Natures Only CBD Gummies Review: I Tried This CBD Gummies For 30 Days And Here’s What Happened

Everyone knows someone who is struggling with physical pain. It could be a friend or a family member. Statistics show that chronic pain affects many younger people as well. Some statistics suggest that 1 in 9 adults younger than 35 years exhibits chronic pain. These numbers indicate that chronic pain is a serious health issue.

But the problem does not end there. Typically, pain medication includes opioids like oxycodone or morphine. These chemicals can provide some short-term relief but are quite addictive. Many insurance programs may not cover the costs of these medicines either. This makes chronic pain a significant financial burden too.

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Natures Only is an American company that may have a solution for chronic pain management. It has introduced a line of gummy candy treats infused with cannabidiol oil (CBD). These CBD gummies can be an effective tool for pain management.

Natures Only CBD Gummies Overview

As mentioned earlier, chronic pain is a serious health concern. ‘Chronic pain’ is when any pain or ache in the body lasts for three months or longer. Chronic pain can cause general soreness and aches last seemingly forever. Most people believe it is age-related, but research indicates this may not always be true.

Chronic pain is an unfortunate condition where the cure may be just as bad as the illness. The most common prescription drugs for chronic pain are opioids. Long-term opioid use can cause many problems, which can be very harmful. As luck would have it, most cancer survivors live with chronic pain issues. Their health insurance programs may not be able to afford pain medications.

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) from the hemp plant may be a promising pain relief supplement. Natures Only, a US company, has come out with a safe and reliable formula with CBD extracts. It uses FDA-approved manufacturing plants to make its products. These manufacturing plants are strictly compliant with the latest cGMP rules. This guarantees good quality assurance.

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Natures Only CBD Gummies Ingredients

CBD is a natural component of the hemp plant. Natures Only has identified potent strains of hemp that have many useful substances. These special hemp strains are grown locally in the USA. Natures Only uses completely organic and pesticide-free hemp for its products.

Hemp seeds are cold-pressed to get hemp seed oil. This hemp seed oil is processed using the latest and cutting-edge technologies. This results in a full spectrum extract containing CBD. This full-spectrum extract is triple filtered before use.

The oily extract is infused into tasty gummy treats at the last stage. All the products used are completely natural and organic. The ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms that follow good ecological practices. These gummies do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives.

Every gummy treat contains a safe dose of 10 mg of CBD extract. Each bottle contains 30 gummies. This is a safe and convenient dosage for most people. Beginners can safely start at a low level. The bottles used in packaging are tamper-proof and child-safe. Regular and routine use of these gummies can help people get benefits.

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How Do Natures Only CBD Products Work?

The human body is a complex network of interconnected systems. Many smaller systems work together to make the human body function. One such important system is the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for regulating the nerves and muscles in the body. If the body gets hurt or injured, pain signals are sent from the affected part to the brain. The brain then sends response signals back to the muscles to react to the pain. Often, especially with injuries, this causes inflammation.

Ironically, inflammation is a way for the body to reduce the effect of the injury and repair itself. But prolonged inflammation can cause much pain and suffering. There is another important system that works to control and regulate the body. This recently discovered system is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is like a supervisory system that controls how other systems work. It communicates with the nervous system using natural molecules called endocannabinoids. It helps regulate pain levels in the body.

The CBD molecules in the hemp extract are similar to the endocannabinoid molecules. This helps them assist the ECS in its regulatory function. CBD molecules can interact with the nervous system and help manage inflammation. There is evidence to suggest that CBD can help manage chronic pain.

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How To Use Natures Only CBD Gummies?

CBD can be a useful supplement to include in people’s everyday routines. However, pure CBD extracts are typically oily liquids. So, it is not very convenient to use. Bottles of CBD oil can crack and spill or can leak out. This potential for spills and leaks makes it difficult to use CBD extracts daily.

Natures Only has introduced CBD gummies. These are gummy candy treats that have CBD extract infused into them. Each gummy treat contains 10 mg of CBD extract, making it safe for most people. The official website recommends using one gummy per day for good results. Users should review these gummies with their doctors before use. Do not increase dosage without a proper review.

Since the gummy treats are orally consumed, the body needs to digest them in the stomach. It takes 6 to 8 hours to complete the digestion and metabolic processes. Users should wait for at least this much time between doses.

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Natures Only CBD Gummies Advantages

There are many benefits to using CBD regularly. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Pain Relief

The main benefit for people struggling with chronic pain is pain relief. Globally, researchers are studying CBD and other hemp extracts for pain relief properties. There seems to be good potential in CBD extracts for pain relief.


Unlike most pain medicines, CBD extracts are not habit-forming or addictive. Opioids have a tragic history of causing life-threatening addictions. There is a lot of research into the addictive potential of CBD and other hemp extracts. The evidence seems to suggest no significant addiction risks at recommended doses.

Sleep Benefits

Many people suffering from chronic pain end up losing their sleep rhythm. Losing sleep makes people suffer more trouble. It causes irritability and makes people lose focus on their tasks. Sleep loss makes the chronic pain condition truly unbearable. CBD extracts are believed to help regulate sleep cycles as well. Regular use may help achieve a better quality of sleep.


Natures Only ensures that it uses 100% organic and natural ingredients. These products have no known or reported side effects. Since the hemp strains used are quite potent, these CBD gummies may be quite strong. Customers should consult with their trusted doctors before use. People should note that Natures Only produced dietary supplements. These supplements will not show instant results. Users should wait for a few months before expecting results.

These supplements may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Such customers should consult with their doctors before use. People with known allergies should review the ingredients with their doctor before use. People managing long-term illnesses should check these supplements with their doctor. These gummies are not suitable for children under 18 – hence, the child-safe bottles.

Where Are Natures Only CBD Gummies Available?

Customers can find genuine Natures Only CBD Gummies only on the official website. There is no other online reseller. These gummies are not available in any physical store.

There are a few price options:

  • One bottle with 30 gummies for USD 59.99.
  • Three bottles with 90 gummies for USD 106.66.
  • Five bottles with 150 gummies for USD 199.95.

There are no hidden shipping charges. These gummies are not shipped outside the USA.

Money-Back Guarantee

Users who are not happy with their experience with Natures Only CBD gummies need not worry. Every purchase from the official website has a simple no-questions 100% money-back guarantee. Users can get more details on the refund policy from the official website.


Here are some answers to a few common questions:

What About Legal Issues?

CBD comes from the hemp plant. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in the United States of America. This means users following the recommended dose need not worry about legal issues.

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What Is Meant By ‘Full Spectrum’?

The hemp plant contains many useful compounds like CBD. Broadly, these compounds are terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Natures Only full spectrum products contain all these helpful substances. These products help with holistic pain relief.

Conclusion: Natures Only CBD Gummies

Pain is a natural response to injury. In healthy bodies, the pain usually subsides quickly after the injury. But some types of pain can last very long – more than three months, sometimes. Such pains typically occur in the joints and the back. These are called chronic pains. People struggling with chronic pain lead a very troubled life. Medicines normally used to treat pain symptoms can cause long-term issues like addiction. These problems make chronic pain a serious health condition.

Natures Only is an American company that makes gummy candy treats infused with CBD. Its CBD products contain only 100% natural and organic products. CBD has emerged as a promising pain relief solution after hemp became legal in 2018. Regular use of Natures Only CBD gummies may help manage pain issues. These gummies come with a money-back guarantee.