Paycom Launches GONE, Automating Time-Off Request Decisions

A new innovation in HR automation has arrived that takes the hassle out of time-off decisioning. Think about the last time you asked off of work. It could have been for a vacation or weekend shift when your in-laws are in town. How long did it take you to hear back from your manager on being approved or denied? A few days, week or longer?

Paycom announced the launch of GONE™, a feature that facilitates decision-making for time-off requests so you get instant notification of your request off.

What does this mean for businesses and their employees? They can now automate time-off decisions to fit their work force requirements for time off approval and denial, including:

  • consecutive days requested
  • individual employee hours worked
  • level of seniority and more.

GONE’s enhanced automation standardizes time-off management with policy-compliant auto-approvals designed to ensure fairness, timeliness and regulatory compliance. No more worrying about your manager’s favorite employee getting the most desirable shifts off or wondering why someone who just joined the company got approved for Christmas week off, while you were denied.

Chad Richison, founder, chairman and CEO of Paycom, said, “GONE is the next step in workplace efficiency, eliminating the hassle that outdated processes and time-tracking technology create.”

For businesses and their employees, GONE specifically helps eliminate:

  • waiting on or tracking down time-off decisions
  • updating incorrect time-off information for payroll
  • losing employees’ trust due to time-off guidelines being unclear or unfair
  • being understaffed because of poor time-off management and
  • unapproving time-off or mediating time-off denial disputes.

Inconsistent time-off request management can cause staffing shortages and payroll inaccuracies, which hurts workplace culture and impacts business and managers. GONE looks at the needs of businesses and standardizes decisions to reduce risk and liability surrounding staffing and policy enforcement.

Additionally, businesses can avoid the costly consequences of coverage gaps that are detrimental to both employee morale and the bottom line.

In fact, a November 2023 study by Ernst & Young found that each manual time-off review can cost a company an average of $11.22 in labor. Poof, those expenses disappear along with the long line of time off requests.

Today, businesses typically make between 20 and 30 decisions per year, per employee on time-off requests and the denials or approvals that go into staffing decisions. GONE replaces those interaction points, providing a consistent experience for employees, and ensures business continuity.

You can learn more about this new feature available through Paycom’s Time and Attendance tool at