Sea The Sights: 6 Reefs To Explore In 2022

Australia is known, the world over, for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. However, the country’s incredible natural beauty is not limited to just what you can see above the surface of the ocean. Beneath the surface of our coastal waters is an entire world waiting to be explored. From jaw-dropping coral reefs to impossibly bright tropical fish, swaying sea plants and an impressive myriad of marine life, the underwater world is nothing short of breathtaking. 

Whether you dive, snorkel or free-dive, you need to ensure that you choose the right location for your next outing. Where you choose to visit to get up close and personal with the local marine life will be critical to how successful your trip is. It’s also important to take everyone’s ability into consideration when you are choosing a location and if you are diving, you will need to ensure that everyone in your group has the appropriate certification. Before finalising your destination, make sure to check the weather and the conditions so you get the best visibility on your dives and see more of the amazing marine life that you are there to see. 

Let’s take a look at some spectacular reefs that you should consider for your next diving or snorkelling trip.  

Green Island – Queensland

Grab your snorkel mask, pack up the car and make your way to Cairns for some of the best snorkelling and diving the country has to offer. Located just a forty-five-minute catamaran ride from Cairns is a 6,000 old coral cay known as Green Island.  This island is home to the only rain forest on the Great Barrier Reef that hosts more than one hundred and twenty native plant species and vibrant coral. The immense coral garden here is the highlight and nearby coral cays can also be explored. 

Lord Howe Island – New South Wales

Located a short two-hour flight from Sydney is the lush natural paradise of Lord Howe Island. Only four hundred tourists are permitted to visit the island at any one time, helping to preserve the feeling of isolation and solitude that so many visitors experience here. There are some amazing snorkelling spots located around the island, with one as good as the next. Take a dip at Ned’s Beach, Lagoon Beach, Erscott’s Hole, or Old Settlement Beach and explore the waters right off the sand. 

Ningaloo Reef – Western Australia

Ningaloo Marine Park is the second largest reef in Australia, after the Great Barrier Reef. Located off the Western Coast of the country, the diving and snorkelling opportunities here are magnificent. Stretching for two-hundred-and-sixty-two kilometres, there is no shortage of spots to check out along the Ningaloo Reef. The main jumping-off point is Exmouth, located about a two-hour flight away from Perth. With more than five hundred different species of fish and a huge variety of marine life to be discovered, Ningaloo Reef is not to be missed. 

Port Noarlunga – South Australia

Port Noarlunga Reef is part of the Port Noarlunga Reef Aquatic Reserve which was established in 1994 to educate people about the marine environment, allowing them to enjoy the area even more. More than one hundred and seventy thousand people visit the reserve each year to take part in a range of different watersports and other activities. There are more than two hundred species of marine plants and animals, as well as more than fifty species of fish that call Port Noarlunga home. Zebrafish, sea stars and old wives are commonly found in the waters here. Venturing out to the reef is recommended for strong swimmers only. 

Ninepin Point Marine Reserve – Tasmania

You will definitely need to be wrapped up in a little more neoprene when venturing into the waters in Tassie. However, braving the cold will be well worth it when you see the diverse range of colourful marine life, see penguins, whales, and bizarre reef systems. Located in Gordon, Tasmania, Ninepin Point Marine Reserve is a favourite haunt of those in search of the Lost City Of Atlantis. While it hasn’t been found yet, you can be sure of some amazing views of the local underwater life and a glimpse of the beauty that lies beneath the surface at Ninepin Point Marine Reserve.

Make Sure You Get The Very Most Out Of Your Next Aussie Reef Adventure

Whether you are snorkelling or diving, it’s all about choosing the right destination. To get the most out of your trip, you need to be sure that you find a reef that is alive with swaying sea fans, colourful corals and bright shoals of fish. Venturing into the underwater world, you want to ensure that you and your snorkel or dive buddies have the best time possible and with the right reef, you can ensure that is always the case.

Photo by Carolina Garcia on Unsplash