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Know How Prostadine Reduces Nocturia Symptoms

The Prostrate is a small, spongy organ about the size of a walnut weighing around one ounce or thirty grams. The gland is located in the pelvis between the bladder and the penis. The gland has multifaceted functions; the key is the generation of seminal fluid, a constituent of semen. Prostate secrets some hormones and regulates urine flow. Prone issues are more common in aged males and can be enlarged, inflamed, or prostate cancer. Symptoms include difficulty urinating, impaired bladder control, and interrupted urine flow. The Urethra, the tube that transmits semen and urine from the body, traverses through the prostate. Thus, an inflamed or enlarged prostate can affect urination.

Rejuvenate and restore prostate functions.

Prostadine is an organic dietary supplement formulated to improve prostate health and bladder regulation and is effective for people who tend to urinate many times a day. The product comes in fluid form to enhance the bioavailability of ingredients and is clinically proven to rejuvenate and restore prostate functions. The nine potent constituents of Prostadine role harmoniously to improve prostate and urinary tract functions. Some of the critical ingredients of Prostadine are neem, Nori Yaki extract, kelp powder, pomegranate extract, Wakame extract, Shilajit, and other herbs. A bottle of Prostadine contains 60ml, and the suggested dosage is two drops under the tongue or inserted into a hot or frosty beverage of your preference.

Gluten and soy free

The product is gluten-free, soy-free, non –GMO and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities under GMP guidelines. Prostadine does not contain any soybean or its byproducts, which may improve certain hormone levels, the risk of potential cancer is reduced, and the bioavailability of minerals improves, stress decreases, and helps the digestive system to function correctly. Soy is considered one of the top dietary allergens causing specific ailments. The gluten-free product can improve your energy level, reduce body weight, eliminate bloating, improve bone density, and ease joint pains. The product also increases testosterone production and improves sleep patterns and prostate health.

Prostadine improves testosterone levels

The potent antibacterial and antioxidant property of Prostadine improves prostate function in male and repair damage caused by toxic hard water. Water containing a high concentration of magnesium and calcium ions is called hard water; epidemiological research has established an association between potential cardiovascular ailment, reproductive issues, growth retardation, and other medical issues and hard water drinking. Prolonged drinking of hard water can cause kidney dysfunction and problems in the prostate gland. As the product comes with powerful antioxidant properties, it freezes urinary tract infections. Prostadine increases oxygen and nutrient content in the bloodstream and replenishes the prostate and other organs. With age, testosterone level plunges Prostadine improves the hormone level; the typical spectrum of testosterone is 40-558 ng/dl (20-24 period) and 350-473 ng/dl (40-44 Age).

Pomegranate extract

The ingredients chosen for Prostadine have various therapeutic properties. Pomegranate juice or extract can inhibit prostate cancer growth, but clinical evidence is required to establish the fact. TakingTaking pomegranate juice or extract can restrain the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) rate at which it grows, implying the cancerous growth is tied to a degree. It can also improve urinary flow to people suffering from prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and decrease inflammation. The antioxidant property of pomegranate eliminates free radicals produced by oxidative stress, a process triggered by the disproportion between the production and buildup of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in tissues and cells and the physiological procedure to detoxify the substances. This detoxification process protects the cell membranes of the organs.

Nori Yaki

Nori Yaki, algae and seaweed, is an excellent source of iodine essential for thyroid functioning. The broad spectrum of nutrients found in Nori Yaki resembles the nutrients found in human blood. As the chemical composition of these algae is very similar to human blood plasma, they are superb for blood purification. Moreover, this seaweed contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids crucial in metabolism and blood circulation. The high fiber content of Nori Yaki prevents constipation, which could put additional pressure on the bladder, causing abdominal pain. One hundred grams of fresh uncooked Nori Yaki contains nearly 5,202IU or 1734% of the daily recommended vitamin A levels, an essential nutrient for healthy mucosa, skin, and night vision.


It is a seaweed found in the western Baltic Sea, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the coastal Northern Sea. This seaweed has been used in traditional medicine for ages to treat various ailments such as obesity, wrinkles and furrows, joint pain, and urinary tract infections. Other nutrients in Bladderwrack are potassium, boron, and calcium, which decrease urination frequency and nocturia. Due to high fluid retention, bladder obstruction, and sleep disorders, a person needs to wake up many times from sleep to urinate. This condition is known as nocturia. The high fiber content, alginic acid, and fucoidans promote general and gut health.


It is a blackish-brown powder derived from high-altitude rocks in the Himalayas, Playas, and Afghanistan. It has many nutrients, but an antioxidant named glutathione makes it extraordinary. Another compound in Shilajit is humic acid, which may fortify immunity and reduce blood fat. The anti-inflammatory property may reduce inflammation that damages cells and bacterial infection caused by foreign toxins. Testosterone stimulates prostate cell growth. It may produce more luteinizing hormone (LH), increasing testosterone levels and improving semen density and testicular functions. A lower testosterone level or a steep plunging rate over time can be a leading cause of prostate cancer and the development of BPH. Shilajit maintains an average level of testosterone.

Complete Organic

Prostadine is an entirely organic product sourced from secure locations to preserve its potency and purity, ranked the best prostate supplement in 2023 on As soy is gluten-free and non-GMO, it does not contain any dietary allergens that could cause any side effects. Each bottle of Prostadine contains 60ml, or 2 oz fluid, that would last for a month if you take 2ml daily. Per the creator, 1 60,000 men have used the product and asserted it improved their overall and prostrate health and reduced nocturia symptoms. As the frequency of urination decreases considerably, men who consume Prostadine can sleep serenely and start socializing. One bottle of Prostadine costs $69, three units $59 each, six bottles $49 each with no shipping charge, and for two latter categories, you receive two complimentary e-books.

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