Novawave Antenna Review (Letest) : Why The Novawave Antenna Is Trending In The United States And Canada.

The entertainment industry is by far one of the fastest-growing industries in the world for good reasons. Most people including myself are yet to find a better way to relax and have a great time after a hectic day at work. 

To make ends meet, most people spend the better part of their 24 hours working to put food on the table, afford shelter for their heads, and be able to provide for themselves and their families. However, at the end of the day, good entertainment can help relieve you of all the stress of the day and help you transcend into a cheerful mindset.

TV is a crucial home electronic appliance and the invention of broadcast cables has made access to multiple broadcast stations possible and reduced the need for going for live shows and private entertainment events, especially for those who keep a busy work schedule and barely have time for themselves.

Given the current economic situation, a good number of persons out there struggle financially to keep up with the subscription plan on broadcast cables and some cannot even afford to buy the broadcast cables in the first place. This is what has prompted the writing of this article.

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Here, you shall learn about a device, one that will allow you to have access to numerous channels, watch your favorite TV  shows in full HD for absolutely free of charge. This sounds unbelievable, right?

Well, believe it or not, starting today, you can with the aid of Novawave Antenna begin to have free access to over 90 TV  channels and enjoy all your favorite TV  shows and events without having to make any form of a monthly subscription. So, those who cannot afford cables or who can but are unable to keep up with the monthly subscription cost can finally enjoy good TV  without worrying about any of this.

Novawave Antenna has gained quite some considerable popularity amongst a good number of users who attest to all the acclaimed qualities of this device.

Aside from allowing you free access to stations and saving you cost on subscriptions, this device is more user-friendly than the convention broadcast cables. The device can be easily installed by almost anyone as there is a requirement of inept technological knowledge or expertise to have it installed.

Every owner of Novawave Antenna on account of the simplicity of installation should be able to get the device installed without having to ask anyone for help. It is also safer in the house, especially in a house with kids that have cables. With cables, there is a good chance that a member of the house might sometimes get entangled with the cable and trip over. This may cause some degree of injury and may also damage other household gadgets in the surrounding area.

Novawave Antenna is however simply placed on the window side or installed on the wall. Unlike cables, Novawave Antenna does not make use of numerous wires that could make your house look like a broadcasting station and cause your kids to trip over. It can conveniently be kept out of reach of children. This, therefore, makes it a safer home gadget than other broadcast cables.

you can order the product from the company’s official website and it will be delivered to you in no time. buyers are also afforded the 30 days refund company policy which allows them to return the product within 30 days of purchasing if there is anything wrong with the device or the customer is simply unsatisfied. The company is obliged to give a full refund to unsatisfied customers

There are many more features and qualities of the Novawave Antenna that an intending buyer needs to know about the device before ordering it. Here in this article, you shall learn everything about the device, starting from what Novawave Antenna is, how it works, how to make use of the device, comparison between Novawave Antenna and broadcast cables, pros, and cons of Novawave Antenna, customer reviews, frequently asked questions and many more.

What is a Novawave antenna?

Novawave Antenna is an indoor device installed commonly on the window or the wall and connected to the side or back of the TV  through a single coaxial cord. It allows your TV  to scan for available TV  channels within 30 miles of your location and lets you have free access to those stations.

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When installed, sports stations, new channels, and a variety of other channels can be watched and listened to for free without the hassle of a monthly subscription.

With Novawave Antenna you can conveniently exclude monthly TV  subscriptions from your monthly expedition and save up much more for other pressing needs. At the end of each month, most people are already overwhelmed with the numerous outstanding bills which need to be cleared. Constantly having to deal with what might be considered a non-essential expeditor such as a TV  subscription sometimes can become a little bit burdensome. 

The device is also ideal for parents who have a lot of kids running around in the house. Kids usually tend to play with whatever they can lay their hands on, therefore, a device such as the Novawave Antenna which can be installed on the window or any aspect of the wall can be kept out of their reach and survive their rough play.

Also, its single cord makes it less likely to cause kids or even adults walking in the room to trip over. When installing the device, you should take note of its susceptibility to water and other liquids and should not place it near a water source or where it can be easily drenched in water.

To capture quality signals, devices similar to Novawave Antenna are designed in such a way that they are installed outside the house, usually on top of the roof. Every passer-by and the visitor can see it on your roof even before coming close to the house. The signal reception of Novawave Antenna is greater than most of these other devices, and yet Novawave Antenna is designed as an indoor device and those do not require you to figure out how to get to the rooftop to have it installed.

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On account of its quality signal transmission, the device can provide you with a quality display as well as a non-interrupted sound quality. Therefore, for those unable to find time to go to the cinema, there is not much difference between the sound and display quality provided by Novawave Antenna and what you play at the cinema. The only difference is perhaps the fact that Novawave Antenna is free and you get to save money on cinema movies.

The affordability and cost-effective qualities of this device are mind-blowing. Not only is the device capable of granting you free access to incredibly many channels, saving you significant money on a TV  subscription, but the device itself is also sold at an affordable price. 

This is not from the category of items where you will need to save up your monthly salary to be able to afford it. There is no Deeping too much into your savings, and you get to enjoy numerous free channels at the same time. Could anything be better than this?

How to use Novawave Antenna

Whenever you buy devices such as this, your foremost worry is about not knowing the first thing to do in terms of the installation of the device. Some devices’ installation process is so complicated that it can not be done without professional help.

This is not the case with the Novawave antenna. The installation steps are so easy, you do not need to have had a previous experience with a similar device to find your way around. Here are the simple steps involved in the installation of the Novawave antenna 

Step 1

Once unpacked, the device should be either hung on the window or installed on the wall.

Step 2

Check the package for a coaxial cord. Plug one end of this cord to the device and the other end to the TV. This serves as the connection between the TV and the device.

Step 3

The TV can then be tried on. Using the remote control, search for available channels within the range of coverage and select from the available list.

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How does Novawave Antenna work?

Its antennas can receive electromagnetic waves and translate these waves into audio as well as a visual image. The image quality is the same as when it was broadcasted. The device is paid for, the channels are however available for free. A significant amount of money can therefore be saved on subscription costs.

Features of Novawave Antenna

Those who are currently using this device have flooded the internet with overwhelmingly positive comments about it. This is on account of its features which sets it apart from other similar devices in the market. Here are some of the features of the Novawave Antenna that are worthy of every penny spent on it.

  • The device is made from high-quality construction materials. This makes it incredibly durable. However, the durability of any product also depends on the degree of care and maintenance shown by its user.
  • It is pertinent that owners of Novawave Antenna ensure to install the device away from the reach of children who could easily take it for a toy and cause irreparable damage to it. Also, the device should be installed in a place that is far from any water source as it is susceptible to damage from water.
  • Whenever a customer purchases the device, installs it, discovers any manufacturing error, or is simply not impressed by the device’s performance, the device can be returned to the manufacturing company for a full refund.
  • The return must however be done within the 30 days following the purchase of the device and in the original package without any sign of attempted repair.
  • There is no hassle in ordering the device from its official website. Your order can be paid for with any payment option you are most convenient with including pay pal amongst others
  • It is incredibly user-friendly. anyone can get it set up with ease. When the package arrives, unpack the device, and plug the coaxial cord in the package to the side or back of your TV . When this is done, you will immediately begin to have free access to all the channels available within 30 miles of your location. Some similar products will require the user to install certain apps and go through further installation procedures, this is not an application to Novawave Antenna.
  • The device is incredibly portable and compact in its ergonomic design. This makes it easy for it to be moved about to different locations. There is absolutely no burden in taking it to work or while traveling. This way, the device can be easily connected to the hotel TV  for free access to different channels.
  • The device has no problem with signal reception. Although designed as an indoor device, it has a better signal reception than even those installed on the rooftop or tops of buildings. 
  • It is compatible with any type of modern device. It is non- selective  and does not have the problem of working with a certain TV  type and not with others.
  • It can display all types of high-definition content and gives a cinema an experience
  • The device makes use of only a single coaxial cable which is used to connect it to the back or side of the TV . The reduced number of cables keeps the room tidy and the children, as well as adults, save from tripping over running cables
  • It gives free access to TV  channels including news channels, sports, and entertainment channels, local TV  programs amongst others, and will help you save cost on the monthly subscription plan
  • It is affordable when compared to the features it provides and the cost of a monthly subscription it enables you to save. The company is currently offering a 50 % discount on the market price for those willing to take advantage of the offer.
  • The channels displayed are viewed in the same resolution they were broadcasted. This enables users of Novawave Antenna to view content in full HD quality. It is designed to support up to 1080 pixels!
  • Installation is by simply sticking it to any hard surface. This way, you can continue to move it from different locations on the wall or window until you get the position with the strongest signal

Benefits of using Novawave Antenna

There are a good number of benefits to be gained from using the Novawave antenna, not every one of such benefits can be mentioned here, however, here are the few covered in this article

  • The Novawave antenna is portable and compact. This allows its owners to move about with it wherever they go. It can be shared between office use and home. It can equally be used in hotel rooms among other places.
  • The device does not make every look untidy with numerous cables or cause family members to trip over the cables. Rather, it makes use of only a single cable which is connected to the side or back of the TV.
  • Installation is not easy and seamless. It can be mounted easily on the window. If mounted on one window, the device can be moved to another in search of a better reception signal.
  • It can also be mounted on the wall. If you wish to keep it installed onto a concealed area in the wall, you can equally do so. When you have kids running around the house, you can choose to install it in an area where they are unable to get to.
  • With a Novawave antenna, you can have free access to a variety of TV  channels including sports for sports lovers, news as well as entertainment channels, and lots more
  • Once unwrapped, the device is a simple connection to the TV  via its coaxial cord. This marks the beginning and end of the installation procedures. Once plugged into the TV , it scans for available VHF, FM, as well as UHF signals within 30 miles of your location. This search is done in all directions and the channels are displayed with the highest sound and video  quality
  • It is greatly affordable. This includes the market price as well as the fact that you do not have to subscribe before having access to the stations on the air. 

Where to buy Novawave Antenna and for how much

Novawave antennas can be ordered from the company’s official website. Customers can pay for the device via any of the popular payment patterns including PayPal, credit card amongst others. The order usually arrived promptly following the start delivery date. Ensure to enter the right biodata and residential address. The company delivers across the globe to most countries of the world.

Currently, the company is offering a 50% discount on the current market price. This makes the device further affordable. Potential buyers can therefore take advantage of this offer before it is taken off the table. This offer however only applies to those who order the product from the official website of the manufacturing company.

Here are the current prices of the Novawave antenna 

  • 1 Novawave antenna $ 39.99
  • 2 Novawave antenna $79.99
  • 3 Novawave antenna $ 89.99
  • 4 Novawave antenna $ 109.99

The company has a 30 days refund policy which allows you to return the product within this window should you be dissatisfied with it. A full refund will be granted as long as the product is returned within 30 days and untempered with.

Pros and cons of Novawave Antenna


  • Provides a high definition display
  • It is compatible with any type of modern TV 
  • Budget-friendly
  • All TV  channels are accessed for free, without any monthly subscription 
  • It’s user friendly and set up can be done hassle-free
    • Provides up to 90 or more free TV  channels, including sports, news, and entertainment channels
  • It’s durable
  • It’s an indoor device and does not require rooftop installation
  • It makes use of a single coaxial cable. It, therefore, keeps the room tidy and free of numerous cables.
  • Can be installed without needing help from any professional


  • The device can only be ordered from the manufacturer’s official website. Although this causes it to be out of stock most of the time, it equally reduces the risk of getting scammed of your money by fraudulent internet con artists.
  • Its online availability deprives those without internet service of the ability to be able to order for it
  • It is not water-resistant and should therefore not be mounted outside the house, especially during the rainy season.

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Customer reviews on Novawave Antenna

Here are the comments from some of the current users of the device

“Great antenna for a small environment with unobstructed access to the outdoors. The footprint is very nice and lightweight. Very portable and hassle-free setup. I tested the antenna against the “ANTOP” and basic Best Buy model. They all received most of the channels in the area. It received about 76 channels in the Arizona setup which is less than the “ANTOP” but much more than the Best Buy model. Very happy with the functionality of the antenna.”

Devin H. – Plano, Texas

“I love how quick this product is to set up. I just plugged it in, scanned for channels, and started watching. I’m in a remote area so I didn’t expect many channels, but I got 9 new channels. I would love to see how many channels this product picks up in a different area.”

Kimberly s. Decatur, Illinois

“This is a very easy-to-use product, no extra effort, just plug it into your TV  and scan for channels. That’s simple! Everyone can use it; you don’t need any professional installations and you won’t need to pay any extra fees.”

Anthony m. Miami, Florida


Digital antennas such as the Novawave antenna are fast becoming a potent replacement for the traditional TV  cables. With Novawave antenna, you will only be able to save money on your subscription but also enjoy quality pictures and sound. Take advantage of the discount offer and get yourself an amazing device for your entertainment shows,  news, sports, etc.

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