and lost sperm motility a long time ago. Semenax benefits not only clutched their sexual instincts but now they can perform and cum like a porn star which is a fantasy for most! 

Semenax is also recommended for men who have undergone vasectomy, but in that case, except for sperm motility, all of the other Semenax benefits can be availed. 

How Many Semenax Pills a Day?

It’s not your daily testosterone injections or anabolic steroids that are very difficult to take. 

Semenax is available in capsules form which makes it easy to take sperm pills in 2022. Semenax single box has 120 capsules which are taken 2-4 times a day. It’s because 4 capsules can be pretty hefty for some individuals, the best time to take Semenax is either early in the morning or at night before bed. 

As a stimulant to semen production, you could also use Semenax 40 minutes before sexual intercourse. The best results are also achieved if Semenax is taken with a healthy lifestyle and diet to boost semen volume. 

Honestly conceived, there are no size augmentation benefits from Semenax, it also depends on how your body reacts to this dietary supplement. Only a rare number of Semenax users have got their penis size increased which is not in the before and after results list. 

How long does it take for Semenax to Start Working?

Experienced by millions of people, sperm booster supplements like Semenax typically take around 2 weeks to work. The company states using Semenax for 3 complete months could abolish major sexual issues and low semen volume. 

Within 2 weeks, sexual energy becomes apparent and by the end of 4th week, users may experience superior ejaculations and hardcore orgasms. It’s better to stick with the Semenax daily dosage to keep the ingredients built in your body. 

Semenax Reviews from Official Customers

Every climax so far has ended with a scene of her jaw-dropping! She has been desiring me a lot more.

Johnny H.

My girlfriend says she can feel herself filling up inside.


After a week on Semenax, I had sex with my wife… I had the most intense climax I have had in years… I felt my ejaculation pulse semen into my wife for what felt like a minute… this stuff really works!

Andy (Minneapolis)

Where to Buy Semenax?

On the official website of Leading Edge Health, the price of Semenax is different than the rest. We have seen Semenax price on other platforms is above $70 but that’s not the case when you buy it from the official Semenax website

The official site of Semenax offers 1, 2, 3,4,5,6, and 12 months supply offers. 

  • Semenax 1 Month Supply Price: $59.95
  • Semenax 2 Month Supply Price: $54.98/each bottle (Contains 2 bottles)
  • Semenax 3 Month Supply Price: $51.65/each bottle (3 bottles)
  • Semenax 4 Month Supply Price: $49.99/each bottle (4 bottles)
  • Semenax 5 Month Supply Price: $48.99/each bottle (5 bottles)
  • Semenax pills 6 Month Supply: $48.32/each bottle (6 bottles)
  • Finally, 12 Months’ Supply of Semenax pills is available at the most affordable price i.e. $33.33/each bottle (12 Semenax packs)

Every package of Semenax sperm pill comes with free global delivery and risk-free 67 days money-back guarantee offer. 

Final Summary – Does Semenax Pills really Work?

Staggering Semen Volume, Intense Orgasm, Multiple Time Orgasms, and Startling Pleasure are the main results of Semenax pills which have been detailed by the official website and achieved by the users. 

Semenax reviews Reddit, Amazon, Walmart, and GNC without a doubt claims to work but the place to buy Semenax must be chosen cautiously. Semenax has a reputation as the best semen volume enhancer for men who are tired of using doctors’ prescribed medications. 

Buying ED medications and vitamins for semen volume is easy but it doesn’t necessarily improve your sex life. Think about the ED pills which are only effective for a few hours after their intake, Semenax has promising arrays of results that may be with you for the rest of your life. 

It’s not too late to get help if you are ejaculating way low amount of semen because this clearly indicates some treatable sexual disorders which can be easily eliminated after using the herbal formula of Semenax.