Predictions and Trends for The Future of Online Gambling in the United States

To say the online gambling industry is constantly changing would be an understatement. This $95.05bn industry continues to evolve and transform to keep up with the latest technology advancements, changing demographic and of course, updated regulations from responsible authorities – and shows no signs of ever slowing down.

This article will explore the future of online gambling in the United States, diving into predictions and trends rumored to change the way we view the industry going forward. We’ll touch on things like the need for more skill-based games on online casino platforms, the movement toward more interactive gameplay through live streaming, the push for more innovative marketing strategies and the need for tougher regulations to protect future players.

What Does The Future of Online Gambling Look Like in the United States?

More Skill-Based Games

Following the emergence of new Millenial and Gen Z players, online casinos need to do more than just offer competitive online casino bonuses (you can read this comprehensive list to find out more about these bonuses). Research has shown that these players seek an online casino experience that challenges their skills – not to mention offers them the chance to achieve something in the process. As a result, many online casinos have turned their focus to more skill-based games.

Games that require a bit more expertise and selected strategy appeal to this new segment of the online casino market dead set on getting their kicks from online gaming; games like blackjack, poker and specific slot variations attract a diverse audience with their high-risk but high-reward gameplay style. As well as more traditional skill-based games, mini-games like hunting, catching an egg and fishing can unlock the excitement and thrill of online casinos – arguably still always the most important priority of gameplay as the industry adapts.

More Interactivity

How to keep users engaged in gameplay has long been one of the most important questions when it comes to online casinos – particularly given the worrying decrease in our attention span as a result of constantly being online. One notable trend for the future of engaging gameplay is interactivity through live-streaming. This medium has since emerged as a popular choice for many types of entertainment since it permits individual players to broadcast their screens in real-time to an interested audience. Unsurprisingly, online casinos have also jumped at the chance to use it in their games.

Live-streaming is a surefire way to create an immersive experience that isn’t just social, but interactive. This might look like interacting with the audience in real-time, or bringing in live dealers to engage in conversations with players; being able to converse with live dealers from the comfort of your own home appeals to players who want to experience the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino – without actually going outside their front door.

As well as more interactivity with those behind the making of online casinos, we can see an increasing move towards interactivity between players, too. By continuously responding to online chat messages, live dealers can encourage players to reach out to those also in gameplay, building a sense of community among the players and rapport between the audience and the casino itself.

More Innovative Marketing

The rules of online gambling in the United States are always changing. This makes it hard to successfully promote online casinos and gambling sites, and significantly limits the marketing avenues these corporations can go down. As a result, one trend to look out for in the future of online gambling will be an emphasis on innovative marketing techniques.

This trend will likely mark the end of advertising on traditional channels that might have restrictions on promoting gambling and a move away from marketing on social media which usually has strict policies regarding gambling-related content. So, what will this look like instead? Online casinos might need to turn their focus to more alternative platforms, for example, affiliate programs, content marketing and even partnering with influencers; the latter is also a certified marketing technique for building brand credibility and brand trust, particularly with the younger generation of players.

More Regulations

The final notable trend in the future of online gambling in the United States is more regulations from governing bodies. As the industry continues to evolve, new threats to players quickly reveal themselves, particularly when it comes to breaches in cybersecurity measures. Properly regulating online gameplay means customers’ online details are kept secure, and they can continue to use casino sites without worrying about their personal data ever being leaked.

As well as preventing cybersecurity breaches, stricter regulations are predicted in the future to prevent gambling-related harm, focusing on things like verifying age, self-exclusion options, responsible gambling measures and the aforementioned restrictions on advertising. Prioritizing safe gameplay will ensure that gambling sites continue to look after their dedicated players – and still turn over revenue.