Remodeling Bathroom Designs

With a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling negatively impacts homeowners in terms of irritation, missed deadlines, and excessive expenditures. With the astronomically high bathroom renovation cost, it pays to think creatively and look for better and less expensive options. Here are some low-cost renovation suggestions to freshen up your bathroom.

Paint Your Wooden Floor

You may always replace a bathroom’s wooden floor with something more moisture-resistant, such tile, sheet vinyl, or luxury vinyl planks.

However, you might maintain your wooden floor and paint it with protective enamel to save time, effort, and money. But remember that solid hardwood shouldn’t be your first pick for flooring in your bathroom. But, if your home already has wooden flooring, this is one inexpensive approach to preserve them for as long as possible.

Instead of refinishing it, touch up your tub.

A tub touch-up is the next option after resurfacing the entire tub surface. You can spot-fix a bathtub with nicks, gouges, and flaking paint but don’t want to replace the whole cover.

Install New Hardware to Refresh Cabinets

It may get pricey to buy and install new bathroom cabinets. Remove the outdated hardware from your existing cabinets and replace it with creative new hardware for a far simpler and more cheap method to breathe new life into them.

To simplify the process, check that the new hardware’s screw alignment lines up with the holes in your current cabinets before you buy it. No new holes will need to be drilled as a result.

Replace the Sink Faucet

Adding a new sink faucet is a similar approach that designers and do-it-yourselfers use to make a sink gleam without changing the entire top or vanity.

Sink faucets are simple, quick, and easy to install independently, which is helpful. There is no need to hire a plumber. It’s simple; pick up the sink faucet in the morning and run it before noon.

Install a Toilet

Plumbers are more valuable than gold. Avoid getting a plumber to replace the old toilet if you have the strength to do it. Install your toilet yourself instead.

Very minimal waterline connections are necessary for toilet installation. Moving a toilet into position is the most difficult step in the installation process. Get a cheap hand truck for that purpose, or ask a buddy to help.

Install Your Own Vanity and Top in the Bathroom

Almost all bathroom vanities and tops are pre-assembled. Due to their compact size, bathroom vanities, and vanity tops may often be purchased virtually or completely constructed and installed in a matter of hours.

Vanities are available in stock sizes that range from 24 to 60 inches wide. Sinks that match the countertops can even be bought fused into them, removing the need for caulking and sink installation.

Create Your Bathroom Design

Although bathroom designers are fantastic, they also have the potential to blow your remodeling budget. Think about creating your own bathroom design using a home design software.

A trained designer can add value to big kitchens, expansions, and remodels of the entire property. Yet, bathrooms are often not that difficult in homes.


Image Credit: Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash