NASA Offers Educational Classes at Home for Kids and Adults

If we get our young ones interested in technology and science, the next thing you know, they will start researching and preparing the path for a great discovery. And all of that begins with curiosity. You start getting curious about something, and if you find the right information, your curiosity changes to engagement. Once you start feeding young minds with exciting knowledge, it’s only a matter of time before you see the results.

NASA knows all of that, and they are putting not only satellites out there but also different programs on their website to engage our young ones. One quick browse, and you will see how they classify the content for the different ages of their readers.

Photo Credit: NASA Space Place Facebook

Each program has a list of several activities that you can do at home. You will also find a useful PDF document, a video demonstration, and a guide to walk you through it, all on their website!

Some of the games they have are voice-guided, and the cool part is that the voice in them belongs to someone related to that mission. Take the “Explore Mars: A Mars Rover Game” for example. The voice in it belongs to Charlene Valerio, one of NASA’s Systems Engineer who works on the Mars 2020 Mission. You can click on a link next to the explanation to read more information.

Photo Credit: NASA Space Place Facebook

In the K4 Students’ section, they have a compilation of activities that include games, crafts, and media. Kids can explore questions such as: How does GPS work? Where do satellites go when they die? Or what is a laser?

If you click on the 5-8 Students’ section, you will find different topics that answer some of the questions on the kids’ science classes, as well as stuff to make, do, play or print! They explain in really cool videos how they send astronauts to the moon. They also show how do satellites gravitate in space. They even have a list of all of NASA’s pages created to strengthen STEM knowledge.

Photo Credit: Nasa Space Place Facebook

For Students 9-12, they show the latest opportunities that NASA has for high school students: short film competition, webchats, clubs, video series, and challenges. They also offer 3D printing resources, tips to build your own robot, and activities to keep your brain entertained!

Did you know that NASA has different programs for adults too? Yes, you can still pursue your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut! Check out their L’SPACE Mission and all the other fantastic resources they have for you.

Photo Credit: NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration Facebook

They even have a portfolio of the careers they offer, interviews with some of their interns, and links to their blogs, podcasts, published eBooks, and so much more! The site is literally full of resources waiting for curious minds to explore them, and they are all free. The site’s objectives are to explore Earth and Space while nurturing our minds. Check them out and let us know what you think!