Revolutionary Male Sex Toy Taking Pleasure to the Next Level

What makes sex toys marketable to the general public is that pleasure and orgasm are just within the grasp of your hands. Sex, on the other hand, is not always available for everyone. Thus, the adult toy industry kept mobilizing its production to accommodate the changing needs of men and women. 

As this industry kept developing a new mechanism to enhance stimulation, Tracy’s Dog recently released a new product called Turboo. Tracy’s Dog Turboo introduces an exclusive new feature that provides an extra level of pleasure for men. It is already making waves of reactions from among its consumers. What is the reason behind all this? Let’s find out.

Turboo’s Revolutionary Features

The best way to separate a product from its competitors is the unique feature it offers. There are many levels or criteria where a male masturbator like Turboo can differ from other similar products. it includes the material, the mechanism, the comfort, the accessibility, the safety, etc. Therefore, Tracy’s Dog exclusively develops a feature that is only found in Turboo.

Centrifugal Ejaculation Enhancement Technology (CFEET)

Tracy’s Dog proprietary feature known as Centrifugal Ejaculation Enhancement Technology (CFEET) is solely innovated for Turboo. As the newest male masturbator, Turboo is equipped to produce an ultra-high rotation speed resulting in a centrifugal force. CFEET mechanism ensures a whole new level of orgasm through enhanced genitalia stimulation.

Three Dynamic Vibration Modes

Another thing that is unique about Turboo is its dynamic vibration modes. It covers three different modes where the vibration speed drastically changes depending on your grip position. In other words, it has a grip-based control. Credits to the CFEET for making this possible.

Three Powerful Vibration Frequencies

The range of frequency Turboo can produce is from 0 up to 13000 rounds per minute. Meaning, as frequency increases gradually, the level and intensity of stimulation rises as well. Just imagine how beneficial this can be in attaining a powerful orgasm.

USB Charging and Longevity

Running out of time during your session won’t become a problem because Turboo can last up to 60 minutes for every full charge. One whole hour of continuous pleasure is a huge plus for you.

Ipx7 Rating- 100% Waterproof

Are you worried about your device submerging in water? Worry no more. Turboo has an Ipx7 rating which gives it a 30-minute window underwater at a depth of 1 meter.

Body-Safe Abs Plastic and Odorless Medical-Grade Silicone

If you’re looking for safetiness among masturbators, Turboo is made up of a medical-grade silicone-based material. It means that it’s biocompatible and safe for use. FDA approved.

High-Quality Stretchable Silicone

Does size matter? As far as Turboo is concerned, not! Turboo is infused with a high-quality stretchable silicone that caters to all penile sizes.

What Do Consumers Say About Turboo?

The most compelling feedback from satisfied customers adds value to every product subject to such reviews. Hence, it boosts sales and persuades people to try the item themselves. Here are some feedbacks from consumers who had turboo and took their pleasure experience to the next level.

Tracy’s Dog Turboo Customer Reviews

“Oh my, unbelievable

This is the best masturbator I have ever owned. It has a great rocket shape, it’s easy to hold and use and feels utterly fantastic.Its really easy to clean as you can open it up and rinse easily and then let it air by placing it on its stand.If you want something that looks real, then this isn’t the toy for you. It has a really slick design. Really great toy to have with a quick and easy cleanup.” 


Great toy with three modes setting,it brought me ecstasy in no time at all.Full sense of science and technology. I was lucky to get this baby well worth the money. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Fabulous cup Fabulous CUP!

Out of the packaging, I like the rocket shape, a techy looking bit of kit. Well, I received it this morning and i’ve already used it twice, it’s been incredible, the many soft silicone inner brush is a great tease on the shaft! And it’s so powerful in hand with 3 vibration modes. While stuck at home I can only imagine how many more times I’ll use this stroker. And it’s a waterproof automatic male masturbator, that’s super! I’ll defo try it out while taking a shower.”

As you can see, these people have taken pleasure to the next level by using Tracy’s Dog Turboo and it has made a significant difference to their needs.

Final Thoughts

What Turboo brings to the table is the added stimulation brought about by CFEET. Many have tried and attested to how it made their orgasm experience a whole lot better. Hence, getting one yourself can be a great help to your sexual needs during your lone time.

Just visit to see for yourself how Turboo looks and decide on the spot on getting your hands on a Tracy’s Dog Turboo.

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