PhenQ Results and Reviews (Latest Update 2022) – Read it before buying!

PhenQ is one of the best decisions that you can made to shed that stubborn fat that is always a hindrance in your attractive physical appearance. PhenQ has gained quite a reputation within past few years and has been known as one of the most potent natural supplements in the market for weight loss. In this review, we will not only discuss about what PhenQ is and from what ingredients it is composed of, but also shed some light on the real reviews of the PhenQ users. Also, we will discuss the before and after results of PhenQ users and how they bring the transformational change in their lives with their weight loss. Click Here to Buy PhenQ

Struggling with obesity is not a new story. People all over the world nowadays are combating against obesity and weight gain due to unhealthy lifestyle and poor physical activity routines. If you are one of them who are trying to get fit in your favourite clothes and are seeking out for some trustworthy and reliable solution to lose your excess body fat and those stubborn pounds, you have landed at the right place. In this post we are going to discuss the ideal choice that you can pick to make your life easier in the quest of losing weight. 

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What is PhenQ?

While the market is full of weight loss supplements and options, PhenQ has been known as the great formula of having the potency of five powerful weight loss supplements in one. The major idea behind the formulation of PhenQ is to support your weight loss results by assisting in burning up more fat than ever and consume fewer calories. PhenQ not only enhance the weight loss journey, but all this happens with an elevated mood and better energy levels. Due to its unique formulation, PhenQ has offered weight loss help for more than 190,000 customers all around the globe. PhenQ weight loss supplement is designed to be taken daily. 

Pros and Cons of PhenQ

We have analysed the PhenQ weight loss formula very closely and have shortlisted the following pros and cons of this product. Check out them below:


  • PhenQ is a fast-acting weight loss formula that offers great results. 
  • It helps in controlling hunger and lowers down the calorie consumption on regular basis.
  • It is a 100% safe and natural formula and contains no artificial ingredients. 
  • It is manufactured by a reputed health company. 
  • The supplement backed by numerous great PhenQ results and reviews that makes it a reliable choice.
  • PhenQ reviews proved that it not only supports fat burning, but is also a good source of calcium.
  • It helps in curbing appetite and boost energy levels.
  • The ingredients are a powerful blend of potent substances that trigger metabolism and enhance thermogenesis to make fat burning easier. 
  • It aids in combating exhaustion and fatigue.
  • The formula is loaded with vitamins, minerals and important nutrients for the body. 
  • There is no need of prescription for using PhenQ. 
  • It is very easy to incorporate in your daily with easy twice a day dosage system. 
  • It offers free worldwide delivery and great pricing packages. 
  • It comes with the 60 day money back guarantee. 


Every weight loss supplement comes with some risks and downsides that cannot be overlooked. It is important to shed some light on the cons as well so that the users may have clear insight about the product. Following are some drawbacks about PhenQ that we found important for our readers to know:

  • The caffeine present in PhenQ pills may cause jitters in the users who are sensitive of the substance. 
  • PhenQ is not suitable to use for children or pregnant and nursing mothers, and the warning is also mentioned on the official website as well. 
  • The amount of caffeine used in PhenQ can cause disturbance in your sleep patterns if you take it close to your bedtime. 
  • PhenQ is not available for purchase anywhere except its own official website. 

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PhenQ supplement’s primary active ingredient is the powerful fat burner known as ɑ-Lacys Reset, which is considered as the major game changer. This ingredient is a proprietary formula that contains powerful and result-oriented ingredients that can accelerate the natural metabolism and thermogenesis in the body. The power of thermogenesis is to make your body burn more calories with the heat produced in the body. It can do wonders when you are already following a low-calorie diet, as the high level of thermogenesis will help you burn the stored body fat. The miracle power of ɑ-Lacys Reset offers twice as much as fat burning results, as compared to any other usual weight loss pills. PhenQ supplement is very easy to incorporate in your daily routine. Though the supplement is potent and effective in delivering weight loss results, but the individual results may vary depending on the various factors. However, with the right healthy meal choices and regular exercise you can expect great PhenQ weight loss results.

Who formulated PhenQ supplement?

PhenQ weight loss pills are manufactured and supplied by Wolfson Brands Limited that are UK based. The company has a head office in Glasgow, United Kingdom; but the product manufacturing process is carried in facilities approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they also available for purchase in the United States of America. 

The company is well-reputed and well-known in the market for producing high quality health supplements that are all formulated with the potent ingredients that are backed by scientific researches. Like other health supplements of this company, PhenQ weight loss pills are also formulated with the unique formula to aid you in losing weight. It not only triggers the natural fat burning process in the body, but also block the further fat production. In addition, the formula of PhenQ is designed in a way that it also works as an appetite suppressant to help you alleviate your calorie intake. 

How does PhenQ Works?

PhenQ weight loss results are wonderful for the users, as it contains the best fat burning ingredient that is called ɑ-Lacys Reset, which is a proprietary formula. Besides this awesome ingredient, the PhenQ weight loss pills contain a plethora of ingredients that work in conjunction with each other to promote your body’s natural metabolism and thermogenesis speed. Thermogenesis is the natural process to heighten the metabolic activity of the body as it produces heat and burns the stored fat in the body. This mainly works best when the individual is already on a low-calorie diet. 

Many clinical studies have supported the efficacy of PhenQ weight loss pills as the compound helped the users to lose around 7% body fat and more than 3% of body weight within short span of time. Moreover, it also helps in increasing lean muscle mass up to 3% for the users who followed a proper calorie deficit routine. With the efficient and safe ingredients, PhenQ weight loss pills works towards curbing your appetite in a better way as compared to other weight loss formulas in the market. PhenQ before and after results of the legit users are the proof of its remarkable working mechanism. The uniquely designed formula is packed with beneficial ketone salts that helps with PhenQ weight loss results rapidly. The ingredients work as an effective energy boosters that covers all the issues occurred due to carbohydrate deficiency. 

The formula is made with 100% vegetarian and vegan ingredients and deliver wonderful results when use in pairing of controlled diet and workout routine. One bottle of PhenQ is enough to last you for a month.

Ingredients in PhenQ Formula 

PhenQ results are always on point because of its revolutionary formula with 100% safe and natural ingredients. It is completely vegan and vegetarian friendly. There are main seven active ingredients present in PhenQ along with some other inactive ingredients used as binders. Following are the ingredients included in PhenQ formula:

ɑ-Lacys Reset

This is the primary and the major game changer ingredient in PhenQ formulation, which is a proprietary ingredient. Each PhenQ pill contains 25 mg of ɑ-Lacys Reset, as described on yhe nutrition label. It is a unique synergistic combination of alpha-lipoic acid and l-cysteine. While Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA) is a strong antioxidant that help the users in losing weight efficiently. Also, L-cysteine is a natural amino acid that helps in curbing the hunger to prevent weight gain. 

Capsimax Powder 

This is another active and potent ingredient that deliver great PhenQ weight loss results. Each pill of PhenQ contains 50 mg of Capsimax Plus Blend that includes the combination of caffeine, capsicum fruit extract, niacin, and black pepper fruit extract. This is the powerful fat burning component of PhenQ weight loss pills as it contains a substance called capsaicin, while black pepper contains piperine. These both compounds offer a powered up thermogenic properties, which means they provide a better pace of burning fat and excess calories. Studies have also suggested that piperine may also aid in blocking the formation of new fat cells. 

Calcium Carbonate 

Calcium is an essential nutrient in our body and it is recommended to take 23% calcium daily. PhenQ weight loss results are commendable, as they have focused on the nutrition of the body as well. Each PhenQ pill contains 230 mg of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate, which can help in fulfilling our daily calcium needs. Calcium deficiencies are dangerous for health and can results in gaining weight. Besides enhancing the weight loss, this ingredient will also help in supporting bone health so that you can combat with the joint pain and body ache that are you are suffering with due to being overweight. 

Chromium Picolinate 

Chormium Picolinate is equally important for our body and 67% of this ingredient is daily recommended value. Chromium is a significant mineral that aids in curbing the cravings for sweets and carbs by regulating blood sugar levels in the body. Each PhenQ weight loss pill contains 80 mcg of chromium picolinate, which is a simple form of chromium used in dietary supplements. 

Nopal Cactus Fiber 

Nopal Cactus is a unique cactus species that is enriched with a wide range of health benefits. The fibers extracted from Nopal Cactus are enriched in amino acids that can help reduce high blood sugar levels and ensure the healthy cardiovascular functions. Every PhenQ weight loss pill contain this ingredient, which makes it loaded with anti-oxidants and amino acids to detoxify your body. 

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine is the most renowned constituent of the weight loss supplements, as it is the stimulant to offer better energy with boosted metabolism. Every PhenQ pill contains 100 mg of caffeine anhydrous which helps greatly in increasing focus and mental alertness while combating against fatigue. The better energy levels will push you to work out which in turn will assists in fat burning and losing weight as well. Besides offering you great energy, caffeine also enhance thermogenesis that supports better fat burning and boosted calorie burn, which will increase your fat loss results as well. 

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine is also an amino acid that is a protein building block and can be found in food sources including red meat, poultry, fish, and milk. Each PhenQ weight loss pill consisted of 150 mg of L-Carnitine fumerate that help in turning body fat cells into usable energy to enhance fat burning process. 

As per our research on the PhenQ weight loss results and its formulation, the above mentioned are the critical ingredients included in the PhenQ formula. If used regularly in conjunction with healthy routine and exercise routine, you will be able to retain lean muscle mass while burning fat and losing weight. 

PhenQ Reviews and Results

Customer Reviews are very important to read before making the decision of buying any health supplement. The PhenQ Reviews and PhenQ results are powerful evidences of the efficacy of this formula. Many users have used PhenQ weight loss supplement and have come up with remarkable fat loss outcomes. 

PhenQ Results – After 2 months

A user tried PhenQ for the period of two months to get rid of the excess fat he gained due to the long seated job duration and inactive lifestyle. He piled up about 30 pounds within a year and he wanted to get fit in his old clothes. He decided to order 2 monthssupply of PhenQ pills and experienced a major transformation in these 2 months of PhenQ usage. His body got free from the fat bulges that were usually peeking out of his shirt buttons and he noticed great change in his energy levels and focus as well. In addition, with the use of PhenQ he noticed that he was no longer feeling hungry for unhealthy food choices. Within the time span of 2 months, he successfully lost 13 kgs and managed to get fit in his favourite outfits. The PhenQ results were great for him, as he was following regular workout routine with a caloric deficit diet plan as well. 

PhenQ Results – After 4 months

We got to read another PhenQ review shared by the real user named Tina. She was a mother of 3 and was unable to lose all the postpartum weight. The pounds and fat slabs were getting piled up on her body and she was not able to do her daily house chores energetically due to being obese. After trying many weight loss remedies, she decided to give PhenQ pills a try and order in bulk. Within just few weeks, her hunger pangs were gone and her sugar cravings were settled. Tina shared that she was having elevated energy levels to perform all her duties well and actively. After complete 4 months of using PhenQ pills, Tina managed to drop 40 lbs of weight, which was a huge PhenQ result. She got fit in her old jeans as well, as PhenQ also helped her in losing inches from the belly area. 

PhenQ Results – Before and After

In this section, we will discuss PhenQ before and after weight loss results to give our readers an idea what kind of transformation and results they should expect after using PhenQ pills. PhenQ is the revolutionary formula for weight loss, which is quite different from other competitor weight loss products in the market. The comprehensive formulation of PhenQ helps you in shedding excess weight while delivering many other health benefits as well. This formula works for both men and women to help them in achieving weight loss goals. From past many years, thousands of users have benefitted from PhenQ and you can check many PhenQ before and after results on the internet as well. Here we are sharing few of them:

PhenQ Before and After Results – One month

A female user tried PhenQ pills for losing weight for a short period of 30 days and attained great weight loss results. She shared that she wants to shed some inches to buy her favourite dress for an upcoming wedding. After reading PhenQ reviews, she planned to try it for a month and the results were totally in her favour. Within few days, her hunger was suppressed and she found it easier to stay in caloric deficit. During this one month not only she lost 10 lbs on weighing scale, but also lost inches from her waist line. Also, she noticed better energy levels and mental alertness. However, she enjoyed losing inches the most. She shared her before and after results with her friends as well and highly recommends PhenQ pills for every woman who want to shed excess weight without going low on energy. 

PhenQ Before and After Results – Three months

Another PhenQ Before and After results was shared by Nate who was a student and was doing part time job as well. He gained a lot of weight due to his unhealthy eating habits. He decided to try PhenQ to get rid of excessive pounds and ordered PhenQ for 3 months. He was surprised to witness that his junk food cravings were totally vanished within the first week of using PhenQ pills. He was doing well in dealing with his hunger pangs without dropping down his energy levels and mental focus. Nate shared that his 3 months journey with PhenQ supplement went incredible as the high energy levels give him motivation for working out more. Within these 3 months, Nate lost 20 lbs of weight and gained some lean muscle mass along which gives him an awesome physical transformation. 

What Weight Loss Results to Expect from PhenQ?

As per the PhenQ reviews by the customers and real users, this formula can deliver noticeable results within short span of time.  These fat burner tablets can be a real game changer in your weight loss journey and the unique formula has already helped many users to shed their excess pounds and look great. Following are the great results that you can expect after using PhenQ weight loss formula:

  • It helps in dealing with your food cravings and will give you a fuller feeling.
  • It triggers your body’s natural metabolism to enhance faster fat burning. 
  • It aids in reducing appetite and helps you to stick with your low-calorie diet pattern. 
  • You will notice a boosted energy level that will help to support an active lifestyle. 
  • The formula will help you in getting better mental focus and concentration.  
  • The better results will give a boost to your self-confidence as well, and you wouldn’t desire to go back in your previous body shape. 
  • You will notice many other health benefits in your body that contributes for overall wellness. 
  • Your blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels will get back to normal. 
  • The risks of cardiovascular diseases will be reduced that are usually associated with obesity. 
  • You will experience better sleep quality and in turn better moods. 
  • Your bones and joints will get stronger.

To achieve these results you have to be patient and regular with the usage of PhenQ, as the PhenQ results will not just show up overnight. You have to set realistic weight loss goals for yourself and be consistent with the whole weight loss process for better results. 

How to purchase PhenQ?

PhenQ weight loss formula can be easily purchased from the official website of PhenQ. You cannot get it from anywhere else, so the simple way is to just visit their website, check out the pricing packages, and place your order there. You can select the most suitable pricing package from their website that best falls as per your requirement, weight loss goals, and budget. Following are the pricing details of PhenQ weight loss formula:

  • One bottle of PhenQ pills is available at the price of $ 69.95 along with Free Worldwide shipping 
  • Three bottles of PhenQ pills are available at the price of $ 139.90 along with Free Worldwide shipping. 
  • Three bottles of PhenQ pills + 2 Advana Cleanse bottles are available at the price of $ 189.95 along with Free Worldwide shipping. 

Each bottle of PhenQ weight loss pills contains 120 pills which makes 60 servings when you take two tablets daily to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Besides the amazing pricing packages, PhenQ comes with some great bonuses with all the purchases that include the following:

10 Training and Nutrition Guides: All the orders of PhenQ come with this free bonus. It contains eBooks that guide you about healthy diet and workout strategies to promote your weight loss results. 

Tips and Tricks Newsletter: PhenQ order also comes with a free subscription for the tips and tricks newsletter. This will help you in achieving your weight loss goals faster through the tips, tricks, and strategies of losing fat that you will receive in regular emails.

Advana Cleanse: This bonus comes with a three bottle package of PhenQ. You will get 2 bottles of Advana Cleanse absolutely free. The Advana Cleanse is the nutritional supplement that claims to help in the detoxifying your body by flushing away all the toxins and excess weight. 

PhenQ – Return and Refund Policy

PhenQ manufacturers are so confident about their product that they have come up with a 60 day money back guarantee and refund policy. You can claim a complete refund within 60 days of your order if you don’t find it helpful in losing weight or if you are unhappy with the resultsof this supplement for any other reason. Precisely, the return and refund policy lasts for 67 days including the week time for return shipping extra along with 60 days for the ease and convenience of the customers. 

PhenQ Reviews Before and After Results – Concluding Thoughts 

PhenQ weight loss pills are undoubtedly the most efficient and trustworthy weight loss supplement that has successfully changed the lives of many people all over the world. There are lot of PhenQ reviews glowing on the internet with the positive feedback and comments by the real users. The high quality formula of PhenQ is specifically designed with 100% natural ingredients which makes it absolutely safe for the consumption. This formula doesn’t lead to any side effects because of its natural formulation. 

PhenQ weight loss results will offer you wonderful weight loss results that will last even after you stop consuming these pills. The results will sustain well if you maintain healthy lifestyles with right eating choices and regular exercising routine. With the weight loss, you cannot only change your appearance, but will also get prevented from chronic health problems including hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Losing weight itself is a big step towards gaining your health back and increases the quality of your life. PhenQ weight loss pills are potent enough to make your weight loss journey easier by boosting the fat burning results. However, the best results can only be attained by following healthy low calorie diet and workout routine on daily basis. All in all, PhenQ weight loss results are real and legit that can change your lives positively and the big thing for customers is the 60 day money back guarantee that makes it a total risk free purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who should take PhenQ?

PhenQ weight loss pill is designed to support weight loss for both men and women to shed excess stored fat while preserving lean muscle mass. These diet pills works equally for both the genders to boost the fat burning process so that the body can burn more calories than ever. In addition, PhenQ is an ideal choice for binge eaters who want to control their appetite and suppress hunger to combat cravings and consume lesser calories. People who want to get rid of extra pounds and are looking for something that deliver long term weight loss results should take PhenQ as their saviour. You can achieve the dream goals when you paired up PhenQ pills with proper diet and exercise routine. One bottle of PhenQ is enough for a month supply. 

What is the recommended dosage of PhenQ supplement? 

PhenQ weight loss supplement comes in tablet form and is designed to be taken daily on regular basis. The recommended dosage of PhenQ as per the manufacturers is to take one pill with breakfast and one with lunch. You have to take two pills per day of PhenQ regularly for promising weight loss results; however, it is up to you to either take two tablets at once or divide the dosage in two. Since the PhenQ formula is 100 % vegan friendly, it has no implications on the vegan diet and lifestyle. As per the manufacturers, it is recommended to follow the same dosage of PhenQ pills for at least two months for good weight loss results and benefits. Though the majority of PhenQ users have claimed to notice some great beneficial results after using PhenQ for few weeks, but it is best to follow the regime for 2 months for enhanced weight loss and physical transformation. 

Are there any side effects of using PhenQ? 

The PhenQ weight loss supplement is formulated with all natural ingredients that are vegan friendly as well. Due to its natural formulation, it is considered as an absolutely safe formula to take as per the recommended dosage. Because of its zero side effects results, PhenQ has been known as the leading weight reduction supplement. It is certified by the Food and Drug Administration and is manufactured following the GMP. Though there are no such serious side effects linked with the PhenQ reviews, but there are some minor symptoms like nausea, disturbed stomach, fatigue etc, that can occur due to the overdose of the pills. It is therefore recommended to follow the dosage instructions and don’t consume more than that. Also, if you allergic to any of the ingredients included in PhenQ, you should refrain from taking the PhenQ. As per the manufacturers, the users who are on some prescribed medications due to some chronic disease should also refrain from consuming PhenQ before discussing its interference with the existing medicines with their doctor. Also, PhenQ weight loss formula is not for the pregnant and nursing mothers who want to reduce weight so they should strictly avoid these tablets.

How often should it be used to see results?

PhenQ weight loss supplement is a promising nutritional formula that can bring wonderful results within short span of time. However, it is important to know that the results will vary from individual to individual depending on various factors and the weight loss goals you have. Most of the PhenQ reviews states that the users notice amazing results within three months of PhenQ usage. 

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