Popular Plant Based and Non-Plant Based Ingredients of Eyelashes Growth Serums

A very important thing that we do not take note of, is that our eyelashes need much required care just like any other part of our body. We need to understand that our eyelashes are not just an important element of our facial aesthetics but it is also responsible for the primary defensive role of protecting our eyes from sweat or any foreign particles that might inflict any kind of irritation or even irreversible and serious damage to them.  

Unfortunately, there are certain health problems or medical conditions like that of Alopecia, or Blepharitis, or even the cancer treatments, might bring sudden and rapid loss of hair; including the eyelashes. This is when we face the need of some special products like the eyelash serums or drops. Interestingly, the main ingredients of these eyelash growth serums can be divided into two major classifications, i,e being plant based and non-plant based.   

(A) The Popular Non-Plant Based Ingredients of Eyelash Growth Serums 

Bimatoprost and its Dual Role  

Bimatoprost online is one of the most popular hair growth ingredients; that is found in various eye drops or eyelash serums these days. It is known for both of its medical properties as well as for cosmetic usage. It is a dermatologically tested and is one of the most highly prescribed products for people who have high pressure (i,e one of its medicinal use), or in case they want to increase the length and volume of their eyelashes (i,e the cosmetic purpose). 

Bimatoprost happens to be a prostaglandin analog, which supports treating the Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes by increasing their strength, including width, thickness, and darkness. It has shown remarkable results in terms of bringing back the ideal hair density for numerous patients so far. It is considered to be an extremely effective ingredient when it comes to adding some extra length to one’s eyelashes. Interstingly, a serum with Bimatoprost, can be also applied to the eyebrows for hair growth.

There are many Bimatoprost eye drops available in the market, and Careprost is surely one of the most popular names in the list. Careprost, containing Bimatoprost 0.03% (w/v), is formulated to stimulate the hair follicles in the eyelids, with the purpose of streching the Anagen or Growth phase of a hair’s life cycle, that will again increase the number of hair growth over the eyelids generously. 

In comparison to the other eyelash growth serums, Careprost eyelash serum provides the natural vitamins and minerals for the eyelashes to grow longer, thicker, stronger, and healthier from the very core, with the least fear of harsh side effects. 

Biotin the hair building protein stimulator  

Protein is one of the most important element for hair growth because the hair follicles are mostly made up of a protein called Keratin. Having said that, Biotin is again essential for the production of the hair protein called keratin that builds hair strands. Hence certain leave-on hair care products like masks or serum should essentially be protein-based. 

Triamcinolone and its anti-inflammatory action

With the brand names like Kenalog 10, Kenalog 40, Aristospan, among many others, Triamcinolone is a pharmaceutical drug from the major classification of Glucocorticoids; which has shown great efficiency in preventing hair loss along with inducing hair regrowth. 

It should be noted here that Glucocorticoids are a type of corticosteroid hormone; which are helpful for reducing hair loss due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, as an essential element in eyelash serums, it can be helpful in curing Blepharitis, and get back the right growth of eyelashes.  

Sulfasalazine the antirheumatic  

Carrying the brand names of Azulfidine or Azulfidine EN-tabs, among many others, Sulfasalazine systemic is a pharmaceutical drug, under the class of 5-aminosalicylates which is a sub-category of antirheumatics drugs. Just like Triamcinolone, Sulfasalazine has also got anti-inflammatory properties and brings quite similar results.

Minoxidil the much needed tonic 

Having various other brand names like Rogaine, Minoxidil is one of the most popular pharmaceutical ingredients present in many hair care items that have shown great results in treating issues like hair fall or hair thinning and even poor growth of hair. It is found in the form of topical solutions which are meant for external use only. 

Spironolactone the Hormone Corrector

The pharmaceutical drug Spironolactone is also knwon as Aldactone. It has been found highly effective in treating hair loss due to its action over hormones; which invloves binding to androgen receptors and decrease the body’s processing of testosterone. This is why there are eyelash growth serums containing Spironolactone as a major ingredient.   

Ketoconazole the answer to Alopecia  

With the brand name of Nizoral, among many other, Ketoconazole at a strength of 2%; is often prescribed by dermatologists for patients suffering from androgenic alopecia. Ketoconazole serum and shampoo is found to be very effective for such a condition. Hence it is also incorporated in eyelash growth serums.

(B) The Popular Plant Based Ingredients of Eyelash Growth Serums 

Redensyl the plant-based hair tonic

Redensyl is a plant-based ingredient, that has been found highly effective over the hair follicle cells and reactivating the hair division by stimulating the initial hair growth phase; along with the telogen phase.  Redensyl is made up of pure plant extracts like that of DHQG, EGCG 2, Glycine, Zinc Chloride, Meta-bisulfite, etc; due to which it does not have any harsh side effects. 

Procapil puts in the Olive magic  

Procapil is a combination of a vitaminized matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid from olive tree leaves. This natural ingredient is supposed to increase the blood flow towards the roots of the hair and nourish the same, thicken the brittle and thinning hair; in order to fight hair loss and strengthen the hair strands from the very base up to the tip. By now, procapil has been incorporated in many medicated items like conditioners, serums, etc; designed for anti-hairfall purpose. 

AnaGain adds the goodness of Pea

AnaGain is yet another plant based ingredient that is extracted from organic pea sprouts. It simply stimulates specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla that is necessary for sufficient hair regrowth. One may find hair serums or eyelash serums containing this unique ingredient that has proved itself by showcasing great results to treat hair loss. 

Baicapil the three-in-one ingredient  

There is one more name to this list of plant-based ingredients for hair growth, i,e Baicapil. It is  constituted of soy extract, wheat sprout extract, and extract from the root of the purple-flowered plant Baikal Skullcap. It has proved to be highly effective in reducing hair fall and eventually promoting hair growth in patients with telogen effluvium, and hence is its generous usage in different eyelash growth serums.  

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash