New York is Magical: 5 Fun Ways to Pass Time Near Penn Station

While the neighborhood has changed, Penn Station remains the same. In fact, you may even find the area easy to get lost in, especially if you’ve never visited. At the same time, at least you’ll never run out of things to do near Penn Station.

1. Wait in Line for a Broadway Show

Instead of going online to purchase tickets, you’ll have to get in line and wait at the TKTS Booth. But it could be worth it because you’ll have the chance to snag tickets at a discounted price. Although you won’t always find the best shows here, you won’t regret seeing the outstanding ones.

2. Indulge in a Good Book or Two

Although some may call reading a lost art, others call books masterpieces and take time to read at every opportunity. At 5th Avenue and 40th, you can find a bookstore to waste hours of your day in. 

Another fun idea could be to visit a comic book store such as Midtown Comics or Jim Hanley’s Universe (JHU Comic Books). Avid comic book fans can read back and current issues and kill time in a geeky sort of way. Collections for anyone to appreciate include Batman, Archie Comics, Peanuts, and plenty of others.

3. Stop for a Slice of New York Pizza

If you’ve never heard of the famous New York Pizza, you might need to try it. Indeed, even if you’re a vegan, you can take a few minutes out of your day to head to NY Pizza Suprema

Since 1964, this classic joint has been handing out slices to everyone from concertgoers to commuters. Lazzaras, Frankie Boys Pizza, and Upside Pizza are a few other pizza places to consider.

But if you can’t stand holding luggage and a piece of pizza at the same time, consider luggage storage in Penn station. Vertoe is a luggage storage service for people who need an inexpensive way to store personal belongings. This can also be a nice way to let go of any worries you may have and enjoy doing activities when you’re on a trip.

4. Take a Break in a Park

Those who tire easily of the gritty surroundings of Penn Station can head to Bryant Park to delight in the lush scenery. Here you can visit a restaurant and grab a bite, drink lemonade or coffee, or go shopping. 

Alternatively, you can get in shape by exercising at Chelsea’s Playground. Go for a run, play handball, or shoot some hoops. Another way to spend quality time is to enjoy The High Line. The High Line is a nonprofit and free public park where people can go to take pleasure in art, gardens, and more.

5. Bring Magic into Your Life

The truth is, everyone needs a bit of magic, at least once in a while. For one, at the Houdini Museum, you can learn all about Harry Houdini. After all, he was the ultimate French magician and escape artist. You could also try visiting local magicians to see what kind of magic tricks they can show you. For instance, Chamber Magic, Magic After Hours, and The Magician at NoMad Hotel are all magnificent choices.

Overall, finding something to do around Penn Station can be a great way to kill time and enjoy a new experience. You can savor some delectable food, go for a walk in the park and get some exercise, or get lost in the comic book world, among other things. Indeed, once you get a taste of New York, you might find yourself going back again and again.

Photo by Cody Martin on Unsplash