Ready for Take-off: Reach Your Destination in Style With Trendy Eyewear

Is there anything more exciting than getting ready for a holiday? Whether it’s packing swimsuits to make a splash or beach footwear to walk through the sand, there’s a *lot* to think about when it comes to summer getaways. There could be several reasons to give yourself a break – maybe an escape from the routine, something new to explore, or to find true meaning in your life. 

Whatever your destination, there’s an essential accessory that we often miss out on. It’s super important to guard your eyes against UV rays from the sun – and eyewear is the most stylish solution. Think of it as SPF for your eyes!

Your travel backpack 

From icy Alps to lush tropical destinations, there is a lot more than sun and seas that you would have your eye on. 

Pro tip – This time let’s pledge not to stuff or overpack and actually enjoy the travel rather than dragging your baggage around. Once you’ve taken care of the essentials, it’s time to pack for the practical aspects of your trip, like sunscreen, beach towels and sunglasses

Remember the three-finger rule while applying your sunscreen, and do not forget to re-apply. And for your eyes, pack high quality eyewear that will help you take in the sights comfortably. 

A style for every destination 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can always go for high quality glasses and sunglasses from online brands. Specscart is one such eyewear brand which ships globally with Free Delivery. It’s a well awarded Manchester-based company that uses high grade acetate and titanium to make its frames. With complimentary protective coatings like anti-UV on all the frames, it’s a pocket-friendly solution for all travellers.  

How are UV400 and Polarised sunglasses different? 

While UV400 sunglasses protect against the UV rays from the sun, polarised sunglasses help in blocking harsh reflections. These sunnies are able to block the horizontal rays that cause glare right on our lens and help in providing the best experience during snow adventures or boating. 

Did you know that snow and water are some of the most reflective surfaces on earth? So the next time you plan for a vacation to the snow-packed mountains or a water body, make sure to get yourself a set of polarised sunglasses. 

Glasses with benefits 

Once you have made sure that the glasses or sunglasses are high quality and have anti-UV protection, it’s time to choose the style. Here are a few suggestions that you would consider on your next travel as either eyeglasses or sunglasses:

Sports frames – They are made of materials that are highly durable and strong such as TR90, making them ideal for activities like trekking and kayaking. Offering better eye coverage as well, you are able to take the sights without any worrying. 

Oversized frames – Our best suggestion for trying out oversized glasses and sunglasses is none other than sun and beaches. Laying on a beach chair and sipping on Piña Colada while the ocean breeze brushes off your face and glasses protect you from UV rays and unwanted glare. 

Cat-eye frames – This feline style is never out of trend. Its upsweep makes it the best glamorous pick you can go for every outing. Packed with protective coatings, it can accompany you for every adventure – all day, every day. 

Aviator frames – Perfect for road trips! Ever since Top Gun: Maverick released, aviator frames have become even more popular. We sure know that aviator sunglasses are your guilty pleasure. An experience right beneath the sky, you could put them in your backpack and make them your best travel pal.

Super fast eyewear accessories 

By now we know that it is critical to safeguard your eyes from the UV rays, and the easiest, most stylish solution is switching to sunglasses or glasses. But how will you get your hands on these super protective frames? 

If you have planned on a last-minute vacation and your eyewear needs have to be met in the shortest time, then Specscart is the perfect destination. They glaze all their frames in-house at their lab in Manchester, offering free 24 hr dispatch within the UK, and one of the fastest delivery times globally. 

Cheers to your next trip! 

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