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The 10 Best Burgers in NYC

Best Burgers NYC

The 10 Best Burgers in NYC

It’s a tradition. It’s a classic. It’s a quarter-pound of good ole’ Americana sandwiched between two buns.

It’s the burger, and New York City has some of the best around.

These are the top 10 burgers you can eat in NYC.


10. ShackBurger at Shake Shack

Best Burgers NYC

Photo Credit: Shake Shack IG

Multiple Locations

What’s now an international sensation, Shake Shack started as a quaint little seasonal hot dog cart right here in New York City. And don’t you forget it.

While today you may be able to indulge in one of Danny Meyer’s infamous burgers any time of the year – and nationwide, at that – we were once forced to wait with bated breath for a ShackBurger from exactly one stand in Madison Square Park.


9. Upland Cheeseburger at Upland

345 Park Ave, Kips Bay

The Upland Cheeseburger is, without question, a sight to behold. Made with grass-fed beef, American cheese, peppadew peppers, and a fresh smash of avocado, this Cali rendition of America’s favorite meal is one for the books. And, also, for your stomach.


8. Petey’s Burger

3017 30th Ave, Astoria

If you want a burger done the real, New York way, then Petey is the dude for you. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s damn good: Petey’s burger is a true classic.


7. The Clarke Burger at P.J. Clarke’s

Best Burgers NYC

Photo Credit: P.J. Clarke’s IG

Multiple Locations

A New York favorite since 1884, Nat King Cole once called the burger at P.J. Clarke’s the “Cadillac of burgers.” And, to tell ya the truth, he wasn’t lying.

With a number of different burger combos to pick from, you can’t really go wrong with any of  P.J.’s sandwiches, but if we HAD to choose, we’d go for the Cadillac Bacon Cheeseburger, complete with double smoked country bacon, onion, and American cheese.


6. Wood-Grilled Hamburger at Rose’s

Best Burgers NYC

Photo Credit: Rose’s IG

295 Flatbush Brooklyn

Our girl Rose* may be one sweet lady, but we’ll be damned if she doesn’t make a truly mean burger. Made with the best-of-the-best in mind, Rose’s burger comes with dry-aged, grass-fed Happy Valley Meat Co. beef, housemade b&b pickles, and Duke’s mayo on an Orwashers sesame seed bun. I mean, yum.

* We know that nobody named Rose is an actual chef at Rose’s. Just let us live, okay?


5. Pat LaFrieda Burger at Emily

Best Burger NYC

Photo Credit: Emily IG

Multiple Locations

Yes, Emily is primarily a pizza joint. No, that doesn’t mean their burger is anything short of stellar.

The Emily Burger is made with dry-aged beef, a Tom Cat pretzel bun, EMMY sauce, caramelized onions, Grafton cheddar cheese, and is served with cornichon & fries. And though, yes, it’ll already set you back a hefty $27, for an additional $6 bucks you can vindaloo your fries, which, we highly recommend.


4. USC Burger at Union Square Cafe

Best Burger NYC

Photo Credit: Union Square Cafe IG

101 E 19th St, Union Square

Before there was Shake Shack, there was Union Square Cafe, Danny Meyer’s first foray into the world of New York City dining.

And though, obviously, the Shake Shack burger is unreal, it doesn’t even come close to this classic NYC creation. Made with Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar, bacon, brioche, and served with a side of absolutely perfect fries, I can’t even think about the USC burger without drooling. Ah, shit, see – there I go again.


3. Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger at The Brindle Room

Best Burgers NYC

Photo Credit: NYC Food Gals IG

277 E 10th St, East Village

It may not be fancy, but what the Sebastian Steakhouse Burger at the East Village’s Brindle Room lacks in Instagram flare, it more than makes up for in flavor. A gastropub rendition of your favorite childhood dinner, this behemoth of a sandwich comes topped with caramelized onions, American cheese, pickles, and fries.


2. The Happiest Burger at The Happiest Hour

121 W 10th St, West Village

When you’ve got it, flaunt it – and the burger at West Village’s Happiest Hour has most definitely got it.

Two all beef grass-fed patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, confit onions, and a special sauce adorn this swoon-worthy burger. Meat-lovers out there have the option to add bacon, while veg-heads can opt for a mushroom patty.


1. Raoul’s Burger au Poivre at Raoul’s

Best Burgers NYC

Photo Credit: Raoul’s Facebook

180 Prince St, SoHo

For over 40 years, this iconic French bistro in SoHo has been serving up a poivre-drenched burger you’ve just gotta see to believe. Only offered at the bar – which, as a rule, will only serve 12 per night – this famous eat is an homage to French food, and an all-around gem of a dinner. Served with extra-fancy St. Andre cheese and a bucket of piping hot fries, Raoul’s has, without question, the best burger in New York City.


Featured Image Credit: Rose’s

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