Safir Season 2: Are Fans Expecting Another Season of the Television Series?

Safir Season 2, a television series produced by NTC Medya, a Turkish television program that directed by Semih Bağcı and written by Burcu Över. After the first season of the series was made available to the public, it quickly became a subject of intense interest. The viewers’ hearts have already been widened by the wonderful narrative of the series, which has already dilated their hearts with its well-developed plot and deep plotlines.

The first episode of the first season of the program made available to the public. And it has already been met with an incredible reception from the audience. Because the most recent episode of the series has come to a close. One of the most important issues that appear in the thoughts of the viewers is the status of the renewal. 


  • drama
Written byBurcu Över
Directed bySemih Bagci
  • Özge Yağız
  • İlhan Şen
  • Burak Berkay Akgül
Country of originTurkey
Original languageTurkish
No. of series1
No. of episodes26
ProducerMehmet Yigit Alp
Running time120 minutes
Production CompanyNTC Media
Release4 September 2023 –

26 February 2024


Safir Season 2 Release Date

Safir has already achieved enormous popularity all over the globe, and a lot of people are looking forward to the forthcoming second season of the show. Since it features a tale that both honorable and emotive, the series has already garnered a tremendous amount of attention since it was released on September 4, 2023.

The conclusion of the show’s last episode occurred not too long ago, and it caused a great deal of consternation among everyone who saw it. On the Internet, there has been a great deal of uncertainty over the question of whether or not the authors are continuing with the plot with any more development.

We do not have any official updates on the continuing of the series. The official has not yet decided whether or not to continue airing the popular drama series. The creator of the series has not disclosed any specific explanation for the delayed release date of the series; nonetheless, it is clear that the reason for the delay is that the program has only recently come to an end.

Should any information on the next season of the Safir become available, we will make sure to update this area. In the latter half of 2024 or the early part of 2025, the second season of the series schedule released.

Safir Season 2 Cast: 

Although the series authorities have not officially announced the renewal status. We may examine the cast of the series to determine who likely to remain if the program is renewed in the future. 

Özge YağızFeraye Yılmaz
İlhan ŞenAteş Gülsoy
Burak Berkay AkgülYaman Gülsoy
İpek TuzcuoğluGülfem Gülsoy
Gizem SevimAleyna
Can Bartu AslanOkan Gülsoy
Nur YazarCemile Yılmaz
Müfit KayacanÖmer Gülsoy
Münir Can CindorukÇetin Yılmaz
Sevda BasNesrin Yılmaz
Ilda OzgürelHazal
Serdar BordanaciMuhsin Yılmaz
Erkan BektaşVural Bakırcıoğlu
Efe TaşdelenBora Bakırcıoğlu
Selin IşıkBade Bakırcıoğlu
Gizem KaracaGüneş


Safir Season 2 Plot

The family drama series’ plot revolves around Yaman and Feraye. Two childhood lovers who have kept their relationship secret from the public. We find out how the innocence of their youth continues to preserve their connection as the play progresses. As well as how they can bring it out.

When Ateş, the oldest son, comes from the United States owing to his mother’s sickness. The Gulsoy family reunited in the area of Cappadocia, according to the official description of the series. The intention is for Ateş, Yaman, and Okan to take over the family company to pay tribute to the heritage left by their grandpa on their father’s side.

It is reasonable to anticipate that the narrative of the series will revolve around Yaman and Feraye if there is a second season. In addition to this, we will also determine how they manage to keep their relationship together. And what the difficulties are that they encounter in their daily lives. As of this moment, the official has not issued any remark on the problem. And we do not have any official plan to talk at this opportunity. If, on the other hand, there is any new information on the situation. We will make sure to keep you informed.

Safir Season 2 Official Trailer

However, the official trailer for the forthcoming season has not yet been made available to the public. I am aware that there are a great number of individuals. Who are eagerly anticipating the second season of the series; nevertheless. We are unable to make any statements until we get confirmation from the official website. Till then, stream season 1 here.

Watch the show on DailyMotion

Safir is officially available to stream on Daily Motion. The popular family drama series has made its debut on the streaming service and if you have not watched a single episode of the show. You can head to the platform and find out more about that. One needs to always subscribe to the streaming service to watch the series.

Ratings of the show

When it comes to TV shows like Safir, people need to analyze the show by going through the online rating.  In this section of the article, we will explore the online rating that the audience and critics have given to the show. 

4.9/10 IMDb



Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we don’t have any official update regarding season 2 of this family drama. You guys can expect the future of the series to be out in late 2024.