Planning A Trip To Bahrain? Here Is A Quick Guide For You

Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf known for its rich cultural history and unique spices. Its location at the crossroads of Asia and Africa makes it an excellent place to do business. Do you know Bahrain’s primary source of income before it became famous for making oil? The country’s ports helped spread the word about how beautiful its pearls were worldwide.

Because the country’s oil supplies are running out, the Bahraini government has put a lot of money into two crucial areas to keep the economy strong. Two examples are travel and business banking. The efforts of the government to promote Bahrain as a place to visit must be paying off. The number of people traveling to Bahrain has gone up. Many old sites in the country are sure to impress any culture vulture.

Manama City

With its golden buildings, Manama could be taken for any other city in the Middle East. Corniche-Al-Fateh might look like it’s all flash and no substance, but if you look closer, you’ll see that it’s a city full of history and culture.

Explore the souks and traditional markets where you can buy anything from beautiful pearls to exotic spices and carpets. You should visit the Bahrain National Museum to learn more about the area’s history. See how the past Portuguese and Persian invasions changed the city’s culture.

Manama has a lot of high-end shopping malls where you can buy new clothes. Also, because there are so many high-end hotels along the Gulf Coast, visitors will get the best of both worlds. You can plan out your stay and visit places by checking out

Bahrain Cultural Center

The Bahrain National Museum was the first of its kind in the Gulf area when it opened in 1988. The museum was built so things found in Bahrain could be shown to people in the future. The vast number of archaeological artifacts at this site is a great way to learn about the 4,000-year history of the area.

There are nine galleries with great labels in both English and Arabic. They show things like ancient traditions and customs, works of art, burial mounds, and documents. You can take pictures, and a large satellite image of Bahrain covers the floor.

If you like this modern building on the water, you have to stay for lunch at the Darseen Café, with views of the Arabian Gulf. You can find some fantastic things in the museum shop, which often has shows of modern art and performances by musicians.

Muharraq, Bahrain’s Original Capital.

Ancient Greeks and people from the rest of the Arabic world did a lot of business in Muharraq. Many think the Greek trade routes throughout the area during the Dilman civilization made the region prosperous. Bahrain’s modern airport is also in Muharraq, which used to be the country’s capital. Muharraq is a central transportation hub and a way to go back in time.

Did you know that Muharraq has small cafes resembling traditional souks that serve hookah and mint tea? Feel free to pick up a few things to remember your trip while you’re at the market. The best football team in Bahrain is from Muharraq University, which is interesting in and of itself.

Al Jasra Is The Centre Of Bahrain’s Arts Scene.

You might find beautiful fabrics and handicrafts from Bahrain in Al Jasra. This lovely village is between the King Fahd Causeway and the western coast of Bahrain. People from all over the country come to this place because it is known as a center for culture and art. Ceramics and textiles made in the area make great gifts or souvenirs to take home.

Visit the house where Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa used to live, Al Jasra. The beautiful and bright stonework on this property is what everyone notices first.

The Old Cemetery

The old cemetery in Bahrain is the largest of its kind. From the Dilmun era (third to first millennium BC) until the Tylos period, there are tens of thousands of burial mounds in Bahrain. Some are as big as tiny houses (two hundred BC to three hundred AD).

The most well-preserved and beautiful burial mounds in the area are at A’ali. Some people think that this place was the first Garden of Eden. The mounds were used as tombs, just like the pyramids of ancient Egypt. They were made of stone, earth, plaster, and wood.

The island used to have more than 100,000 mounds, but that number went down as cities grew. Most of the mounds only have earthenware and bones, but some have also been found to have copper and bronze weapons, jewelry, and ceramics, all of which may help to explain the history of the Dilmun people.


Bahrain is a beautiful place to visit, filled with rich culture and history. If you are planning on your next vacation, Bahrain should be on your list. 


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