Quick Charge Pro Reviews: What you MUST Know about the QuickCharge 3.0 Fast Charger

Quick Charge Pro Review

A good charger is something we are sure you want because defective ones can cause you so much trouble, waste your time, annoy you, and frustrate your day-to-day activities when you need your devices to charge at any given moment. If you’ve experienced the consequences of a faulty charger before, then you’ll understand why we say that the frustration is so overwhelming, it’s a clear indication that you need a change!

If so, are you looking for an easier, faster, and longer-lasting way to charge your mobile phone? Do you feel annoyed by the constant use of defective charging cables and chargers and you are tired of being frustrated when using them? Would you like a change to something more advanced and safer? If you’re part of the classes mentioned, then this review might be interesting to you because it addresses your dissatisfaction.

From our experience, one thing you’ll run into when using defective chargers is slow charging. You’ll need to wait forever before your phone gets to 100%. Is there anything more annoying like that? And this can be stressful for you and cause you a lot of waiting time.

And the worst thing of all is having your smartphone fully charged for hours and then seeing its battery drain down within minutes. It’s crazy!

We often blame our gadgets for such defaults, but it turns out that they’re usually the fault of defective chargers.

So, is there a better charger out there?

Before we answer that question, let us first ask you one thing: Do you know that you could charge your mobile devices, two times faster and get your mobile phones, up to a hundred percent in a matter of minutes?

If you think it is possible, then you should also know that it is not possible to achieve that without a supercharger.

And one of the fastest chargers or superchargers available today is the Quick Charge Pro.

The QuickCharge Pro is an efficient charger that provides you with an excellent and effective charging experience. The Quick Charge Pro charges your smartphone twice as fast and powers it up to 100 percent in some minutes. Also, the energy transferred by the QuickCharge Pro can help extend the life of your battery so that your phone doesn’t die so soon.

This Quick ChargePro provides your mobile devices with 18 Watts of power, which allows your phone charger to charge at sonic speeds.

In this Quick Charge Pro review, we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the Quick Charge Pro Fast charger. We’re going to look at the features of the QuickCharge Pro Fast Chargers, whether they actually work, how they function, what are their pros and cons, and lots more so that you can make an informed decision.

If you’re ready for a faster charging experience, stick with us, as we test out the Quick Charge Pro Fast Charger. This is the ultimate of the QuickCharge Pro reviews.

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Quick Charge Pro Reviews: What Is QuickCharge Pro? 

The Quick Charge Pro is a new charger that charges your phone and all devices four times faster than a normal charger. Yes, we don’t mean “twice as fast” when we say “4x faster”. After saying quick charge, why would they add an extra ‘pro’? For the first time in a long while, we have seen a pro device that did perform as a “PRO” other than the main device.

One of the most amazing things about the Quick Charge PRO is the fact that it has four charging ports and delivers an equal amount of power through each port.

Don’t understand why it matters? Let us explain. You’ve probably experienced using a charger with multiple ports before, but did you notice that charging speed varies depending on which port you plug into and the number of devices plugged in? If you’ve already experienced it, then you know what we are talking. Well, if you haven’t noticed, just know it happens. At least, for the random chargers in the market.

The Quick Charge Pro differs from the other “Quick Chargers”. It allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously without having to fight over charging ports as it delivers the same maximum output to each device plugged in. Awesome right? It’s a big deal for us because we’ve been using these ‘fast chargers’ for years now, but they’re still pretty bad. We’ll tell you about some other highlights later, just keep reading!

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How Does Quick Charge Pro Work? (Quick Charge Pro Reviews)

Quick Charge Pro Review

The Quick Charge Pro uses a new QC 3. 0 technology, allowing for faster-charging speeds than previous models. This increases the rate at which current flows through charging ports. It has an integrated circuit (IC) chip and power surge protection, details of which follows after. This allows the QuickCharge Pro to maintain fast charging speeds without sacrificing efficency or damaging the device.

With this technology, you can charge your phone from 0% to 80% in just 35 minutes. Yes, you can be surprised, we too were amazed by this feat. Another thing worth mentioning before we move on to the next section is that the Quick Charge 3.0 doesn’t stop charging once the battery reaches 80 percent, but keeps going until the battery is fully charged.

If you’re really into technology and gadgetry, you’ll know that many fast chargers only charge at full speed for a short time, usually 80%, before slowing down again.

While the quick charge pro follows this trend we talked about,how long it takes for the battery to reach 80% capacity, its’ fast charging doesn’t stop at that point; it’s design adjust the speed to a safer and fast mode till it reaches 100% capacity (the battery limit). So, we have learned that the fast charging continues even after reaching the golden 80% mark; hence, we can approximately estimate that it takes between 50 and 60 minutes to reach a full charge.

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Quick Charge Pro Review

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Specifications Of The Quick Charge Pro

  • Amount per unit: One charger per unit
  • Dimensions: 7 cm by 5 cm by 3 cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Technology: QC 3.0

Features Of The QuickCharge Pro (Quick Charge Pro Reviews)

They include:

  • Four Charging Ports
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • Design
  • A smart integrated circuit (IC)
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Fireproof
  • USB Port Compatibility

The Design

The Quick Charge Pro looks like a block. One face of the charger has two pins that go into the wall socket, while the other has the four USB connectors.

The USB ports are by far the only thing on the body of the power bank, as the rest of its surface is smooth and free from any other regular components. It doesn’t have any physical controls, no cables, and no light indicators. It is just smooth everywhere, except for where the plugs and USB ports are located.

Four (4) USB Charging Ports

When plugged into a wall outlet, the part that faces the user features four USB ports arranged vertically, each spaced equally apart from the next.

It does not come with a USB cable, so you’ll have to buy one or use the USB cable of the device.

Quick Charge 3.0

It’s brand-new technology and the brain box behind the functionality of the quick charge pro. The Quick Charge 3 includes a power out above 18 watts and efficient output.

There are two main factors that affect the flow of electricity. Current is measured in amps (A) and volts (V). Amps measure the rate at which electrons move through a conductor, whereas volts measure the potential difference between two points. The Quick Charge 3 has an output of 3/3.1A and a voltage of 5/6V, which means its minimum power output is 18 Watts (18 W). We mean minimum because it can adjust to higher power output depending on the device plugged in using another feature which we will discuss next.

In addition, the four (4) USB ports are the new-gen which is the latest and the fastest, so that amount of current emitted by the charger is delivered without being altered. All these make up the QC 3.0 technology.

Quick Charge Pro Review

A smart integrated circuit (IC)

Another feature we mentioned we would discuss. Before we discuss this feature related to the Quick Charge Pro charger, let us first explain what an integrated circuit is (IC). A microchip, or an integrated circuit (IC), is a small chip containing transistors and resistors. It is incredibly tiny and is used for an assortment of purposes, including as a current amplifier or oscillator, or simply to store information.

For the Quick Charge Pro, its integrated circuit is an oscillating device because it alternates the current flowing through it and it turns out that the integrated circuit of the quick charge is actually quite smart. You know what it means for something to be smart, right? Think about a smartwatch. It’s a way of doing things that’s more advanced than usual.

It changes the current flow depending on which device is plugged into it. Also, has a memory of these devices. If a device has a maximum power rating of 10 watts, the IC will adjust the current drawn from the QC3.0 so that it draws less than the 15-watt limit. To prevent the device from stretching beyond its limits. That is what the Smart Integrated Circuit (SIC) of the Quick Charge Pro does.

Power Surge Protection

It’s designed to work together with the smart integrated circuits of the Quick Charge 3.0 to ensure safety for connected devices. It detects when there’s a high-voltage or current flow, which may be harmful to the device, and shuts off the power supply.

It will protect the charger from overheating if it is connected to an outlet that experiences a power surge.


We were impressed when we found out about this feature because it shows that the manufacturers of the charger are really concerned about safety. Why wouldn’t they anyways? When the four charging port outputs were made to emit the exact same amount of current? It was only best that they ensured maximum safety.

Graphite and hard carbon make up the material used for the Quick Charge Pro’s casing. They make it fireproof. So even if the power surge protector fails, the charger won’t catch fire and hence won’t cause any damage.

USB port

The four USB ports are USB 3 ports. It’s the latest generation of USB technology and the most compatible with faster charging than previous generations.

Quick Charge Pro Review

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After discussing the features, let’s move onto the benefits. We’ve outlined these points even if they’re obvious to you because we want to make sure you understand them thoroughly. That’s why this is an extensive Quick Charge Pro review, keep reading..

Pros And Cons Of Quickcharge Pro (Quick Charge Pro Reviews)

Pros Of The Quick Charge Pro 

They include:

  • Portable
  • Simple to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Economical
  • Time saver
  • A smart integrated circuit (IC)
  • Surge protection
  • Safe
  • Compatibility
  • Durable
  • Equal Voltage through ports
  • Old Technology friendly
  • Noiseless


A fast charger, smaller than a smartphone, weighs just 8 grams (or 0.28 ounces), so it’s easy to carry around. This charger can be used anywhere and anytime. This charger fits easily in the palm so you don’t have to worry about running out of power when you switch locations. You can either hold them in your hands or carry them in your bag or pockets.

Easy to Use

You won’t really need the Quick Charge Pro’s user’s manual because you’d likely never use it. Just plug it in, turn on your socket, and connect your devices. That’s all.

Aesthetically pleasing

It is indeed a thing. The four USB ports enable you to connect various devices simultaneously, rather than having multiple chargers for each device. It helps save space and makes for a neater appearance in rooms.

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Why pay for multiple chargers when one charger can serve the needs of several devices at once? With the Quick Charge Pro, we don’t need to buy multiple chargers for our various gadgets because they come with four USB ports. You just need some USB cables which most devices already come equipped with them.

And the price of a Quick Charge Pro charger is still far less than the price of three chargers, not to mention four.

Time Saving

Time is definitely one of the most important things we save by using the Quick Charge Pro. Money is time remember and time is money.

The Quick Charge Pro can charge your smartphone four times faster than a normal charger. It charges your phone up to 80% in 35 minutes. It will have a lot of eventual benefits too.

You no longer need to use your phone while recharging; you can simply wait for it to finish before using it again. Also, you don’t need to wait for long to charge your phone before leaving a place, nor will you need to carry a power bank wherever you go. Finally, if you want to save more time, you can charge multiple devices at once and not wait for hours before they’re fully charged.

With all the time you save, productivity is going to go up significantly and if you use your phone for work or other demanding tasks, you’re sure to stay connected at any given moment, 24/7.

Smart Integrated Circuit

We’ve already explained this feature and its functions in detail above; this section is dedicated to explaining why it’s useful. This setting controls how much current flows into each device. If the device doesn’t support Quick Charge 3.0 technology, then it decreases the charge rate; otherwise, it increases the charge rate. It protects the device from excessive currents or voltages that lead to damage.

Power Surge Protection

Another feature that protects your phone from a power surge. It stops power from flowing through the circuit, so it keeps the device safe.


The Quick Charge Pro takes safety into consideration. It has a built-in fire-resistant feature so that if something happens to the other protective features, the device will not be damaged by fire. In addition, It doesn’t contain any small pieces or harmful substances that could cause health problems.


Any device can be charged using the Quick Charge Pro. It is not specific to any particular device. It works equally well for both Android and iOS devices. You just need a USB cable. It has USB-3 ports which are faster than the old USB types.


The Quick Charge Pro has been constructed using granite and hard carbon materials which makes it extremely durable. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about it wearing out. In addition, all the built-in technologies that protect it, prevent damage.

Equal Voltage on all ports

Quick Charge Pro Review

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It’s a very important benefit because it usually causes drawbacks for other chargers. They’ll say they’re fast charging, but the voltage will be split between the two ports, so one port will give off more power than the other.

The Quick Charge Pro doesn’t share the voltage among its ports; instead, it provides the same charge through all four ports. There is no room in this fast charger for, “Plug in this one, it’s faster.” With this feature, you can be sure that all your devices will charge at equal speeds when using this charger.

Cons Of The Quick Charge Pro 

They include:

  • Only available online
  • Limited Stock

Only Available Online

Oh no, unfortunately, you cannot buy the Quick Charge Pro from a store. It is not available at physical retail stores. It can be purchased online and there is more, it is only sold by the manufacturer.

It is certainly a drawback, particularly for people who like to touch and feel products prior to purchasing them. Well, we hope this review covers up for that. 

Limited Stock

We’re sorry to tell you, but there isn’t any room for saving when it comes to the Quick Charge Pro fast charger because there is a high demand, which means you may end up being one of the victims of ‘out of stock’ message. That’s if you delay though, you can make your order now, if you intend to own one, in order to avoid this.

Now that you know everything there is to know about this product, let’s talk about its price. Don’t be worried, because there is a good reason for saying this is the ultimate Quick Charge Pro review. We got you covered.

Quick Charge Pro Review

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How Much Does The Quick Charge Pro Cost?

Quick Charge Pro Pricing

1 unit of QuickChargePro costs $32

3 units of Quick Charge Pro at $25 each for a total of $75

5 units of QuickChargePro: $19 each for a total cost of $95.

Get a secured purchase directly from the manufacturer’s site at a massive 50% discount via the links in this review. Also, your 30-day money back guarantee is secured. You can return if not satisfied with the product. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (QuickCharge Pro Reviews)

This is dedicated to those do not have time to run through the entire article and just want to get their questions answered; you matter, and we care about you too.

Which devices does the Quick Charge PRO work with?

You can use it with or charge any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. You just need a USB cable.

Is the Quick Charge Pro safe?

Yes, it is safe. There are so many safety features built into these chargers that they’re almost impossible to damage. Just to mention, the fireproof materials, smart integrated circuits, power surge protection, etc.

What’s the power output (watts) of the Quick Charge Pro?

At default, the Quick Charge Pro provides a minimum of 18 watts of power, which can be adjusted depending upon the device. It can output as high as 33 watts or less depending on the device plugged in.

What’s the best place to buy the Quick Charge Pro charger?

You can buy it online, from the manufacturers’ website. You should buy from them because they’re reputable and you can be sure of a 30-day money-back guarantee if satisfied with the QuickCharge Pro. It is not available at physical retail stores.

Should I Buy The QuickCharge Pro?

A good question. We think this is a good answer. You should buy one because you already own a smartphone. If you’ve ever needed to use your smartphone when it was running low on power, then you would know why this feature matters. Don’t let your phone run out of battery. Neither should you be stuck somewhere for hours because you’re waiting for your phone battery charge to fill up. Life is already complicated enough; adding something as simple as a fast charger can make it easier.

QuickCharge Pro Fast Charger Reviews Consumer Reports:

Drake C.– Sundance, WY

If you need a fast charger that charges your devices faster than you can believe it, then you need to buy this device. The QUICKCHARGE PRO is so much faster than my old chargers, even the so-called fast ones, it’s not even funny. Why can’t the companies that make phones or tablets give you a great charger like this one??

Morgan T.— Davenport, IA

I so love that it can charge four devices at once. I’m always pacing from my phone to my tablet, and I need them both to be fully charged or at least at 80% whenever I need them. The QUICK CHARGE PRO makes it so easy to keep my devices fully charged. It’s more than twice as fast as a standard charger, and you can feel it.

Louise T.– Jefferson City, MO

If you’re impatient like me, you’ll love the QUICK CHARGE PRO charger. They say it can charge your phone up to 4x as fast, and it’s true! Even when you have two devices plugged into it, like your phone and your tablet, it still charges 4x as fast. I can’t believe that everybody doesn’t own a fast charger like the QUICK CHARGE PRO. It is that much better. 

Final Remarks on the Quick Charge Pro (Quick Charge Pro Reviews)

So, what are our thoughts on the QuickCharge Pro?

The Quick Charge Pro has a lot of promise, even though it has some setbacks as well. But, if we weigh them on a scale, we will agree that the benefits outweigh the cons. It will solve a number of problems than create new ones, so, we don’t think it’s a bad idea to own one.

It’s an efficient charger for charging your mobile devices faster than ever before. It is well equipped to ensure that your mobile gadgets charge safer and faster. Also, it is not pricey comparing its functions and other fast chargers. It has received a lot of good reviews and gained a lot of popularity because of its effectiveness. Get the QuickCharge PRO Charger today and experience what a perfect charging experience looks like. Order now and enjoy the difference.


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