5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fashionable Clothing From Liquidation Stores

In this world where the money is tight, especially during the times of a pandemic, which we are facing now, and the competition being so aggressive, it is extremely important that if you own a business, you have to remain at least two steps ahead. And if you run a retail business, you have to buy products that are suited for your consumers and they also fit in your budget, because you cannot afford to go beyond your budget. And the best place to source your goods during these times would be liquidation stores. Liquidation stores are stores where the goods are sold at a huge discount from a company’s inventory and this is usually done to produce more cash. It is also very important that you purchase the goods at a reasonable cost so that you do not spend more, and will be able to achieve success and profit from your retail business.

So, what are the five reasons why you should buy fashionable clothing from liquidation stores?

There are no middlemen involved in the process.

Liquidation stores as compared to wholesalers, are not middlemen or do not even involve middlemen, they are facilitators who ensure dealings are smooth and hassle-free and make sure that businesses that purchase goods from liquidated stores have a smooth journey. The whole process is secured and well-known retailers, like Amazon, can directly sell their goods. It is a trusted process, and you save money as well because of the absence of middlemen. 

Purchase goods at low prices.

Fashionable clothing that has not been sold and has been stored for too long usually are sold at a cheaper cost. This could mainly be because of the fact that a reason or two keep it from being sold, but mostly they are sold in order to make up for the money that was spent in opening the inventory for the goods that came in recently and a need to clean up the previous stock. Sometimes, products tend to be overstocked and they tend to take up space in the storage that can be used by the newer goods. For example, if summer apparel has filled the shelves of the storage when it is the time for fall and winter apparel to be stocked, the summer apparel will be sold at a much reduced and cheaper price.

The clothing that is purchased is in prime condition.

The quality of the clothing pallets you purchase from liquidation stores like Quicklotz, will be in its best quality, regardless of what you buy from there, it is brand new in condition and the quality will be premium. Also, another thing is that the tags will be still attached to the clothing and the products are always in good shape without the wear and tear of normal use. They are placed in the inventory or storage area to ensure that the products are in good shape and condition, and it is only when the products are overstocked that the new products come in. When there is no place in the inventory for more products to be placed in is when the previous products are sold at a much cheaper price and sold in bulk. Sometimes, there are instances where you may receive a damaged product but the chances are quite low. There is no guarantee that you will not receive a damaged good, but regardless of whether it was an old product, the product still has value to it and was stored quite well. 

Availability of daily auction.

This daily auction happens online, and this is the platform where all the products, basically the excess products which need to be sold are dumped by the retailers onto this platform and the internet auction starts. All these products include brands; all kinds of brands and sales are held almost daily in order to attract more consumers. Online sales are often marketed and potentially interested buyers are often sent emails and various other updates regarding internet auctions and sales through mail. 

Branded items at a much lower and reduced price.

A lot of these products that are available in these liquidation stores are branded goods and usually the goods that you see online, or browse online and find them super expensive and the kind that could burn a hole in your pocket. You get them at a much cheaper cost in liquidation stores, and they are not copies of the product you see on various other online stores. If you check the branded product you liked online and compare the same product on a liquidation store, you will find the price difference quite shocking. You can even buy apparel mystery box from Quicklotz.com and get the best designer products at the cost of pennies. 

The products which do not get sold, and usually are overstocked, are known as liquidation pallets. In layman’s terms, the wholesaler orders for these liquidation pallets online and then chooses the better ones, which is then sold on an online platform or to various other businessmen. Not only that but the fact that shipping costs are reduced and you can choose from a wider variety of products, which you can buy at such a low cost, is a definite bonus. Let us not forget that all of these products, if not most of these products, are branded. Usually, for the same products, you would spend quite a bit of money if you bought them online from various other well-known online shopping platforms because a lot of sellers on these platforms actually purchase their goods from these liquidation stores. You also save a lot of money, and can even keep up with your favorite brands without searching for first copies or spin-offs of the branded products you like. And the products which you would be buying are also maintained and kept in the best conditions and the quality of the products are usually premium quality products. But it goes without saying that you should familiarize yourself with various liquidation stores and see which one suits your needs and you the best.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay