Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying Cryptocurrency

Inflation is rising; you may be looking for ways to pay your rent and other bills. You should be careful if you think that cryptocurrency could help you save more money. Since the start of 2021, more than 46,000 people have told the Federal Trade Commission that cryptocurrency scams cost them more than $1 billion. Reports say that the average amount of money lost by a person is $2,600. Biticodes – the best trading bot used by millions of investors. 

Since no central authority is in charge of cryptocurrency, investors are not as safe with it as they are with a traditional bank account. Knowing how to spot a crypto scam is essential because so much money is at stake. 

Unrealistic claims

People often say things that can’t be true in crypto scams. If a website that sells cryptocurrency makes a promise that seems impossible to keep, you should think that the promise is false. Be wary of a deal that makes too many promises but doesn’t have enough money to keep them.

Being hard to find on the most popular trading platforms

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you should first find out if you can buy and sell them on large exchanges like Coinbase or Gemini. If it isn’t, you might want to think twice before putting money into it.

Most cryptocurrencies that aren’t traded on significant exchanges are probably not genuine. Most scammers don’t want to complete all the paperwork needed to join an exchange.

The white paper for the ICO doesn’t have enough information

If the white paper for an initial coin offering (ICO) doesn’t give you enough information, you probably shouldn’t invest in it. A well-written whitepaper should explain the project, the team, and the cryptocurrency clearly and concisely. If important details are missing, the initial coin offering (ICO) is probably not a good place to put your money.

The fact that there is no white paper for an ICO

If an initial coin offering (ICO) doesn’t have a whitepaper, it’s usually a sign that the project wasn’t well thought out, the team isn’t experienced, or it’s a scam. If you want to invest in an ICO, you should get its white paper and read it first. You should leave the group if they can’t give you a reason.

Pumping and dumping are ways to get things done

If an initial coin offering (ICO) looks like pump-and-dump trading, you probably shouldn’t put money into it. Pump-and-dump strategies try to make cryptocurrency more valuable by increasing its price for no reason. This is because the original owners sold when the price went up, which brought in new investors.

A well-known person has given advice that isn’t clear

What a famous person says can sometimes lead people in the wrong direction. In 2017, Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled were paid to promote a fake cryptocurrency company called Centra Tech. But neither Floyd Mayweather nor DJ Khaled told their fans on social media that they were paid to promote Centra Tech.

People don’t care much about the town because it is small

If you want to invest in a cryptocurrency project, you should look at how big, and active the community that supports the project is. If the community doesn’t care about or believe in the project, it might not work. This is especially true if the town is small and hasn’t much going on.

We don’t know much or anything about the company’s founders or the company itself

A project’s website needs to be informed about the people who work on it. It might not be a good idea if there isn’t much information about the project. If a group doesn’t want to talk about itself, it might be trying to hide something from the public. Because of this, you shouldn’t invest in businesses whose founders don’t tell you much about themselves.

People on the team who aren’t organised or don’t know enough

If their team isn’t well-organized or has never done this, they might not know what they’re doing. You’ll want to ensure that the people running the business are good at what they do and have a history of success.


If you know about some of these warning signs, a cryptocurrency scam might not work for you. Before you put money into something, you should always do your research and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Additionally, you can stay updated on this growing industry by visiting sites like