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Stray Playing at The Tank


Stray Playing at The Tank

The Tank in midtown Manhattan is a performance space that is dedicated to the artist, making its primary mission to remove the economic barriers from the creation of the artwork and help them launch their careers on stage.

Currently playing this weekend at The Tank is Stray, a punk, meta-memoir show heavily influenced by Robert Mapplethorpe, Patti Smith, and the grunge of 1980s New York City.

Think the punk-rock diary of a 16-year-old girl who runs away from home and drifts towards New York City to find herself. She is drawn towards a group of musicians who express themselves through music as an art form. This type of performance is very heavily influenced by the punk era of music but does incorporate an operatic aria into the stage production.

Directed by Mallory Catlett, Stray heavily resembles a punk concert. You are dragged back to the seedy bars of the East Village and feel you are watching a pub band perform in front of you. By mid-performance, I was almost tempted to raise a lighter in the air.

Tanya Marquardt as the main writer and performer is the epitome of Patti Smith with the sexy touch of Debbie Harry. She is rough, grunge, but also delicate.

Stray is a creative surprise that is dirty, angry, and encapsulates everything about the punk era. Each scene is uniquely creative and draws on the enjoyment of music more so than any theatrical production. It resembles a concert more than a play but presents the story of a lost individual finding herself in New York.

Catch Stray at the Tank this weekend.

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