Online Casino Games to Help You Have Fun

With the development of technology, the options for enjoying online casino games have developed in parallel, so modern players may have more options than gamblers in traditional establishments have ever had. In addition to the ability to play their favorites, there is also an opportunity to do all this via mobile devices, and the gaming options are wider than ever.


Called in some parts of the world “the 21”, this is one of the top casino games thanks to the fact that the outcome does not depend only on luck but requires certain knowledge and skills. The gameplay is very attractive, fast, and can bring a lot of fun if you understand the rules. The rules are pretty basic, like Indian teen patti Casinos. Each player receives two cards and plays against the croupier on the other side of the blackjack table.

The goal in both demo and real money blackjack games is to have the sum as close as possible to 21 or exactly 21. The counting is a basic blackjack strategy applied here, allowing players to increase their odds of winning. Still, operators do not look at this practice as favorable and often consider it a scam.

Video Poker

Video poker machines are an improved version of the classic with better graphics and a simple way to play. Also, this game is the second most famed in casinos, right after 3 and 5 reelers, with which it shares certain similarities. Video poker games, however, require far more skill and have a high percentage of RTP, which is another reason for its popularity. Before choosing games to play, you’d surely like to visit PikachuCasinos and get information and reviews about the best online casinos providing the proper value for money.

For punters who are not yet familiar with all the rules, it is a variant that presents all possible payout combinations on the main screen, so you can easily find out everything while betting, even without additional instructions. At the bottom of the screen are five active choices, which can be replaced with new ones according to the standard rules. If a player has a winner, he will receive a payout according to the paytable above.


Surely, we talk about the most popular table game to play we often see in Las Vegas scenes in movies. You know those sequences when the protagonist joins the craps table and a beautiful girl rubs his dice for luck before rolling – call it a cliché or not. A combination of straightforward rules and excitement is perfect for bettors to get their odds of winning enhanced.

When enjoying it on the Internet, only one player places wagers, which makes things slightly different from what you would get in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. However, the paytable looks exactly the same, so you can wager on “Pass”, “No Pass”, “Come”, “No Come”, etc. In terms of all the possible roles that bettors can play, this can be one of the confusing games, but after being here for a while, everything becomes much easier.


A casino game popularized in the famous secret agent 007 James Bond movies and now incredibly spread all over Asia online casinos. Baccarat does not require a special set of knowledge and suits even the most inexperienced punters. Simplicity is depicted in the fact that there are only three potential wagers. Each player can wager on himself, the dealer, or the draw.

Statistically, the best and most profitable bet is on the croupier, while a wager on the draw is the one that brings the lowest potential profit in the long run. The classic version has several variations, including Punto Banco, but we talk about more or less the same rules in general.

Slot Machines

There are no reputable online casinos that do not have at least hundreds of different titles in their portfolio. Slot machines are the best casino games for beginners since you just need to press the button to start and wait for winners to payout. Nowadays, when casino technology has advanced, they are becoming better and more complex, and thus their popularity is growing.

There are software providers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, or Yggdrasil, mainly focused on producing this type of option you can play online. All of them try to delight potential users with top graphics, interesting music backgrounds, and additional features such as bonuses and free spins. A random number generator determines the chance of winning in a slot machine, so there is no way someone fools or tricks you. This is especially important with titles armed with progressive jackpots where a single random spin can turn you into a millionaire.

Online Casino Games

European Roulette

Named the queen of gambling games that has not lost its popularity for more than a few centuries since it first found its place among casino punters then. The goal is clear – to guess the number or color of the field on which the ball will stop, which the croupier inserts into the roulette wheel after all stakes have been placed. Indeed, this is one of the easiest casino games to win, judging by the rules only.

European or French version has existed for more than two hundred years in one form or another and is constantly providing excitement to many gamblers around the world. There are really only a few differences between this version and its American counterpart: here, the playing field has 37 slots, including black, red, and zero slots. On the other side, the American roulette wheels come with double zero extra fields, slightly bringing the worst odds and improving the house edge. Still, you can always use good and proven strategies like Martingale or La Partage.

3 Card Poker

Just like Pai Gow Poker or Poker Caribbean Stud, the 3-Card Poker is a bit unusual variation, played with three cards instead of five, and thus a shortened ranking system is applied. What’s even more intriguing is that it offers two independent bets. On one side, wagers are compared with the payout combination, and the hand owned by the croupier becomes irrelevant. In the second bet, the player must overcome the croupier’s combination in order to receive the payout. The best part here is that a player can choose either of these two bets or can even put both stakes.


Knowing the difference between the best and worst casino games is important as it can determine your future in table games and other goodies offered by a site of your choice. Take your time to read rules and real people experiences to learn how to win games in a casino. It’s not an easy task, and you need to follow guidelines, watch for numbers, and make the right predictions. Luckily, it can be all done from home before visiting casino betway casino or another great site to make money.