Ranking Every Super Bowl Win Of The Last 10 Years

The past 10 years has been an unreal experience for us Super Bowl fans! There have been fouls, underdog risings, and jaw-dropping touchdowns! So much has happened that we need to celebrate every game!

Looking back at this last decade of fantastic sport can help you figure out who might win this year too! Use these ratings and Fanduel’s Super Bowl picks to sharpen your bets!

1. New England Patriots win 34-28 against Atlanta Falcons

If this game didn’t come into your head, then what were you thinking! This phenomenal Super Bowl was the clear choice for best game in the last decade. It had shock, it had disbelief, it had panic and it had sadness!

Atlanta took an early lead that made it seem like they would win, but after half time the players choked! It was the biggest shock in the game’s history! The Patriots saw their opening and clawed back the points jumping from 3 – 28 to 34 – 28!

Losing after a 25 point lead is almost unheard of, but this match made every emotion come to life!

2. Denver Broncos win 24-10 against Carolina Panthers

With a final score of 24 – 10, you might be wondering why this game has earned 2nd place. 

Amazing game play isn’t always in the scoring. Bronco’s defence team created the most awe-inspiring strategy of offence flipped to defence for a game of a lifetime.

After spending years struggling against other teams’ defensive tactics, something flipped in the group. They blocked the Panthers at every turn. The game was close until the last quarter when the Denver Bronco scored a winning touchdown with only 3 minutes left on the clock!

3. Kansas City Chiefs win 31-20 against San Francisco 49ers

This game had some controversy. Looking at the numbers, San Francisco should have won this match without too much difficulty because they had dominated 75% of the game. 

When the 49ers created a 20 – 10 lead, Coach Kyle Shanahan let his guard down. The game was theirs, or so they thought, and there was no need to stretch their players too far. 

9 minutes into the game, and the Chiefs only had 10 points, but if anyone was noticing a trend in their play, it should have been clear that they were waiting for their time. The Chiefs embarrassed their opponents all season by hitting the game hard when the enemy thought they were winning!

The loss came at a shock for San Francisco and taught us all a valuable lesson!

4. New England Patriots win 28-24 against Seattle Seahawks

This classic game could have been a TV moment. The back and forth style kept us on our toes, unsure of how the game would finish!

By the second half, Seattle had taken the lead, and they kept that energy through the 3rd quarter. As the last quarter started, New England had created a new wave of determination. Down by 4, Russell Wilson connected the ball with Jermaine Kearse just as he crossed the red zone. The catch was phenomenal and will be remembered as one of the most unbelievable and unpredictable catches in history!

5. Baltimore Ravens win 34-31 against San Francisco 49ers

Lots of fans overlook this game because of the power outage that tarnished the 2nd half. There was a 34-minute break as the players and fans waited for the power to return. It was enough for many people to switch off and lose interest, but if we ignore the pause and watch the game as a whole, there was a dramatic play by the Ravens that should be appreciated. 

6. Philadelphia Eagles win 41-33 against New England Patriots

This Super Bowl game was one like no other. Defense was almost wholly ignored as both teams put all their energy into their attack.

The game was insane and led to the first quarterback catching a touchdown pass in Super Bowl history!

7. Green Bay Packers win 31-25 against Pittsburgh Steelers

It would be nice to say that every Super Bowl is a show stopper, but sometimes we end up watching something boring. Unfortunately, this game was just like that. The game was good, the players played well, but there wasn’t any joy in the game. Without that element of fun and soul, we just watched a bunch of men run up and down a field. 

8. New York Giants win 21-17 against New England Patriots

There is one stand-out moment in this Super Bowl game, and that was when Mario Manningham made a sideline catch in the 4th quarter. The catch was a surprise to everyone!

9. Seattle Seahawks win 43-8 against Denver Broncos

This game can only be described as a blowout! Although Peyton Manning was at the top of his game, the Seahawks pushed him over as if it was nothing. 

10. New England Patriots win 13-3 against Los Angeles Rams

This game might be remembered not because of great gameplay or surprising encounters but because it was arguably the worst in Super Bowl history. The Rams didn’t deserve the 3 points they won.

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