What you need to know

Estrella Villages population has been growing rapidly over the past several years.  This part of Phoenix was originally used for more agricultural purposes but has been slowly transformed for residential and commercial use.  There are now many active neighborhoods, park spaces for recreation, and other urban amenities in this urban village.  Furthermore, there is a lot planned for this area in the next few years including a regional park, increased shopping and stores, and improvements in traffic!  Estrella is filled with many delicious traditional Mexican restaurants, beautiful streetscapes, and greenery.  There is a special character in Estrella worth checking out!

Population: 75,400
Zip: 85009, 85043, 85353, 85339

Communities: Northglen, Park At Terralea, Cordova Estates, Suncrest, Rio Del Rey, Westgate, Angelica Place, Papago West, Papago Industrial District, Mauricio Estates, North Willow, Westmanor, Wormsers, Alco Acres, Wilmil Place, Capitol Heights, Milburn, Hejhall Homes, Risdon Place, Murworth Place
Major Valley Metro Stops: No light rail stops, some of the major bus routes are – Van Buren St, 67th Ave, Buckeye Road, 51st Ave, 59th Ave, McDowell Road, 43rd Ave, 35th Ave, and 27th Ave.