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PNC Arena, formerly known as Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena, is an indoor stadium located at Raleigh, NC. The arena is home to the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League and the NC State Wolfpack of the ACC. Besides sporting events, the PNC Arena constantly hosts concerts throughout the year. If you have passes for PNC Arena parking, you could throw all those worries of finding a parking spot away as you’ll get a designated parking spot in advance. This way, you can drive into the arena’s parking and get to your seats, allowing you to save more time and not miss any time during the games.

How To Buy PNC Arena Parking

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The PNC Arena has undergone several renovations and upgrades over the years for more accommodation and technology upgrades.  If you want to attend events at the arena, getting a PNC Arena parking will be the best choice you can make. The PNC Arena garage parking can be accessed by any fan that’s attending games as long as they have a pass. When you park your car in the garage, you can get early entry into the arena and get to your seats quicker. Besides NHL games, there are other events and concerts throughout the year. The PNC Arena parking system makes it easier for fans to park while attending sporting events and concerts.  

Besides basketball and ice hockey games, the arena has been center stage for lots of renowned artists including the likes of Celine Dion, Taylor Swift, Eric Clapton, and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few. If you’re looking to waste no time in getting straight to your seats, getting passes for your PNC Arena parking will definitely help you in so many ways. It’ll also make your entry and exit routine more easy as you’ll know where to park in the arena. If you like to access the garage, you can also get the respective parking passes which will be set at different price points. 

For ice hockey, the PNC Arena can hold up to eighteen thousand people, nineteen thousand for basketball, and twenty thousand for concerts. Parking at the arena is quite spacious as it can hold up to eleven thousand cars in and around the arena.

It also hosts wrestling and boxing events in some days. The seating arrangements have different configurations with dual columns to support the upper part of the arena. The stadium also has suites which fans can utilize as long as they have the proper tickets to get to it. With a PNC Arena parking pass in hand, you’ll most likely save precious time and enter the arena’s seating area with ease. You can also avail the valet services with additional fees if you want things to be more convenient for you. 

When there are huge crowd turnouts during anticipated games, getting a parking pass is highly recommended if you want to save time and get to your seats quickly. So throughout the year, there are major events which will draw more people to the arena. You can save a lot of time by buying parking passes if you are planning to attend such events. You also won’t have to waste your time searching for a parking spot in the arena when you have a pass with you. While parking spots can be used in the arena, prices could go up during Playoff games. So make sure that you’re booking the tickets and passes in advance so that there will be no hassle or confusion during match day. 

The PNC Arena is an arena capable of hosting NHL games and offers good parking spaces and garage services inside the arena. You can also get the PNC Arena club parking that makes entry and exit in the arena really quick. If you want to cheer on your favorite team without missing even a single second of the action, you can get passes for PNC Arena at any time of the year. It all depends on what type of game or event you want to witness. Finding good PNC Arena parking spots at arenas can be a headache if you don’t arrive at the venue early. During playoff games, the influx of attendees could be significantly higher.  

The PNC Arena has even hosted the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006. The stadium has also hosted multiple college sporting events that mainly involved basketball for both men’s and women’s division. So not only can you catch ice hockey games in this arena, you can also watch NCAA basketball games being played by both men and women when the season comes. This makes getting a parking pass crucial if you don’t want to waste your time searching for a parking spot. 

The PNC Arena parking lot can accommodate thousands of cars at one go. So if you’re planning to watch a basketball game or attend a concert by your favorite singer, get a pass to get to the parking lot easily. Finding your parking at PNC Arena will be rather simple if you have a pass. The PNC Arena parking spots are spacious and can hold thousands of cars at a time. So when you’re planning to attend an event next time, have no worries about finding a good PNC Arena parking spot.

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PNC Arena VIP Parking

If you want quick entry and exit during the date of the games you’re watching, getting the PNC Arena VIP parking will be helpful. You’ll get reserved parking spots and can avail valet services when you buy passes for VIP parking. With VIP parking, you’ll also be able to choose the parking spots that are convenient for you. You can also avail the valet services if you wouldn’t want to waste any single second of the match that you’re going to watch. 

How Much Does PNC Arena VIP Parking Cost?

If you plan to watch an NHL playoff game, the VIP parking rates could be higher than average. However, the average PNC Arena VIP parking starts from $43 and goes up to $69. These parking rates could vary based on what type of event you’re attending. Make sure to check the rates before games so that you may have an idea of how much you’re going to pay for parking during home games. 

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