Reasons to Use Desktop Ticker in Your Company

Being a head of the department or a CEO of a huge corporation, you may have come across a situation in which you had to transmit important information to all your colleagues. No doubt that you have a group chat in one of the messengers but this method does not always work. Some employees can easily miss the necessary message, some of them may mute notifications, others may not be online for several days. The impossibility to deliver an express message to a big number of people at the same time is the most frequent communication problem in many companies. To avoid such misunderstandings and ensuing consequences, most organizations implement desktop ticker.

Desktop ticker has become an ideal solution to a great variety of communication problems within one company. Due to its discreet design, high effectiveness, and wide usability, this tool helps to achieve better results in delivering the latest news to everyone in the working space.

Desktop Ticker in a Few Words

The desktop ticker is one of the most beneficial advances of communication technologies. In a nutshell, it is a window with text that slowly scrolls on the bottom of the computer screen. The text may be of different sizes, be placed at any part of the screen, and contain as much information as possible. Moreover, various links can be also added if your employees need to become aware of some facts online. Desktop ticker tape turns out to be an incredibly useful instrument to perform more efficient working management. The employees can just look at the bottom line and get acquainted with the information without interrupting their working process.

Practical Reasons to Enjoy Desktop Ticker

No matter what the size of your organization is and how many people work there, making a good profit and stable high-quality service are impossible without excellent management. It means that you have to eliminate any kind of time-wasting in the working process and dedicate it to more crucial things. Desktop ticker tape has gained its extreme popularity due to several reasons:

  • The content of news can be demonstrated according to definite parameters. You may include more or less information, add titles, and links.
  • The tape moves at the bottom of the screen and thus attracts the attention of the workers.
  • The employees can look through the message quickly and understand what they need to do next.
  • The message can be scheduled and sent exactly when the necessary time comes.
  • You may include those people who need to know the information or send the message only to one or several people.
  • It can be implemented as delivery of the latest innovations of your company within the desired department or the whole company.
  • Usually, desktop ticker tape serves as a helpful notification about the planned meetings, team-buildings, and other events inside the organization.
  • It may also announce corporate training and courses that aim at raising the qualification of your employees.

It is obvious that the field of application amazes with its flexibility and profitability. Every manager is able to adjust the desktop ticker tape to meet the needs of their very team.

Desktop Ticker

Key Takeaways

Desktop ticker tape is an affordable tool that possesses a lot of advantages. Its utilization results in saving time, a guaranteed readership of every message, and user-friendliness. Both sides taking part in written communication can transform the tape as they wish. Its size, color, location, and other characteristics can be changed according to your preferences. The availability of the schedule function allows sending important messages even if you are not at work or the internet connection is absent. On the whole, you may see that the benefits will definitely outweigh the costs.

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