Progenifix Reviews – Supplement That Works or Fake Ingredients with Side Effects?

Progenifix is an everyday dietary supplement claiming to accelerate fat loss. The formulator, Tom Goodman, discovered the recipe accidentally while on a work-related tour in the Amazon. The supplement contains nine different mushroom varieties to torch fat from the root.

Is Progenifix worth the price? Who can use it? Is it available globally? Continue reading this review to learn more about Progenifix’s weight loss solution.

What is Progenifix?

Progenifix is advertised as a blend of natural nutrients and is scientifically proven to support weight loss. The maker describes it as an easy 10-second ritual ideal for anyone looking to shed extra fat mass. All the ingredients in the supplement are scientifically proven and have been used for thousands of years.

Two Progenifix pills daily stimulate a series of biochemical reactions that torch even the stubborn weight. Users may notice significant fat loss without undergoing rigorous workouts or extreme dieting.

Customers can buy Progenifix exclusively from the official website. The supplement works for males and females regardless of their weight or health. Progenifix maker Tom claims that the supplement has undergone clinical trials, although the results are yet to be published. However, he reports that out of 1000+ participants, about 97% lost over 48 lbs. of stubborn fat within three months.

How Does Progenifix Support Fat Loss?

Progenifix consists of a combination of natural and science-backed nutrients to maximize weight loss. However, the creator claims that users may experience other secondary benefits, including better energy levels, healthy aging, longevity, and overall health.

How does it work? Progenifix promises to stimulate weight loss and aid users in achieving their fitness goals quickly. It works by unblocking some factors that inhibit weight loss. These include:

Slow Body Metabolism – Excess white fat mass hinders optimal basal metabolic rates. Most overweight individuals experience low energy levels and chronic fatigue. Experts claim that slow fat oxidation lowers energy levels and inhibits weight loss. The nine Progenifix ingredients release the metabolic brakes helping the users shed more weight even at rest.

Block Fat Storage – Progenifix has nutrients that hinder fat storage after meals. Instead, it forces the body to oxidize the excess glucose and stored fat. Also, it suppresses the appetite forcing the users to eat less and metabolize the fat reserve for energy.

Progenifix is designed to help aging folks stop fat accumulation and maintain lean figures. Releasing the metabolic brakes and blocking fat storage can help users lose up to 0.5 lbs. of stubborn weight daily.

Some of Progenifix’s ingredients can augment cellular health hence increasing metabolic rates. The mushroom blend also fortifies immunity and lowers unhealthy inflammations, creating a conducive weight-loss environment.

Progenifix may also target Primal Stress Syndrome, which forces the body to slow metabolic rates. It can eliminate high stress and anxiety levels, making it easy for the body to release stubborn fat.

Progenifix Ingredients

Tom Goodman starts that the nine nutrients in Progenifix are predominant in the Amazon rainforest. The people of the Mayoruna tribe in the Amazon have been using different mushroom varieties to support health, vitality, and longevity.

Royal Sun Agaricus

The creator describes royal sun Agaricus as a potent superfood rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory compounds to support natural weight loss. The nutrient supports cellular health by inhibiting oxidative damage by over 79%.

Royal Sun Agaricus is clinically proven to accelerate metabolic rates and fat oxidation. It can torch stubborn body fat and augment overall energy levels. In addition, the ingredient is excellent for heart health. It fights unhealthy lipids and triglycerides while increasing blood movement. Progenifix makers may amplify natural immunity and help the body combat infections.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps is medically proven to support healthy aging. Ancient healers prescribed the nutrients to enhance beauty, support joint health, improve energy levels, and augment overall well-being. The anti-aging superfood increases cardiovascular fitness and decreases unhealthy inflammation throughout the body.

Cordyceps is a natural appetite suppressant that forces the body to metabolize fat for energy. Similarly, Progenifix claims it can aid in neutralizing the metabolic braking receptors, thus facilitating optimal weight loss. Cordyceps can help users achieve weight loss quickly and without any hassles.


Most experts recommend eating healthy and nutritious foods to fight the excess visceral fat. However, it is difficult to fight cravings and unhealthy appetites. Chaga is a mushroom variety that blocks the appetite and may aid users in adopting healthy eating. Progenifix claims it aids users in achieving the calorie deficit necessary for stimulating weight loss. In addition, Chaga may block new fat cells from forming. Instead, it stimulates rapid fat and glucose metabolism enabling the users to achieve their fitness goals quickly.

Lion’s Mane

Various clinical trials prove that the Lion’s Mane can boost mental health. It has beta-glucans, minerals, and vitamins that can alleviate symptoms of depression, including stress and anxiety.

Science shows that high-stress levels inhibit optimal metabolism. Instead, the stress hormone cortisol blocks fat oxidation, making it challenging. Stress hormones can also surge the appetite, emotional eating, and unhealthy cravings. Instead of releasing hunger hormones, stress forces the users to eat food as a means of gratification leading to further weight gain.

Lion’s Mane is rich in compounds that balance the stress hormone and aid in dopamine secretion. It can help users control their appetite and only eat when necessary.

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail is a natural probiotic that improves gut health. Progenifix maker argues that restoring gut health can accelerate metabolic rates and weight loss. The mushroom variety nourishes the good bacteria in the gut and intensifies its population. Healthy digestive microbiota stimulates fat oxidation and can combat oxidative damage.

Turkey tail may also improve energy levels. It works by accelerating fat and glucose metabolism. Consequently, it may boost overall energy levels and performance. It can lower chronic brain and body fatigue.

White Button

The white button is another mushroom variety in Progenifix that can support healthy weight loss. It works by activating metabolic rates, increasing energy levels, and lowering stress levels. The mushroom is common in most parts of the world and is linked to various health benefits.

The white button can augment heart health, balance blood pressure, and enhance blood circulation. Additionally, it may support healthy glycemic levels by improving glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Progenifix claims that it may also develop immunity and support overall well-being.


The liver supports numerous metabolic processes. It stimulates the release of fat for oxidation and may inhibit the accumulation of new fat cells. The fatty liver condition can inhibit metabolic rates making it harder for your body to use stored fat.

Shiitake is also an immune booster that combats free radicals and augments cellular health. It can help lower inflammation markers, improve blood movement, and enhance blood sugar levels.


Reishi is another probiotic in the Progenifix supplement. It can augment the gut flora and accelerate fat metabolism. Additionally, it can strengthen immunity, brain health, and natural energy levels. It may boost performance and combat chronic fatigue. Reishi also inhibits cravings and supports healthy eating.

Wood ear

Wood ear is a unique ingredient not common in most supplements. It is a mushroom rich in antioxidants and fiber to support weight loss. It can augment gastrointestinal health and eliminate harmful pathogens in the digestive system. In addition, Wood ear supports liver health, improves cholesterol levels, and can escalate metabolic rates.

Features and Benefits of Progenifix Dietary Supplement

Progenifix is advertised for weight loss. According to the official website, most customers use the supplement primarily to eliminate unhealthy fat. However, there are secondary benefits that users can gain from the weight management formula. These include:

  • It may boost the energy levels
  • It can support mental clarity, concentration, and thinking
  • It may improve sleep quality
  • It can enhance skin and joint health
  • It may slow unhealthy aging and promote longevity
  • It may restore libido and overall sexual health


Progenifix is a dietary formulation in the form of flavorless capsules. The creator recommends taking two pills in the morning to supercharge fat oxidation and encourage weight loss.

Results – Tom Goodman claims that Progenifix can support weight loss regardless of your diet. He states that he deliberately ate high-carb and unhealthy foods like pizza and burgers and still lost weight.

According to the official website, most Progenifix users notice significant results within the first week. Some of the weight loss signs include:

  • A drop in dress size
  • Flat belly
  • Diminished bloating
  • Improved energy levels

Side Effects – Progenifix is purportedly made from natural mushroom varieties. Users are unlikely to experience any symptoms after using the formulation in the correct dosage.


Progenifix is only available from the official website. The manufacturer recommends purchasing multiple bottles because of the limited supply. Also, buying more than three bottles leads to discounts. The manufacturer quickly processes the orders and dispatches the package within a day. Thus, US residents can receive their Progenifix shipment in under four business days.

  • Buy one bottle for $69
  • Buy three bottles for $59 each
  • Buy six bottles for $49 each & get free shipping


Only customers buying more than three Progenifix bottles can receive digital bonuses. The two free eBooks are designed to enhance weight loss.

  • Eat your Way to Calm – The eBook educates the readers on foods that support brain health and hinder emotional eating. Some food groups in the guide may lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • Stress Less – The digital guide comprises various meditation strategies to alleviate stress and accelerate fat loss.

A 60-day refund policy protects all Progenifix bottles. If you aren’t 100% happy, you can contact customer service via the contact form on the official website.


Progenifix is a combination of various mushrooms proven to promote weight loss. These nutrients are found in the Amazon. The Mayoruna tribe adds them to their daily routine to enhance vitality, health, and longevity. Progenifix accelerates fat loss, balances stress levels, and boosts immunity. Visit the official website to learn more about Progenifix today!


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